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Categories :: Family : Babies Articles


Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Izzy Flare 
 Article Title :: Toy And Baby - Buy It From A Baby's Point Of View
Selecting toys for a baby can be quite a task for any parent. Numerous selections line the shelves but we never really know which toy is suitable for our baby. Wouldn't it be much easier if babies could point out to the toy that tickles their fancy? Here are some tips that can help you choose a good toy to help with your baby's growth and development: Safety First Whatever babies can get their hands on has a very good chance of ending up in their mouths. Make sure that toys for babies do not have any small parts that can be swallowed accidentally. Also, painted toys should not contain toxic substances. Baby toys should also not be able to break   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Katherine L 
 Article Title :: Themes for Your Baby Nursery - Frog Themed Bedding
A frog themed nursery is a good idea for any new parent who is looking for a neutral based nursery. There are a variety of bedding collections available with a frog theme. Most frog themes have typical colors of green, blue, and/or yellow as the core color(s). It is possible to find a gender specific frog bedding collection, however, this is the exception rather than the rule.One manufacturer, who is known for their craftsmanship, is Brandee Danielle. Several different bedding collections that are offered in neutral and gender specific colors are available from the Brandee Danielle line. One of their most popular collections, themes notwithstanding, is One Little Froggy.  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Lucy-Ann Prideaux 
 Article Title :: Top Tips for Weaning Your Baby
Weaning can be one of the most exciting times for a Mum, and of course for baby too! New tastes, new sensations and new expressions… you will begin to appreciate the saying, “Variety is the spice of life!” However it can be a little stressful, and there is no doubt that if you want your baby to have the best possible and most nutritious start in life – you DO have to be organised. SO…My Top Tips1 – Think a day ahead!2 – Keep a diary – this is vital to monitor food reactions, baby’s mood which may be linked to upsets in blood sugar levels, and of course it will be something to refer to years down the line or for when number 2 comes along!3   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Julie Johnson 
 Article Title :: Diaper Rash IS A PAIN
For some babies, diaper rash isn’t a problem. For others, diaper rash can be mild and for others severe. For whatever reason, it is important that your baby doesn’t suffer. Here are a few reasons why babies get rashes.*A milk allergy either from formula or the breast feeding mother’s diet*An allergy to detergent*A diaper that stays on too long or is not sufficiently absorbent*Antibiotics*Thrush or a yeast infectionMy second child had a bleeding rash off and on for 2-3 years. The one product that helped in this severe case was a skin paste called ILEX. This was a miracle for my son’s comfort, as well as his mothers. My other son rare  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Robert Meier 
 Article Title :: Crib Bedding Quality - It's All About the Fabrics
As with any textile product - be it clothing, upholstery, or bedroom furnishings – quality of a crib bedding collection is most often defined by the fabrics used in constructing the quilts, bumpers, and other articles that comprise the crib set. Unfortunately, little information is provided to consumers regarding the quality of fabrics used in the hundreds of crib bedding collections that are available. There are a few relatively simple characteristics that a consumer can consider when comparing competing products.Woven versus Printed PatternsMany simple fabric patterns – such as ginghams, stripes, and plaids – can be either woven or printed. Although the difference  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Colleen Willoughby 
 Article Title :: The Newest & Hottest Baby Trend - A Baby Spa Party
The birth of a baby is a lifetime change and relationship like no other. The process of it all can be quite daunting also. Becoming a parent is a transforming experience and not only can it leave you exhausted and overwhelmed it can also be lonely. Thank goodness for baby groups!Baby group activities can include journeys to the library, zoo and the pool. It can be a simple outing even just to the park. Or you might want to try one of the newest and most popular baby activity – a baby spa party!Babies and children don’t keep track of how many different places you take them. All they want is love, nurturing, time and to be taken care of and a baby spa party is a grea  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Michelle Higgins 
 Article Title :: Swaddling Your Baby
Your baby was safely sheltered in the cozy cocoon of your womb for nine months before being transported into the big bad world. No wonder swaddling her makes her feel 'at home'.What is swaddling?Swaddling is snugly wrapping your baby in a blanket to make her feel safe and secure. Parents of colicky babies swear by swaddling. It also helps some babies to sleep more soundly.The art of swaddlingFollow these simple steps to become a swaddling expert in no time.Spread a blanket on a flat surface and fold down a corner a few inches. Place baby diagonally on her back so that her head rests just above the fold. Pull one corner of the blanket across her body to t  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Michelle Higgins 
 Article Title :: Dilemma: To Bottle Feed or Breastfeed
Expecting a baby? You must be in a state of bliss, yet confounded by multiple choices. One of the toughest decisions you will have to make: Bottle feeding or Breastfeeding? Despite all the information available on the pros and cons, the final decision is yours. What is right for someone else might not be right for you.Here is some help to make your decision.The strong case for breast feedingMost pediatricians advocate breast milk as the perfect food for a baby and indeed it is all that she needs for the first six months. It is easy to digest. It contains unique disease fighting antibodies, an exclusive blend of nutrients, hormones and enzymes that promote growth and d  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Michelle Higgins 
 Article Title :: Ouch! Baby's First Shots
Now that your bundle of joy has arrived, it is your responsibility to keep her safe and healthy.Immunizations/vaccinations protect your baby from serious and some life-threatening illnesses. They boost your baby's immunity and help her make antibodies to combat infections.Some vaccination myths bustedIf all the children in his school are immunized, my child cannot get sick.The chances of acquiring an infection are reduced if everyone else is immunized. But imagine what would happen if everyone had the same bright idea! Protect your child with a shot and help prevent the spread of disease as well.Vaccines often cause the diseases they are supposed to prev  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Michelle Higgins 
 Article Title :: Dealing with a Gassy Baby
Does your baby yell and cry non-stop without any apparent reason? Excessive gas in a newborn baby could be the culprit. Gassy and colicky babies present a perpetual challenge to their parents. Welcome to the rocky world of parenting.Gassy BabiesAccumulation of gas in baby's tummy can make her extremely fussy. Your newborn has an immature digestive system that is prone to accumulation of gas. The kinks will eventually straighten out but until they do, they can drive both you and baby crazy.Explosive bowel movements and passing gas are extremely common in newborns. Some babies appear to suffer more than the others. The gassiness is sometimes more severe during the night  (read full article)
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