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Categories :: Family : Babies Articles


Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Gracie May 
 Article Title :: Why Unique Baby Shower Gifts - Are Less Embarrassing
How unique is unique, well to be honest I am not sure but to give a gift with a difference then surely this is enough to say your donation is just that.Unique baby shower gifts make the giving more pleasurable and less embarrassing in case of duplication. The receiving of a gift given with heartfelt emotion at a baby shower will make the occasion more unique than you could ever imagine from the eyes of the expectant mother.Future parents who wait in anticipation for birth of their baby occupy their mind in other ways by joining in the fun at the baby shower party. Eat drink and be merry is just one of the top priorities to be fulfilled at joyous events like these but first a  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Gracie May 
 Article Title :: Baby Shower Poems - Commotion Of Emotions
We all have a hidden talent and should yours be poetry then you are off to a great start in making up your own baby shower poems. If you enjoy poetry and love to write in verse then why not consider helping other hosts who may struggle with this side of things by writing their baby shower poems. Poetry is a fabulous way to communicate to portray feelings and emotions. An injection of the right words incorporated from momentous moments jotted down on a piece of paper can mean so much at a baby shower.Invitation PoemsPoems written about babies and placed onto baby shower invitations can only add pleasure to the receiver of the invite Customize the invitation by using verse to  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Gracie May 
 Article Title :: Baby Shower Party Favors - Recipe For Satisfaction
Now the party is over it is time to give in return a small token expressing thanks to all those who attended the baby shower gathering The giving of baby party shower favors is warmly welcomed by all, thus making this a common habit at baby celebrations. Gifts do not have to be expensive. Should your guest list be as long as your arm then do not fret as favors can be bought in bulk therefore helping to cut costs?Keep the baby theme in mind when choosing what it is you want to give. If it be a fairy tale character, baby toys or animals then it would be nice to implement this onto the token. Jewelry pieces can be given, budget permitting of course. Believe me, if presented with a p  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Gracie May 
 Article Title :: Check It Out - Checklist for Baby Shower Supplies
How many times have we sat down after a shopping spree and forgotten what it was we went for in the first place. This is why a checklist is vital when planning your baby shower party. Celebrations like this need ample supplies of goodies in quantities depending on the size of your guest list.Invite cards are crucial elements and are one of the first items to be listed when piecing together a baby shower checklist. If you have a theme for the party then add this to the invitation this gives your guest a good idea on what the celebration is all about and will also help them with their gift picking. A month before the baby shower is a perfect time to send out the cards. RSVP all print  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Sara Poginy 
 Article Title :: Baby Steps
The baby is learning how to walk. It’s so amazing to watch. I was always under the impression that one fateful day, the baby would suddenly throw aside the plastic bag or hanger or whatever they were playing with, get a glimmer in their eye, and then rise up as if being pulled by puppet strings. Then they would begin to move forward, haltingly at first, but then with gusto.I’ve come to realize, as with most things, that it’s really so much more subtle than all that.One day I noticed that she was watching everyone and their methods of transportation. Some people moved very quickly, with large steps and others - those closer to her size - moved slower and with smaller st  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Thomas Sodor 
 Article Title :: Baby Names - A Fascinating History
Giving a baby a name has a fascinating history. From the dawn of man to the present day, we have used given names to distinguish one another. A name given to a baby could shape their life, whether for good or for bad.One of the most ancient methods of name-giving was from some event taking place at the time of birth. A thunderstorm, a wild animal lurking in the vicinity, qualities desired of the child, any peculiarity of complexion or circumstance connected with the birth were adapted into the name of the baby. If inspiration was not forthcoming, the child was simply named later based on some outstanding characteristic or some early action.For example, names given at birth i  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Jennifer A. Casey 
 Article Title :: Baby Wipes Or Chemical Wipes?
If you calculate the number of diaper changes you perform in a day, by the number of baby wipes you use at each change, the result is an estimated 4400 wipes per year. Not only can wipes be wasteful to the environment if they are not biodegradeable, but they can also contain such chemicals as fragrance, chlorine, synthetic preservatives, and dioxin.Wipes are used, not only for diaper changing, but also to wipe hands and faces, to clean off pacifiers that have fallen onto the street, and to wipe down dirty shopping cart handles. They are terribly convenient, and are an essential in every well-packed diaper bag. The concern is not if you have packed enough for your outing, but wha  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Tim Fisher 
 Article Title :: Your Newborn Baby - Are You Truly Prepared ?
As parents-to-be, we tend to prepare for the arrival of our newborn in the usual ways. We decorate the nursery, attend child birthing classes, buy every baby-related accessory known to man, and even research baby names. However, we often overlook the single most important aspect of preparation. How prepared are you in the event of an infant emergency? Can you administer CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, or any other basic life support your child may need prior to the emergency crew's arrival?THE FIRST FOUR MINUTESMost city fire departments set emergency response time standards. These standards help ensure the quickest response possible to any emergency. The goal is to   (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Michael Reeps 
 Article Title :: Create a Baby Website for Your Baby: Part II
In Part I of this article we discussed the options available to you if you wish to create a custom website or baby blog for your baby. The conclusion reached in that article was that it is best to go with any online service like babyblogger.com, which lets you build a custom web site for your baby. In doing so, you get a complete customizable baby website with great features:Custom Baby Home Page - share the latest baby photos, journal entries and email alert sign upBaby Journal - online diary or "baby blog" all about your babyBaby Photos - unlimited albums for your digital baby photosBaby's Vitals - baby's height, weig  (read full article)
Category :: Babies Articles Author :: Jake Rose 
 Article Title :: A Summary of Finding the Right Baby Gift
There are many occasions to buy baby gifts: a newborn in the family, a friend having a child, a holiday or party to celebrate. Whatever the occasion, getting any gift for another person is never an easy decision. Babies are no exception. There is so much variety in what to get them and so many possibilities. Do you get them a toy? Do you get them clothing? Do you get them something else? There are benefits and drawbacks to each, and hopefully, though not that hard to notice, they will be pointed out better here.The most common gift is toys. There is just so many possibilities in this category. Each year more and more new toys are released too, just increasing the amount out there.   (read full article)
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