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Categories :: Health & Medical : Cancer Articles


Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Jason D. Barrett 
 Article Title :: Mesothelioma for Dummies
Mesothelioma is a benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous) tumor of the mesothelium that is commonly caused by asbestos. Asbestos, although not the topic of this paper, is a fiberlike material that was used in construction materials to provide more strength and heat resistance. Any exposure to asbestos can be harmful and cause problems later in life. The chance of having problems due to asbestos is the same for all people regardless of their age, sex, race, etc. All are at risk of cancer and other diseases due to their exposure to asbestos.How common is mesothelioma? According to Mesothelioma.com, it occurs in 14 cases out of every 1 million each yea  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Stephen Wallace 
 Article Title :: Hormone Therapy for Prostate Cancer
For prostate cancer treatment we give the patient hormones that will suppress the male hormones (andrones) in their body. Androgens (male hormones) are produced mainly in the testicles. Sometimes androgens will stimulate the growth of prostate cancer and speed up the growth of the cancer cells. If the levels of the androgens is lowered then the cancer will grow much slower and possibly shrink. Hormone therapy is not meant to cure the cancer in the prostate but if used in conjunction with other therapy such as radiation or surgery if their is a risk of recurrence.There are numerous ways that the androgen levels can be lowered in the bloodstream:Orchiectomy - is   (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Marcia Breitenbach 
 Article Title :: Coping with Serious Illness: Letting Change into Your Life
Questions Arise: Will I Live, or Will I Die?When the doctor comes into the room to tell you that you have a serious illness, such as cancer, there are a number of questions that run through your mind. The rush of emotions and feeling of powerlessness can be overwhelming, and learning to cope with serious illness will take time and healing. Though everyone’s healing process is different and takes different amounts of time, there are some ways to help you come to peace with the changes that will take place in your life.One of the most difficult things for you to face when coping with serious illness is the possibility of dying. Cancer patients often find themselves strug  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Laura Johnston 
 Article Title :: Moving Beyond a Cancer Diagnosis
Probably one of the most feared diagnoses for women is that of breast cancer. It violates ones feminity, as well as threatens your life. It is a formidable opponent. However, with work, breast cancer does not need to be the focus of your life.So how does one move past this diagnosis? Well, it is not easy. In the beginning, you must ensure that you are receiving the utmost of care - preferably at a major hospital that deals specifically with breast cancer. In my case, I was lucky to be referred to Mass General, where dedicated teams of doctors reviewed your case and helped to recommend treatment. My team included a radiologist, surgeon and oncologist. You want to go where th  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Robert Thatcher 
 Article Title :: Prostate Cancer: Why Eating Well Is The Best Defense
No other human organ is as susceptible to cancer as the prostate. Each year, an estimated 209,900 American men are diagnosed with the disease, making it the most prevalent form of cancer in the United States. Although lung cancer claims more than twice as many men’s lives each year, prostate cancer is the second most lethal male cancer, killing 41,800 men annually.In fact, the malady is so widespread that by age 65, nearly two out of three males may develop minute tumors producing in their “prostates,” the walnut-size gland that is wrapped around the urethra, the tube that drains the bladder. And some doctors believe that if men lived long enough, every man would develop the   (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Charles Snyder 
 Article Title :: Prostate Cancer in the News
On ABC news this week there was a segment on prostate cancer. The first night they talked about the poor survival rate for those who accepted treatment. It was a prospect that would not encourage me even if I did know that odds were worse than playing Russian roulette.The second night they talked about how for some it made sense to do nothing. That in many cases the cancer grows so slow that it is best to leave it alone, and hope for the best.Nothing was said about the thousands who have adopted Natural Hygiene in one form or another and been completely healed of Prostate Cancer.When you stop causing prostate cancer, like most other diseases, it will simply go away.  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Will Hanke 
 Article Title :: Breast Cancer is Cureable!
Every few minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease is the most common cause of death in women between the ages of 40 and 55, and there are more than 200,000 new cases of breast cancer expected in the U.S. alone this year (see www.nationalbreastcancer.org).With staggering statistics such as this, no wonder that at the first sign of breast cancer—the typical symptom is usually a lump or other noticeable abnormality in the breast—many women automatically panic, assuming the worst.But only about 8 of 10 lumps turn out to be cancerous. And even for the women who do end up diagnosed with the disease, there are still many options to consider for treatment.  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Valerian D. 
 Article Title :: A Viral Infection Might Lead To Prostate Cancer
Recent researches targeting prostate cancer have associated the prostate cancer development with the presence of a newly identified virus called XMRAV. According to study conclusion the XMRV was identified as an infectious agent in humans and closely related to a virus that causes leukemia in mice. The findings are based of screening prostate tumor samples from 85 men with prostatectomy with a DNA ViroChip containing the genetic sequences of about 5,000 human viruses. The researches confirmed the possibility that a viral infection might lead to prostate cancer developing in men. XMRV could be transmitted trough sexual activity. Then it is possible that XMRV to cause   (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Paul W Wilson 
 Article Title :: 10 Options in Treating Mesothelioma
As with any cancer, treatment for Mesothelioma depends on the location of the cancer, the progression of the disease, the age as well as state of health of the patient.It is the oncologist who specializes in the disease who will decide on the line of treatment. The disease is difficult to treat and in most cases the prognosis is poor. Treatment options include:1. If the diagnosis is done in the early stages surgery may be recommended to remove all cancerous tissues. This means thoracoscopy, VATS or video assisted thoracic surgery, mediastinoscopy (used for staging), or laproscopy. Often, doctors will advise palliative procedures like chest tube drainage and pleurodesis, tho  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Paul W Wilson 
 Article Title :: Mesothelioma: A Cancer Caused by Asbestos
The internal organs of the human body are encased in a protective sac called the mesothelium. Examples of mesothelilial membranes are the peritoneum (abdominal organs), pleura (lungs), and pericardium (heart).Under specific conditions, the cells of the protective membrane divide uncontrolled and become cancerous. This disease is termed as Mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer which is caused by prolonged exposure to asbestos dust.The disease is found to occur among those who work in shipyards, asbestos mines and factories, industries that produce asbestos based products, and the heating and construction businesses. Approximately 3,000 cases occur each year in the US, and most   (read full article)
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