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Categories :: Writing : Book Reviews Articles


Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Irene Watson 
 Article Title :: Romance Novelist Gives Readers Recipes Used in Gripping Story
Interview conducted by Irene Watson Managing Editor of Reader Views with Jane Marie Malcolm, author of "The Goodbye Lie."Irene: “The Goodbye Lie” is your first installment of a historical series set on Florida’s Amelia Island. Please give us an overview of this romance novel.Jane Marie: Eighteen-year-old Breelan Dunnigan and her cousin decide they need one last adventure before they marry husbands they have yet to meet. Under the watchful eye of an attractive ship’s captain, they sail to New York City to visit family. With her cousin’s innocent encouragement, Breelan makes some serious choices, which follow her home to Amelia Island. The consequences are dramatic  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Beverley Pechin 
 Article Title :: "Life of the Eagle"
Reviewed by Beverly Pechin for Reader Views (1/06) "Life of the Eagle" By Richard Evans Arche Books Publishing (2004)Not being a big history buff, I wasn't sure what the outcome would be reading a book based on history. I was in for a big surprise. Richard Evans presents his character and the events of the book in a way that not only do you not realize you're "learning about history as you read" you fall into the history and become a part of it. I think anyone and everyone from school age kids to the senior generation would enjoy this book.While “Life of the Eagle” is a book of history, it is more about a story. It tells of history in the making fr  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Irene Watson 
 Article Title :: Author Gives Magical Account of Ageless Wanderer
Irene Watson, Managing Editor of Reader Views talks with Richard L. Evans, author of "Life of the Eagle."Irene: Your book “Life of the Eagle” is considered to be mystical and magical, drawing the reader into a life of man who cannot die, but must watch generation after generation pass away before his eyes. Please tell us about the struggles your character has as he watches things happen that he as no control over.Richard: The main character (he is never named in the book) first discovers he has a “gift” of healing while still a child. But each time he heals someone of a dire illness, they die soon after under horrific circumstances. Is he not supposed to use such a  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Irene Watson 
 Article Title :: Author's Compelling Drama Portrays Life in New York City
Interview with Dwayne Murray, Sr. Author of "The Mouse That Roared" (ISBN 0976985500)Hello Dwayne. It's a pleasure to have you with us. Dwayne Murray, Sr. is the author of "The Mouse That Roared," novel that is a compelling drama about a young woman who defied her religious father's wishes and entered a beauty contest in her home town.Irene: What inspired you to write a fictional drama about a young woman defying her religious father’s wishes and entering a beauty contest?Dwayne: I just wanted to break the mold on the subject matter concerning an African American woman. Instead of having her inside a common situation starting off living the rough urban life,   (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Cathy Yanda 
 Article Title :: "The Mouse That Roared" by Dwayne Murray, Sr. - Compelling Drama
Reviewed by Cathy Yanda for Reader Views (1/06)"The Mouse That Roared" By Dwayne Murray, Sr. Madbo Enterprises (2005) ISBN 0976985500This book grabs you at the beginning and doesn’t let go until the last word is read. It begins with a young boy, Doug Gunner, finding his father in bed with someone other than his mother. It also introduces you to Sandra Lyte, a beautiful young lady entering her first beauty pageant. Their two stories will intertwine until the very end of the novel. Doug grows up to be a drug dealer and an abuser with whom Sandra falls in love and has two children. Sandra, knowing what Doug is, believes, as many women do, that she can chan  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Hunter Douglas 
 Article Title :: Fern's Dragon by David Wills; Book Review
Adorable characters and an engrossing plot make 'Fern's Dragon' one of the best children's novels around.Colourful and cheerful, adventurous and funny, this novel is everything a child wants to read.Adults too will happily read Wills' novel to their child over and over, which is good as the child will demand that the book be read each and every night.'Fern's Dragon' centres around the story of a little girl named Fern, who loves dragons. When a dragon she makes out of sand comes to life, she is thrown into an underwater world of adventure and fun, meeting all sorts of colourful characters. Fern and her dragon friends Nogard and Dora must to battle with the evil dragon  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Kelli Glesige 
 Article Title :: Conscious Courage - Turning Everyday Challenges into Opportunities Review
In Conscious Courage®, Maureen Stearns states that courage is a deliberate decision to act or think or be, regardless of your emotions and halting thoughts, an actual force that is felt from within that enables you to say “yes!” to what you want and “no!” to what you don’t want. Courage is knowing that all your courageous acts will end up blossoming into something much more significant. Therefore, conscious courage is the discovery of your best self, the best in others, and knowing you had a part in making the world a better place.The goal Stearns had in mind when writing this book was her desire to help us understand that discomfort goes hand in hand with growth. Beca  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Phil Amoa 
 Article Title :: Overruled! Nancy Grace Lacks Evidence
During the brief moments I sat at Barnes and Noble to read what great minds had written to inspire, I came across a book with an eye-catching title, “Objection” by Nancy Grace. When I began reading the introduction I was heart-felt for Nancy who had lost her fiancé, Keith. I totally understood her reasons for pursuing her career as a legal prosecutor. In her book "Objection", she vehemently expressed her disgust for defense attorneys, stating that their compensatory ways of comprising what they did was their motto “I’m just doing my job.” Nancy had cited various attorneys of good record who had won high profile cases and gave an epiphany of how they persuade juries to obscure e  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Lillian Brummet 
 Article Title :: The Captain Has Her Heart
Mrs. Salinas has written a very nice romance novel that readers can disappear in for a few days. The Captain Has Her Heart was just recently released, but is already stealing hearts!The main character, April, is a nurse who really loves her job and often takes on extra shifts. Her husband is away completing his internship to become a Doctor. April is awoken by a man that comes in with an unusual fever – in fact they are both awaken by each other. She returns to her empty home only to receive a "dear John" letter from her husband who wants a hurried and clean divorce so that he can pursue his new interest.Shocked and staggered by the loss of the plans th  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Martha Whittington 
 Article Title :: Martha Whittington, Author
Fragment taken from the story “The Witch” The Storyteller, Volume I“Armando! Armando!” I heard Benito screaming as the wind and madness increased inside the jail cell. I looked to the bench and saw his arm reaching out to me and gesturing for me to join him under the bench.I didn’t go to him; instead, I looked up at the window in time to see a flash of light, and I could have sworn I saw a human figure leaning over the window’s bars, looking at me from outside. I thought it could not be possible, as the window was probably nine feet high and that strong wind would have made it hard for someone in his right mind to be out there on a ladder tryi  (read full article)
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