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Categories :: Family : Babies Articles


Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Lisa Cole 
 Article Title :: The Poo Fairies, Real Nappy Services
I clearly remember pinning down my youngest sister with my elbow while she screamed, wriggled and kicked away my carefully origamied terry nappy. She swears you can still see where I accidentally impaled her with safety pins to this day, and I didn’t do it on purpose no matter what she says. Some years on, real nappies don’t use pins and it’s almost impossible to scar someone for life with Velcro. These days you don’t even have to wash them yourself. In civilised 21st century Bristol there are people who swap dirty nappies for clean. I call them the poo fairies and they don’t cost as much as you would expect.A prefold is a pad made from layers of cotton that folds into a   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Lisa Cole 
 Article Title :: Sleep Deprivation
My legs get heavier with every step I take. My eyes grate around in their sockets and one eye has a regular nervous twitch. I am a husk, a dried out shell and everything aches. All I want is sleep. Friends call to ask me out; I'd rather sleep. I am argumentative, grumpy, irrational and can't concentrate. Sleep deprivation is affecting my relationships and my parenting skills; I don't give a moo for Old McDonald right now. After a run of sleeping for 4 to 5 hours at a stretch, my son got a fever and last night was screaming hell. I slept in half hour chunks, woken abruptly by an inconsolable boy who yelled for what seemed like hours. I got angry and had to leave the room before I shouted a  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Lisa Cole 
 Article Title :: Cooking with a Toddler
‘Cooking’ in our house is a broad term that basically means splatting the walls with cake mixture and stirring pancake mixture with bananas. That’s fine by me to a certain extent, most things are washable and I wouldn’t want to be accused of stifling my sons creativity, but I have developed a couple of strategies to make the whole ‘cooking’ process a lot less stressful for me.Firstly I get all the ingredients out so he doesn’t have to find some other way to entertain himself while I look for something. I try to prepare a few things in advance too, like cutting the tops off onions ready for him to peel. He is getting quite good at stopping pouring now, but before he h  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Debbie Hackett 
 Article Title :: First Aid for Children
"First do no harm" is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Keeping a first aid kit in your home, and in the car, is the best way to make sure you can provide your little ones with the first aid they may need. Make sure to keep your first aid kit up to date by checking expiration dates on the triple antibiotic ointments, eye saline solution, and other items you may have in your kit, such as Benedryl, that you have added after talking to your doctor and getting the proper dosage.Having the right items in your kit is important too. In addition to the basics, instant ice packs (small 4 X 6 inches) are wonderful for boo boos at home and especially away, since they don't nee  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Nicole MacKenzie 
 Article Title :: Is Your Baby Crying Because YOU Are Stressed?
Of course we all know that babies cry when they are physically uncomfortable, like when they're hungry or need a diaper change. But what about emotions like worry, sadness, anger, boredom or self-pity? No, babies don't experience these types of emotions... yet. When a baby comes into the world they are bright, alive and in total amazement. They are completely content and satisfied with their existence. So if they aren't born with these emotions they must learn them... but how? No parent consciously sets out to teach their baby to be sad, angry or anxious! Most new parents don't realize just how much they impact their babies with their own emotions. Plus everyone els  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Linda Jenkinson 
 Article Title :: What Does Your Newborn See in His First Few Days
A young baby is aware of a lot more then we used to think in the past. In fact some of the capabilities of very young children are astonishing. In the “Good Old Days” people thought that a newborn was almost blind. They thought a baby couldn't focus and was more or less colorblind. Meaning that a newborn is only aware of a fuzzy colorless world. We know now that this is not the case.A newborn is not that little being focused only on himself and his own needs, like hunger, thirst, and other discomfort. From day 1 a newborn is fairly alert, interested and aware of what is happening in his surroundings. He is capable of experiencing and very interested about what is going on is hi  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: David Crowton 
 Article Title :: How And Why To Child-Proof Your Home
Is your child reaching the age were you are starting to worry about everything he or she might get into? You have all the reason in the world to worry about this because there are more hidden dangers in your house, for your child, than you could ever imagine. Therefore, before your child is even able to move around on its own it would be smart to start securing your home.Why should you have to child-proof your house, you will teach your child not to get into things? This is a statement you might come to regret dearly if you do not take certain precautions to keep your baby safe. You may think there is nothing to worry about in your house but you will very soon realize what a child   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: David Crowton 
 Article Title :: Should Your Baby Be Allowed To Cry?
A baby’s cry can actually be nerve wrecking for a parent and a lot of you may be beside yourself because you are not sure of what to do about it. Are you by chance among these parents who feel so bad every time your baby starts to cry and you can’t help but to pick them up each time they utter the smallest cry? Well, no need to worry because you are not alone in doing so. The question is; how healthy is this for your baby?Not very many parents can help themselves when their newborn baby is crying, they just have to go there and pick them up if for nothing else to make sure the baby is ok. This is all and fine but in the long run, is this a wise thing to do or should your baby b  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: David Crowton 
 Article Title :: When To Start Mixing Formula With Food
For months now the only means of nutrition your baby has received is either breast milk or formula but could it be time to start adding something else to your child’s diet? This question is one that often has parents puzzled because information given from pediatricians and healthcare workers may be very different from one another. So, when should you start adding some soft, solid foods to your baby’s diet?Just like all babies are different so is the answer to this question. There is no magic time frame as of when you should start giving your child solid foods, bottom line; it is you as a parent who decides when to start giving your child solid food. A parent can normally judge   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Linda Jenkinson 
 Article Title :: Baby Jogging Strollers - Get Back in Shape
There’s no doubt about it -- having a baby changes your life. New parents often find that they have to give up some aspects of their lifestyle and may have trouble fitting in all their activities. Jogging, however, is one activity that can be continued after baby is born. Thanks to baby jogging strollers Mom and Dad can fit in their exercise routine by combining their jogging with an outing with baby.A baby jogging stroller is instantly recognizable by its 3-wheel design. This makes it suitable for jogging over a wide variety of terrain while providing a comfortable ride for your child.There are 2 basic styles of jogging strollers – swivel front wheel or fixed front   (read full article)
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