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Categories :: Family : Babies Articles


Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Tony Luck 
 Article Title :: The Personality Traits of a Pisces Baby
Your Pisces Baby..February 19 - March 20Your baby will have the most winning ways of all babies, and will dazzle you with the sweetest of smiles. She will dislike order and routine and will have an amazing imagination. Some Pisces children live in a world of make believe with imaginary people to talk to, and they believe in magic, fairies and myths - don't ever tell them that Santa Claus does not exist, it will be traumatic! Young Pisceans can have a very active sixth sense. Your child may enjoy the company of adults more than that of other children. Pisces children rarely lose their temper, instead they will happily continue on their own sweet way.Pisces child  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Tony Luck 
 Article Title :: A Baby's Sleeping Pattern
Sleeping..A newborn baby spends most of her time on two things: sleeping and feeding - although, as she needs an average of 8 diaper changes a day, maybe that should be three things :)Newborn babies sleep for around 17-18 hours a day, but the bad news is she will sleep only for 3 or 4 hours at a time. When she wakes she will probably need feeding and/or a diaper change.Babies are not born with a conception of day and night, so you have to teach her to take short naps in the day and longer sleeps at night. During the first few weeks you will have to feed on demand and let her decide when she will sleep. Then you should try to encourage her to take the majority o  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Tony Luck 
 Article Title :: A Baby Is Born With Certain Reflexes
A Baby's Reflexes..A baby is born with certain reflexes to protect them during the first few weeks. These reflexes will disappear after a few weeks and be replaced with voluntary movement during baby's development.Doctors will check these reflexes to ensure his central nervous system is working correctly.Walking Reflex If you hold baby in an upright position with his feet touching the floor, his legs will seem to be trying to walk. This reflex will last for about 3-4 weeks, and he won't actually walk until he is around 12 months.Crawling Reflex Place baby on his stomach and he will take up a crawling position with his bottom in the   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Alli Ross 
 Article Title :: Oh Baby! Choosing the Right Baby Name
Naming a baby is no easy task. However, the following tips will help you give your baby his or her very first gift.1. Religion. For some parents, religion plays a major role in choosing a baby name. Roman Catholics traditionally choose saints names. Jews traditionally choose Old Testament names. Names of deceased relatives are often chosen. Protestants often choose both Old and New Testament names.Interesting Fact! : The majority of the people in the Western hemisphere have names from the Bible. The New Testament is a more popular source of names than the Old Testament.2. Number of Names. You have many options when it comes to the number of names   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Alli Ross 
 Article Title :: Intersting Baby Facts - Strange But True!
* A baby is born every seven seconds.* Babies are born with very poor vision but can recognize their mothers almost right away.* Babies are always born with blue eyes, within a few moments of delivery their eye color can change.* Babies are born with swimming abilities and can naturally hold their breath. However, they shortly lose this instinct.* Newborns usually double their weight by six months.* Playing classical music will increase a baby’s intelligence.* Reading to your child at ANY age will increase their knowledge.* Babies and toddlers are, pound for pound, stronger than oxen. This is especially true of their legs.* Ba  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Alli Ross 
 Article Title :: A History of Baby Names
The history of names is so ancient that no one know quite where it began. Oral and written history both profess people having names. Earlier names seem to have some sort of meaning, usually descriptive. In contrast, today's names are usually given based upon their popularity or pleasing sounds.Early in prehistory, descriptive names were used continuously. Eventually, a collection of names were formed that identified that particular culture. Today, the meanings of many names are not known, due to the aging history of a name. As time goes on, languages change, and words that formed the original name are often unrecognizable.The rise in Christianity transformed the history of n  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Tony Luck 
 Article Title :: Breastfeeding A Baby
Breastfeeding Your Baby..Everyone tells you that breastfeeding is best - but why?It contains all the nutrients baby will need.Breast milk contains antibodies which help baby to fight infections.It is more digestible, so baby is less likely to suffer from diarrhea or other stomach upsets.Breastfeeding is good for mom too.It burns off about 500 calories a day by using your body's fat which was put on to help you breastfeed.Breastfeeding triggers the retraction of the womb.It's also free! When you think of how much diapers are going to cos  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Tony Luck 
 Article Title :: Using Baby Signing To Communicate With Your Young Child
Baby Signing..Around 20 years ago, two American doctors discovered baby signing and many thousands of mothers are glad they did!There are many reasons why babies cry. You could no doubt come up with a long list of reasons, but frustration is probably low on the list if it's there at all.Baby can't talk yet but wants to tell you how she is feeling: hungry, tired, sad, my diaper needs changing (although you can probably smell that!) or whatever; but she can't. It's enough to make anyone want to scream!! Wouldn't it be great if you could communicate with baby and she with you before she can talk? You can, it's called baby signing.Many babies know how to wav  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Martin Smith 
 Article Title :: Baby Strollers - Frequently Asked Questions
Baby Strollers are one of the major purchases you will make for your baby. There are different types of strollers and in each category there are a variety of models. This may leave you with a variety of questions. Some frequent questions along with their respective answers are listed below. They deal with everything from the handlebars to the wheels and what is appropriate for newborns to older children. Your needs, how and where you will use the stroller as well as your budget will determine the strollers you will have to choose from.Q. What are the different types of baby strollers available?There are single, double, and triple strollers. Jogging strollers also ha  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Michael Holland 
 Article Title :: Fun Nursery Themes That Will Even Have Your Baby Talking!
There are many whimsical, fun baby room themes if you are planning on decorating a nursery. Infants need stimulation, so parents get the chance to be kids again and let their playfulness and imagination run wild.A fun, flexible baby room theme is to decorate it in whimsical patterns. Try painting butter yellow or grass green stripes on the walls. Then hang bold graphic pictures of cats and dogs in bright red or blue frames on the walls.Use the same graphic style to paint a toy chest using stencils, or apply stickers against a colorful painted background.Another fun baby room theme is a design around the theme of Sweet Dreams. Use bright colors such as watermelon pink   (read full article)
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