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Categories :: Health & Medical : Cancer Articles


Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Susan Scharfman 
 Article Title :: CANCER AND PTSD Run Silent-Run Deep
“…Slowly, slowly the wound to the soul begins to make itself felt, like a bruise, which only slowly deepens its terrible ache, till it fills all the psyche. And when we think we have recovered and forgotten, it is then that the terrible after-effects have to be encountered at their worst.”—D.H. Lawrence (Lady Chatterly’s Lover, 1928)The eloquence of early twentieth century writers notwithstanding, today’s prose would probably lead to a quick internet link: PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, twenty-first century terminology for delayed reaction to everything from school shootings to rape. My job as a Foreign Service officer had me working at our embassy in Saigon duri  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Rudy Silva 
 Article Title :: Why You Need Bacteria In Your Colon
Bacteria in your colon are referred to by many different names – probiotics, good or bad bacteria, beneficial bacteria, acidophilus, disbiosis, micro flora, proflora. friendly flora, and unfriendly bacteria.I simple use good and bad bacteria to refer to all the bacteria that exist in the small intestine and your colon.Your colon has both good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria maintain the health of your colon by keeping the bad bacteria from multiplying and reducing constipation.Most people have bad bacteria as the dominant condition in their colon. You can see this by the illnesses that exist throughout the world. Most people later in their life suffer from di  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: David Lear 
 Article Title :: Nutrasweet and Brain Tumors: Class Action Suit Ready To Launch
Had any Nutrasweet lately? If you have, you might like to know that a class action lawsuit is in the works against Nutrasweet manufacturer G.D. Searle.A consumer rights advocacy group calling itself "Mission Possible" is leading this potentially explosive litigation. In their lawsuit they plan to expose evidence pointing to the fact that aspartame - also known as "Nutrasweet" - has been found to be a causative agent for brain tumors and that the FDA has known of these risks for years.Mission Possible has amassed an impressive array of studies and reports proving that aspartame is not a bonafide food additive but a neurotoxic drug that spins off the deadly brain tumor agent:   (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Increase in Solar Radiation and Skin Cancer of Pilots
There has been a recent increase in the past decade of skin cancer among pilots; it is an interesting phenomena. Some say we have only recently noticed this because people are living longer and we are flying more international flights and planes are flying at higher altitudes. If you are a airline pilot or Military pilot check and see if what has been observed relates to your own personal observations.It has been noticed that more and more people have red faces than before. Especially pilots, bus drivers, construction workers and even a few of us work outside types. It has been observed everywhere around the world. Should we attribute this to increased radiation hitting Earth t  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Cancer Curing Using Human Brain Power; Just a thought
Is the brain and the body in combination strong enough to rid itself of cancer if it is subconscious is trained to do so using electro impulses. I believe it is. Many times people have cancer and are able to beat it, this is happening more and more. Often it happens due to superior strong will, belief and luck. For those researchers trying to figure out a break though maybe there is something in this idea that you might use as a puzzle piece?I believe there are better ways than nuking the body and seeing which dies first the cancer or the person to combat this problem. This idea may lead to another thought, maybe it is all dead ends, but dead ends are just another discovery of a ma  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Carolyn Matheson 
 Article Title :: The News You Don't Want To Hear: You've Got Breast Cancer
For many people being told that they have cancer is one of the most stressful times in their lives. Just as we think we have everything under control, something comes along that can shatter even the strongest of wills.Out of the blue, in September 2002, Sara faced one of the biggest challenges of her life - her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having nursed her mother through her illness, Sara took the step of having a mammogram just to make sure she herself was clear. All over Christmas she tried to put it to the back of her mind, but she couldn't help worrying.On New Year's Eve 2002, she was horrified to learn that not only did she have breast cancer, but that it w  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Dennis Siluk 
 Article Title :: Cancer in Women
Before I get too deep into this subject, let me first identify myself. I was a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Minnesota ever since the licensing came out, and before that a Certified Counselor in over 40-states and 13-countries). I worked in the field for twenty years, in group counseling, individual counseling; with women at the prisons, in clinics for dual disorders, having a degree in psychology as well, and in child development it helped me as I worked on the children’s ward. I’ve written three books on the subject of alcohol and its effects; on the prevention of it; one on the aftercare of it, and on its origin. I do realize we all have our own beliefs where this dise  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: B. Williams 
 Article Title :: Ellagic Acid: One of THE Most Potent Weapons Against Cancer & Other Disease!
Ellagic acid is a powerful plant antioxidant found in raspberries. In the plants, this biochemical helps to regulate growth and seed germination, protects them from microbial infections and heavy metal poisoning and prevents insects from eating them. However, more and more research is pointing to ellagic acid in these tasty fruits as a potent, natural weapon against cancer in humans.How Does Ellagic Acid Fight Cancer?According to research by Gary Stoner, PhD, director of the cancer chemoprevention and etiology lab at Ohio State University, ellagic acid stimulates activities of enzymes that detoxify carcinogens. Plus, ellagic acid is anti-mutagenic, antibacterial and anti-vir  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Doreene Clement 
 Article Title :: Victorious
There it is again. I muttered to myself, frustrated as I washed my arm. Every morning for five or six days in the fall of 2003, I noticed this rust-colored sticky stuff that appeared in both drips and smears on my left forearm and thigh. I had no idea where it could be coming from.Finally, on Sunday morning I found the answer. My eyes followed my hand as I wiped the steam from the bathroom mirror. Looking past my fingertips, there it was. To my shock and horror, the rust-colored sticky stuff easily dripped from my left nipple.In disbelief, I collapsed into my bedroom chair, swirling with a mix of grief and fear. I stared at the blank white wall, feeling vacant,  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Anika Logan 
 Article Title :: Mesothelioma in the UK
Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the external lining of the lungs (pleura) and the lower digestive tract (peritoneum). The disease has been linked to exposure with asbestos dust. Cancer of this kind is uncommon and rarely is a result of anything other than asbestos exposure. It is also very difficult to diagnose. Tumors of the mesothelieum can be either benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Most mesothelial tumors are malignant. However this disease is not very responsive to therapy.Between a person’s first exposure to asbestos and the onset of this disease can be anywhere from 15- 60 years. By the time symptoms first appear and the cancer is diagnosed, the  (read full article)
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