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Categories :: Family : Babies Articles


Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Dorothy Smith 
 Article Title :: Baby Products - Essential Baby Products, Which Ones Do I Really Need?
There are many essential baby products a new parent must purchase. Cribs, car seats, baby monitors, baby strollers, high chairs and clothing are all necessary to ensure your child’s safety and comfort. However, there are many baby products out there that are not worth wasting your money on, but are marketed to parents as being vital for a baby’s growth and development. Parents always want the best for their child and therefore purchase these items that do not serve a great function. This guide reveals the important baby products a parent must obtain to properly care for their child.Baby StrollersThe baby stroller is an item every parent must have for his or her ch  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Donna Hamer 
 Article Title :: For Mother and Baby - What Do You Give? A Gift Basket of Course!
The choice for a baby or an infant gift can be a difficult one. One of the best baby or infant gifts that you can give is a gift basket. A gift basket is that one present that comes in many shapes, themes and of course price ranges. A gift basket is lovely gift to for a baby shower.The diversity of gift baskets is never-ending. For a baby or newborn you can give a diaper gift basket or a baby necessities gift basket. If you’d prefer there is a baby bath time basket or an everlasting baby time capsule basket. In fact the list is endless.Here is a simple basket that you can easily create yourself:For the Gift Basket use a Baby Bath or try a Bucket. Then fill it w  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Lisa Barnes 
 Article Title :: How to Meet the Dietary Needs of Babies - Health, Palate, and Lifestyle
More and more studies are proving that food has a large impact on our overall health and may even determine which diseases and ailments we will get later in life. The more we are aware of the importance of our food choices the earlier we can teach and protect our children. Of course there is always a balance to strike between what’s good for our body and what’s good for our taste buds and lifestyle. Here is a description of the most important nutrients for your child’s development and which foods meet their needs.Iron Babies are born with their own source of iron, but this will be depleted after six months. Iron is absorbed best if it is from meat, however the vegeta  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Kevin Lynch 
 Article Title :: Breast Feeding Babies - Mother's Milk is the Best
Experts around the world say that breast feeding is the best way to feed your baby. There are many advantages of breast feeding, and breast feeding obabies grow up to be healthy, smart and happy.Human breast milk contains all the nutrients a baby needs, and it als contains many substances that help it grow strong and healthy. The antibodies in breast milk protect the baby from disease. Breast fed babies are less affected by allergies and other problems, and they show better bone, muscle and speech development.Breast feeding mothers are also benefited by breast feeding their babies. Breast feeding reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancer. And unlike formula, you do not h  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Beverly Marshall 
 Article Title :: Baby Pool Floats - Teach Babies To Swim With Fun and Safety
There is nothing more fun than getting your baby used to the water on a warm sunny day. If you are trying to acclimate your baby to the water or just teaching the basics of kicking and splashing, you will want a quantity of baby pool floats available. These pool toys are more than that; they are a means of pool safety for your child. Babies need a means of staying afloat without you holding them. They need to feel like they are part of the water and what it means to get wet in a bigger body of water than the bath tub. If you are relaxed and assured that your baby is safe in the water; you will display that relaxation to the baby and they will be more comfortable and less afraid. Pool flo  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Cynthia Marcano - 
 Article Title :: 5 Baby Shower Gifts That Mom Will Love
With the pregnancy bug in the water system, you are bound to know someone who is having a baby, if you aren’t having one yourself. Pregnant women equal shopping time. Here are 5 gifts that any mother will most certainly be appreciative of. The baby shower gift ideas are great for those who are shopping or for mom’s to put on their gift registry. 1. Diapers, diapers and more diapers. That is quite a bland gift but a very much needed gift. I don’t any mom who will complain about having too many diapers with a newborn at home. To make diapers snazzy you have to dress it up a bit. You can find diaper cakes in lots of gift sites. Some come with as many as 150 diapers, plus boot  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Scott Zak 
 Article Title :: Choosing the Perfect Baby Name
Choosing a baby name can be one of the most fun and challenging aspects of having a new baby. Your baby's name will be an introduction to the type of person he or she is – for example, is your baby girl a ‘Lilly’, or is she a ‘Rose’? In your baby boy a ‘George’ or a ‘William’? Should your baby’s name mean ‘strength’ or ‘desire’, or is the name’s meaning not important?Parents, grandparents, friends, siblings, and family will be sharing their advice and ideas in helping you find a name for your child. Chances are you will spend hours trying to pin down that perfect baby name and you’ll change your mind more than once along the way. But eventually,   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Terri Ornstein 
 Article Title :: Baby Swings Are a Real Life Saver for Parents
With the hectic lives of parents, baby swings are a must have in the arsenal of baby gear, they are great for calming fussy babies and giving parents a much needed break to relax or get some house chores done.There are two basic types of baby swings available today, wind up and battery operated. Portable swings are also available, which are great for traveling out of town or going to grandma's house.Most babies love to be in their swing, they provide entertainment with mobiles, music, sounds and interactive toys, as well as the calming swinging motion. Today, some swings come equipped with two different types of swinging motion, side to side and front to back, ensuring your   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Terri Ornstein 
 Article Title :: Bouncer Seats are Helpful Accessories for New Parents
During the first few months of your new baby's life you will want a place that is safe for your little one that will help entertain and amuse him or her, bouncer seats fit the bill.Bouncer seats allow babies to gently rock as they watch the new world around them, some are portable which makes them easy to move from room to room and great for travel.There are two different types of bouncer seats on the market today, you will find battery operated bouncers which usually have controls to adjust the speed at which your baby moves, even though the battery operated bouncer is more expensive, the vibrations help calm the most colicky and fussy babies and the manual bouncers uses yo  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Shaunta Pleasant 
 Article Title :: Planning A Baby Shower For The Mother To Be
The birth of a baby is one of the most joyful and exciting times in the life of any woman, and preparing for the arrival of that new life is great fun for family members, friends and coworkers.The tradition of planning a baby shower for the mom to be has a long and storied history, and it is a great way to show love and friendship to the new mother.Planning a baby shower should be fun and exciting, but it can be overwhelming as well. It is important to carefully plan each aspect of the shower to make sure that everything is ready for the big day.== The Guest List ==The first thing to consider is who will be coming to the baby shower. In most cases, a b  (read full article)
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