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Categories :: Writing : Book Reviews Articles


Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Martin Haworth 
 Article Title :: Manager's Reference - 'The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook' by Peter Senge
This is a different iteration of the original book 'The Fifth Discipline', (both are by Peter Senge) - itself a breakthough book.The work Senge created in the Fieldbook version is practical and do-able, with the focus on individual exercises in as wide a range of management applications as you could need. I think it's a leap ahead of the original for that reason.That being said, there are some more up to date areas that have evolved, such as, for example, Succession Planning, but with the vast array of components in this book, many of these will be covered off anyway.For anyone who wants both a dip-in workbook as well as a groundbreaking co  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Molly Martin 
 Article Title :: Title: Casting Off
Dumpy blonde, 30 something Megan Barry orphaned at an early age and raised by her grandmother feels as though life may be passing her by. Determined to not marry one of the local men and live the life of a fisherman’s wife while equally determined to not go to work in the local fishery Meg worked first as a waitress at the local luncheon counter. Other than a six year relationship with a local married school teacher, a potential joining with clumsy gardener Jimmy Dooley and dime novels gotten from the Beara Penisula Mobile Library; Scullymore, Ireland did not have a lot to offer in Meg’s opinion. It was when she had packed her suitcase and set out for the bus that Meg was offered a jo  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Carol Solomon 
 Article Title :: The 20-Minute Break
I am reading a book recommended by a woman in my Small Group Coaching Program called "The 20-Minute Break", by Ernest Rossi.This book is based on 2 decades of research testing on human performance. What the researchers found was that our bodies periodically give us physiological clues about how to stay energetic, healthy and productive.This research describes the “ultradian rhythms”, which are the 90 to 120-minute cycles that most of our key mind-body systems follow. Our creativity, alertness, emotional balance, physical energy and appetites all follow a wave-like cycle of activity followed by a short period in which the body seeks rest and renewal.Most of us negl  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Cathy Stucker 
 Article Title :: Never Be Boring Again: Book Review
People love stories. That's why the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' books are so popular. But even better than reading a great story is the experience of seeing and hearing a story performed by a skilled story teller.Doug Stevenson knows how to make a story come to life, and in 'Never Be Boring Again,' he shows you how you can do it, too. He makes the process (almost!) painless, even if you are not a natural story teller.This is not a book about how to give a speech. It is a detailed how-to about making powerful connections with your audience through vivid and engaging stories. And it's not just 'rah-rah.' Doug walks you through the nine steps of story structure to help you craf  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Cathy Stucker 
 Article Title :: Media Training 101: A Guide to Meeting the Press - Book Review
When being interviewed by media, it is tempting to do a `brain dump,' and give them as much information as you can. This can backfire, though. Faced with an information overload, the journalist has to pick-and-choose through all the data to construct her story. She probably has room only for a few of your points, and she may not choose the ones that you would like.Politicians understand this. When they do interviews, they focus on `talking points.' The politician prepares by selecting three or four points they want to get across during the interview. The preparation allows them to get their message across clearly and succinctly.You should do something similar to this to prep  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: David Tucholski 
 Article Title :: Be Your Own Publicist with "From Book to Bestseller" by Penny Sansevieri
What are three words that authors hate to hear? Promotion, promotion, promotion! A writer is someone who generally prefers to stay locked away in a small writing studio (perhaps in an undisclosed tropical location), to speaking in front of crowds, answering questions on national radio, or God forbid, have their un-photogenic faces filmed beside Oprah’s! But these are all fears that must be overcome in order to reach that coveted title of “bestselling author.” The task is made even more terrifying when you are a self-published author with little or no PR experience and no one to represent you. Because let’s face it, the majority of self-published authors can’t afford a publicist   (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Adrian Henderson 
 Article Title :: I Just Reviewed "The ProfitBrat!" Package
Ok, so I got suckered into buying this because of the marketing materials and the promises that were made, but I'm not entirely dissatisfied. In fact I'm kind of happy with the purchase and will probably use the package as a reference guide for a while to come.I bought it to test drive it and see if there was anything to the profitbrats claims. I spent a good part of the weekend reading it and the 3 bonus books by Harvey Segal, which turned out to be excellent too. (Harvey is a well known name in this industry and well respected)There are 7 books in the package (4 and the 3 bonus books) the first book "The three profit generators" is a little spacey and unfocused. I think it  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Jeff Herring 
 Article Title :: Illusions:The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah - Book Review
Author Richard Bach followed up Jonathan Livingston Seagull with Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.In real life Richard Bach would spend a summer barnstorming, flying around the Mid-west in an old bi-plane, landing in farmer's fields, and getting permission give rides in his bi-plane and sleep in the field at night.Illusions is the story of what could have happened one summer when Richard Bach met another barnstormer, Donald Shimoda, who was a slightly more evolved human being.The rest of the story is about their adventures together one summer, and the things that Richard learned from Donald Shimoda.One of the really nice features of the book is   (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Christopher Luck 
 Article Title :: Ranger Rick Magazine - For Kids Who Love Nature
What magazine should you get for your kids that they can enjoy the entire year? Like most kids, mine love nature. So after looking into things, I found that Ranger Rick Magazine might be areally good choice. The number one rated nature magazine for kids, Ranger Rick Magazine has garnered many awards. In addition, it is affordable and fun. Dating back to 1988, Ranger Rick Magazine has received many awards and honors for their work as a nature magazine aimed at kids. In 1988 the magazine took home the EdPress Golden Lamp Award as the best overall educational magazine. In 1991, Ranger Rick Magazine was recognized as a National Magazine Award finalize for their special issue on fro  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Christopher Luck 
 Article Title :: Zoobooks Magazine for Your Animal Lover
What kind of gift can you get my kids? I know my children just love animals. They enjoy trips to the zoo, watching nature shows on television, and learning about the behaviors of different animals and types of animals. So, as a gift, I found that a subscription to Zoobooks Magazine is affordable, fun, and exciting for my animal loving children. There are a number of reasons as well to get your kids involved in Zoobooks Magazine. First off, Zoobooks Magazine is actually written with the improvement of childrens’ reading skills in mind. They are use visual words, pictures, and activities that involve interaction to encourage reading and learning potential. Children who read Zoo  (read full article)
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