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Categories :: Family : Babies Articles


Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Eric Morris 
 Article Title :: Breast Pumps
A breast pump is a mechanical device that can be used to extract milk for later use from a lactating woman. The way a breast pump works is similar to a milking machine used in commercial dairy production.Extracted breast milk can be stored so that someone else can feed the baby by bottle. Sometimes the breasts produce more milk than the infant can consume. A breast pump can be used in these instances when the breasts become engorged preventing proper latching by the infant. Breast pumping relieves pressure in the breasts. Also, this can be used when some babies cannot latch properly for direct breastfeeding even though the mother desires the benefits of breast milk. A breast pump s  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Eric Morris 
 Article Title :: Breast Pumps and Hygiene
Though breast pumps are used quite commonly, it is suggested to consult a doctor regarding a prescription for a breast pump rental or purchase. Though most insurance companies will reimburse either partially or fully for rental costs or for the purchase of a retail hospital grade breast pump, it depends upon the coverage provided by the insurance company for medical equipment.There are a few important things to consider while using a rented hospital grade pump. First, other patients and employees have used the pump, since it belongs to a hospital. Hence, it is a multiple user medical device. The mothers must use a personal kit that has to be connected to the pump for the collection  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Eric Morris 
 Article Title :: Discount Breast Pumps
Many new mothers choose to get used breast pumps to feed their babies to save money, but they should be careful. Even though used breast pumps are more affordable than new ones, there are possible legal and health implications involved.A breast pump labeled “single user” should both be legally sold according to the FDA, as it is intended only for one user. Reselling such pumps is not in accordance with the FDA. Hence, the FDA can take legal action against such sales.Many breast pumps are designated as ""single user"" devices since they cannot be cleaned completely to ensure that the breast milk of the original user is not still within the pump system. Because of this, th  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Eric Morris 
 Article Title :: Electric Breast Pumps
Although expensive, electric pumps are more efficient than hand or battery powered pumps. One advantage of with the electric pumps is that these pumps can be rented. Also, many of these pumps are well serviced by the manufacturers and are also often covered by health insurance.Electric breast pumps can be used frequently. Both breasts can be pumped simultaneously by plugging the pump directly to an electric outlet. Most efficient breast pumps for initial usage as well as for maintaining the milk supply are the hospital-grade pumps that can be rented or purchased. However, professional quality breast pumps available only for purchase and cannot be rented.Most work place lact  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Eric Morris 
 Article Title :: Healthy Breast Pump Use
A multiple user device such as a hospital grade breast pump has a high possibility of being a source of contamination. There is always a possibility of contamination when more than one person handles these devices.A personal is kit is very important while using hospital grade breast pumps. The kit must be designed in such a way that it prevents the backflow of milk into the pump during use. It is extremely important to note that the kit is not for multiple users and is only for single patient use. This is because if milk flows back into a pump, the chances of it providing a medium for organisms to multiply is present, which becomes a potential source for contamination.It is   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Kristine Peterson 
 Article Title :: Are YOU Killing Your Baby?
Pretty harsh title isn’t it! Most of us parents make it a daily priority to keep our children safe from all sorts of hazards. We worry about the food they are eating, the beverages they drink, and if they are warm enough or cool enough. We teach them about not talking to strangers and how to cross a street safely. We teach them the hazards of drugs, smoking and drinking. But, even if you do all this, you could still be killing your child!A couple very common preservatives found in baby shampoo are imidozliidinyl urea and diazolidinyl urea. These can cause dermatitis. Cosmetic talc is carcinogenic and is found in baby powders. Talc based powder has been linked to ovarian c  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Vincent Chua 
 Article Title :: Baby-Shower Cake Ideas: For a Great Dessert and Centerpiece
A baby shower is a form of celebration that aims to welcome the newest member in the family. Although baby showers were originally planned only for first-borns, modern practices now allow baby shower parties for every baby that comes in the family.Baby showers are usually organized and arranged by the relatives and close friends of the parents-to-be. They are a good way to help parents get started with the things that they need for the baby. However, that there are some cultures and religious beliefs that do not consider it appropriate and that it is considered bad luck to have a party and bring baby things in the house before the baby is born.Over the years, b  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Michael Russell 
 Article Title :: Safety And Your Baby
In this article we're going to cover one of the most important safety topics for a family with a young child. Baby proofing your home.As little as they may be, small children can get into a lot of trouble quickly. In order to best assure that your home is a safe environment for your child the following safety precautions are strongly recommended, as children are naturally curious and will find their way into anything and everything.One of the first things you need to do is check every electrical socket in the house. Any socket that doesn't have something plugged into it needs to be covered up. You can buy a socket protector at any hardware store. They are made of plasti  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Kacy Carr 
 Article Title :: Colic: How Granny Smith Nearly Took My Life
The good news for all colic sufferers is that it is only temporary but the bad news, just how long is temporary.I am not sure what kind of pain comes with dying but if ever there was a feeling of the end nearing it was in the temporary moment of my own experience where the excruciating agony was to leave me fearing for my life.Approx 15% of children suffer from colic and the alarming thing about it is our medical world is baffled by what exactly triggers the condition. Doctors can not agree on most theories that have been raised therefore making matters more difficult when suggesting and prescribing treatment and medicines.One of those theories to give reason why thi  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Maria Frost 
 Article Title :: Helpful Information On Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Baby showers are thrown for the main purpose of bestowing well wishes and gifts upon a couple that is having their first child. Usually, gifts come in the form of baby items that the baby will need on its arrival.With the popularity of baby gift registries today, looking for that perfect gift that the baby will need and the couple will truly appreciate has become easy. But for those will-be parents who did not sign up for a gift registry, or if you want to choose a baby gift on your own, this list of baby shower gift ideas may truly be helpful.1. Disposable DiapersDiapers may not be the most fancy gift to give for a baby shower. But this would definitely be the most t  (read full article)
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