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Categories :: Health & Medical : Cancer Articles


Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Paul Callis 
 Article Title :: Mesothelioma – The Facts
Mesothelioma is a cancer of the mesothelium, which is a disease by which the cells of the mesothelium start to become abnormal, and start to divide causing the possible invasion of organs and tissues nearby to the mesothelium. Mesothelioma normally starts in the pleura or peritoneum, and is a benign or malignant tumor that affects the chest or abdomen lining. Benign means non cancerous and malignant means cancerous.Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer and the more common type is called pleural Mesothelioma. This type forms a tumor on the pleura, which is the sac that lines the chest cavity protecting the human lungs. There are other forms that effect different areas such as the li  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Paula Rothstein 
 Article Title :: Interrupting the Process of Cancer - Part II of II
TREATMENT OF CANCER USING TOXIC CHEMICALS"Cancer researchers, medical journals, and the popular media all have contributed to a situation in which many people with common malignancies are being treated with drugs not known to be effective." Dr. Martin Shapiro UCLAFirst, it is important to consider the methodology of chemotherapy to better understand why, by its very nature, it cannot be effective. These drugs are highly toxic to all cells and not just cancer cells. Generally, they are more deadly to healthy tissue than they are to the malignant cell. The cellular poisons used in orthodox cancer therapy cannot distinguish between cancer and non-cancer cells. They instead  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Michael Russell 
 Article Title :: Breast Cancer Information Is Important
Breast cancer usually happens when certain cells located in the breast start to grow out of control, taking over nearby tissue and spreading throughout the body. Large collections of this infected tissue are called "tumors". Some tumors are not even considered to be cancer because they cannot spread throughout the body or threaten a person's life. These types of tumors are called "benign tumors".The types of tumors that do spread throughout the body and invade the tissues around the breast are considered to be cancer and have been given the name "malignant tumors". It is said that any type of tissue in the breast can form some type of cancer, but it mostly comes from either duc  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Sacha Tarkovsky 
 Article Title :: Bone Marrow Transplant Costs - For Around $30,000 and World Class Surgery
Bone marrow transplants costs reflect the complexity of the operation.An operation in the US costs around $250,000 and in the UK about £150,000 however the cost can be cut to around 30,000 with the same quality of treatment.How? The answer my well surprise you…The best treatment at 90% less is it possible?Indian hospitals are performing bone marrow replacement operations to the same standard and with the same success rate as in Europe and America at nearly 90%, at a fraction of the cost.With such an important operation bone marrow transplant costs are consideration, but even more important is, the quality of the treatment and in India you world class   (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: James Finch 
 Article Title :: Stimulating the Body's Defenses to Fight Cancer
Comediennes such as Gilda Radner and Madeline Kahn, Oscar-winning actresses like Loretta Young and Sandy Dennis, singers Laura Nyro and Dinah Shore, actor Pierce Brosnan’s wife Cassandra Harris, actress Jessica Tandy, former Connecticut governor Ella Grasso, and Martin Luther King’s wife Coretta Scott King all died of ovarian cancer. It’s not just celebrities, politicians or movie stars, who are stricken with ovarian cancer. One in every 55 U.S. women is at risk for ovarian cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates about 22,000 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed. More than 16,000 women will die because the symptoms are often subtle, and her doctor did not recognize th  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Alister Bredee 
 Article Title :: "Cancer can be Cured," claims Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark N.D.
Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark N.D. is a Canadian researcher in the field of alternative and complementary medicine who claims “cancer can be cured!” She has written five books, three devoted to cancer to explain her amazing assertion. To put her money where her mouth is, she has opened a Clinic in Tijuana Mexico. “Century Nutrition”, the name of the Mexican Clinic, is designed to treat cancer and AIDS patients who have been written off as “terminal cases” by orthodox medicine. In the last 15 years she has treated over 2,000 patients, most of them successfully. Others, less seriously ill are invited to follow the steps to wellness as outlined in her books.She explains in her w  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Jean Wensink 
 Article Title :: Fear of Recurrence
I love it that I have been a cancer survivor for just over a year. I have gotten my life back, I am working again, my hair is grown in, and I can pretty much life my life the way I would like to. However, the joy of life can sometimes be shadowed by the fear of cancer recurrence.I am an ovarian cancer survivor. My chances of recurrence is about 80%. Today I went back to the clinic for a blood draw so that my test results are back for my one year check-up. Just being back in the chemo room and getting my blood drawn brought back the memories like a floodgate. The nurses "oohed" and "ahhed" over my new hair, and offered hugs of celebration. It was a great feeling to be on the side of  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Will Hanke 
 Article Title :: Life After Breast Cancer Treatment
Many women are very uncertain and apprehensive about what to think, what to say and what to do after breast cancer treatment is over—at least for the time being—and they have recovered.From the very first sign of breast cancer—maybe a lump in the breast discovered by a mammogram—and other symptoms of breast cancer, to a diagnosis to discussing treatments to receiving treatments and recovery, it’s been a long and arduous process for most women.What now?A big concern on the brain is the ever-looming threat of breast cancer recurrence. There are ways of preventing breast cancer recurrence, and many women decide to take tamoxifen after their treatments to preven  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Mary Murtha 
 Article Title :: A Brief Overview of Prostate Prevention
Twenty years ago, a prostate problem usually led to cancer, and ultimately, death. Medical advances and further understanding of the human body has led to an increased awareness of how the prostate becomes damaged and more importantly, new ways of prostate prevention.Prostate prevention is such a major topic because over half the men in the United States will develop some form of prostate difficulty past the age of 50. However, prostate cancer grows extremely slowly and if proper prostate prevention is employed, can be treated and avoided before any serious physical harm is caused.One of the major breakthroughs in prostate prevention has been the development of the Prostatic  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Mary Murtha 
 Article Title :: The Self-Beneficial Virtues of Prostate Care
One of the most prevalent health risks men over the age of 50 faces are prostate problems. Located between the bladder and the penis, the prostate is a small gland that promotes proper sexual functioning and a healthy reproductive system.Due to a variety of reasons, cancer of the prostate has become one of the most common forms of cancer to strike men. The good news is that with proper prostate care the chance of developing prostate cancer and other prostate problems can be drastically reduced.The beginning signs of prostate issues are difficulty urinating and other troubling symptoms. The first stage of prostate disease is Enlarging Prostate (EP). This is the stage where pr  (read full article)
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