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Categories :: Writing : Book Reviews Articles


Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Bette Daoust, PhD 
 Article Title :: "Leading Beyond Tradition: A Breakthrough Strategy for Law..." author William E. Cooper: BOOK REVIEW
Leading Beyond Tradition: A Breakthrough Strategy for Law Enforcement By William E. Cooper, Chief of Police (ret.) 3 – Star Publishing (2005) Reviewed by Bette Daoust, Ph.D. for Reader Views (3/06)Although I do not have any experience in law enforcement, I have come to appreciate all that the Police do for our society. It is through many struggles, budget cuts, and lack of resources that we tend to criticize inadequacy and lack of response from those enforcing the law. The real meaning of law enforcement is often wrapped in political rhetoric that stymies the police force that we so need to make sure we are free from harm.I have b  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Tammy Petty Conrad 
 Article Title :: "Impact with Intent" author Jack H. Jones: BOOK REVIEW
Impact with Intent By Jack H. Jones Author House (2005) Reviewed by Tammy Petty Conrad for Reader Views (4/06)It is 1979 in Manhattan and John Thomas notices things others don’t. In his first real job out of school with a prestigious company, IBS, he manages to save the day on an expensive lawsuit, get fired and rehired as a consultant by the same company, perform a tracheotomy on a Russian colleague in a restaurant and attract no less than three women at the office. And most of this happens within six weeks of his hire date.Thomas is almost too good to be true. He’s a doctor, lawyer and has a PhD in Mathematics. Although a nove  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Cyndy Zoch 
 Article Title :: "To Love Mercy" author Frank S. Joseph: BOOK REVIEW
To Love Mercy By Frank S. Joseph Mid-Atlantic Highlands Publishing (2006) Reviewed by Cyndy Zoch for Reader Views (4/06)“To Love Mercy” is an amazing story of race and religion set in late ‘40s Chicago. Mr. Joseph weaves a memorable tale of two young boys and what happens when their paths cross one fateful evening.Sass, an 11 year old black boy, and Steve, a ten-year-old white boy, live only a few city blocks from each other. Their two lives are worlds apart until circumstances bring them together late one evening in a parking lot after a White Sox game. The confrontation that results causes one to be injured and the other to f  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Juanita Watson 
 Article Title :: Interview for "To Love Mercy" author Frank S. Joseph
We are very pleased to talk with Frank S. Joseph, long-time writer who has recently penned his first novel, “To Love Mercy.” Welcome to Reader Views Frank.Juanita: Thanks for talking with us today Frank. Please tell us the story within the pages of “To Love Mercy.”Frank: “To Love Mercy” is a fable about blacks and whites, Christians and Jews, conflict and forgiveness. It tells the story of two young boys – one black, one white – who meet under the worst of circumstances, in a darkened parking lot following a Chicago White Sox game on June 15, 1948. The black child, whose nickname is Sass, is injured accidentally and the white family   (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Amit Sharma 
 Article Title :: The Final Problem – Sherlock Holmes - A Review
The Final Problem sees Holmes pitted face to face with the leader of an organized gang, Professor Moriraty – an antagonist equal in strength to him, and getting killed in a duel in Switzerland. Moriarty runs a crime syndicate using agents, himself doing nothing. Holmes – the foremost upholder of law tries in vain to get to him. But all his powers of deduction prove futile to come up with evidence that could book the criminal. Yet, he wants to remove this ultimate source of crime out of the world, even if that means getting killed himself.The story is told through Watson, who is actually trying to save Holmes posthumously from baseless charges leveled by the professor's brother.  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Norm Goldman 
 Article Title :: Review: Voices of America: St. Petersburg An Oral History
Compiled by Scott Taylor HartzellPublishers: Arcadia Publishing and imprint of Tempus Publishing IncISBN: 0-7385-1425-X Prior to 1888, St Petersburg, Florida was a tiny fishing village where deer, bear, raccoons, panthers, wildcats, gators and rattlesnakes roamed the area. Not exactly what we would imagine if we traveled to the sunshine city today.In 1880 a Russian, Pyotr A. Dementyev, who later shortened his name to Peter Demens, established a lumber company in Florida and became the owner of the Orange Belt Railroad. Demens teamed up with the founding father of St. Petersburg, J.C. Williams and the pair brought the railroad to St. Petersburg in 1888.   (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Ugur Akinci 
 Article Title :: Urgent Task of Preserving and Restoring Old & Rare Books
Don't listen to the “paperless office” rhetoric. If it's that “paperless” how come printer sales are going through the roof and an ever increasing number of books are published every year?Just like TV did not replace radio, digital media and computers will never replace books. These two media, paper and digital, will continue to exist side by side just like TV and the radio.Just like the digital media faces the peril of getting wiped away and thus need to backed up regularly, paper also has its enemy – time.Millions of rare and valuable volumes are crumbling away in the nation's libraries and museums, and are attacked by mold, mildew, humidity, bugs, rats, a  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Norm Goldman 
 Article Title :: REVIEW: The Complete Idiot's Guide To Critical Reading
Authors: Amy Wall and Regina Wall ISBN: 1592573401How often have we heard the statement that someone is a prolific reader or that he or she is well-read? At first this may impress us, however, when you think about it, you have to ask how much these individuals retain and what are they getting out of their reading? As Amy Wall and Regina Wall point out in The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Critical Reading, there is a difference between being well read and knowing how to read well. What counts is not quantity but rather the quality of your reading.As mentioned, one of the principal ingredients of critical reading is the ability to effectively analy  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Norm Goldman 
 Article Title :: Review: Alice In Corporate Wonderland: Down The Long Hallway
Lewis Caroll’s classic tale of Alice Adventures in Wonderland was first published in 1865 and is still a favorite among young readers. Most of us will remember this children’s story as a tale filled with satire references to the author’s friends and to the lessons that British schoolchildren were expected to memorize.R.T. Talasek has now reincarnated this famous tale with his loose adaptation, Alice In Corporate Wonderland: Down The Long Hallway. Talasek informs us in the Prologue that hopefully the reader will realize that the similarities between the two stories are frightening, with some allowances for the passage of time and change of venue. It should be  (read full article)
Category :: Book Reviews Articles Author :: Lillian Brummet 
 Article Title :: 115 Ways to Reduce Anxiety – Book Review
Mike Marcoe writes from first hand experience in his book 115 Ways to Reduce Anxiety, providing advice from the view of one who has traveled the road of anxiety for a long time, undergoing therapies and combing through mountains of research. His experience has resulted in this self-help guide to people looking for ways to manage their condition in a proactive and healthy manor.Mike has a passion for non-fiction educational and self-help genres. He has attained a BA in English and has been in the writing industry for a number of years performing as an author, copy editor, proof-reader, a database guardian and has also worked for a newspaper.115 Ways to Prevent Anxiety w  (read full article)
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