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Categories :: Health & Medical : Cancer Articles


Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Jennifer Rodriguez-Allen 
 Article Title :: Naural Self-Defense Against Breast Cancer - Learning to Cope Successfully with Organochlorine Pollut
What are organochlorines?Organochlorines are chemicals found in some herbicides and pesticides, in chlorine bleach and most chemical disinfectants, and many plastics, especially PVC (polyvinylchloride).Organochlorines are implicated in causing and promoting breast cancer because they mutate genes and they cause breast cells to become more receptive to a cancer-promoting chemical called estradiol. Organochlorines weaken the immune system and lower your body’s resistance to bacteria and viruses. They also act as a negative type of estrogen in the body.How do they enter our bodies?Organochlorines enter our bodies through our drinking water, by eating foods grown  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Al K 
 Article Title :: Medical Question #2. Ovarian Cysts
Ms. L wrote me:Hello Dr. Kavokin,I was reading some of your literature and found it to be quite informative. I have a question that perhaps you may be able to answer: If a woman's ovarian cyst ruptures, (especially multiple cysts from PCOS) can these ruptured cysts become an infection? Hi, MS. LShort answer: anything can become infected. Though I do no think ruptured ovarian cyst becomes infected very often, did not hear about that. I will look more literature and probably place the answer on my website.Sincerely, AlexOK. I looked the literature.I didn't do very extensive literature search. Should admit. Any  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Ivon T. Hughes 
 Article Title :: What is Critical Illness?
Critical Illness (CI) is a relatively new coverage in Canada that guarantees the payment of a lump sum benefit between $50,000 to $2,000,000 if you are stricken by a critical illness such as cancer or a heart attack. CI provides the financial resources to fill the gap that may be created between health insurance plans and other expenditures you may have or help replace lost income. This type of support can help tremendously in maintaining your quality of life and financial security during the recovery period and help you face your new challenges.Government health plans and group insurance benefits are limited to basic medical and hospital care in Canada and Disability income covera  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Gerald Armstrong 
 Article Title :: Curing Cancer The Cure
Finding “The Cure” before two out of three of us die from cancerLifting the curse of the Big C. For years cancer has been seen as a death sentence and still brings out the fear of God in most of us today. We at Gen Cells Cures believe the tide is about to turn.6 million people will die this year from a disorder that is often discussed in terms that make it seem less like a disease than an implacable enemy. What tuberculosis was to the 19th century, cancer has been to the 20th: an insidious, malevolent force that frightens people beyond all reason…far more than, say diabetes or high blood pressure and with good reason. In the year 1880, one in thirty developed cance  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Gerald Armstrong 
 Article Title :: The Cure
Gen Cells Cures will find the cure even if it means taking on President George Bush and the Vatican. The cure is definitely going to be found in stem cell research. When the first cure comes in from stem stem research it will have a domino effect as incurable diseases will soon vanish fom the world. Needlesss to say it is very unlikely that any stem cell cure will come from the good old USA. President Bush has frozen science in time dated back to four years ago. We simply are not going to wait for four more years to get started. I also just don’t like Big Brother breathing down my neck. He has nothing to offer except red tape, detours and roadblocks. Thank God there is a world outsid  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Lorraine Kember 
 Article Title :: How to Care for Your Terminally Ill Loved One
Apart from our own death experience we will never be closer to or understand more, the process of dying than when we are the carer of a fellow human being with a terminal illness. Most often it is our loved one who we will be caring for, making the task even more overwhelming. To constantly bear witness to the ravages of the disease knowing you are powerless to stop it is a huge burden. We want and need to do something to help them but don’t know where to start. We refuse to believe that there is nothing that can save them and search for miracles only to find that there are none. In time we come to accept that they are dying and begin grieving for the loss of them in our lives. Ou  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Jeff Cuckson 
 Article Title :: The Prostate, What You Don't Know Could Kill You
Women know more about men's health than men do themselves and that's a fact. Why is that? Is it because we find it hard to discuss these things? Is it because it's not macho! From the time that we are young, we are taught that boys have to act tough and shouldn't cry. You must have heard the saying "Big Boys don't cry!"Most of us carry this thought process into adulthood and feel by showing concern for our health, it will be seen as a male weakness. I am guilty of that myself.I know when my prostate troubles began, I knew absolutely nothing about the prostate. I was one of the 96%. Mainly because it didn't cross my mind that I'd ever have any problems.In addition, the  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: P. Mehta 
 Article Title :: Mesothelioma Cancer
Mesothelioma is a type of cancer involving mesothelial tissues of body organs usually lungs or abdominal. It is often caused by exposure to asbestos. However, there are 30-50% of patients without any history of asbestos exposure. People who have received asbestos exposure of as little as one or two months to very low doses are at risk of mesothelioma cancer. Even people who wash clothes of asbestos exposed people are at risk. A person exposed to asbestos could develop mesothelioma after 50 years of exposure.People in the occupations such as construction jobs in shipyards, insulators, boilermakers, etc. are at the risk of contracting asbestos disease.The 2 common types of m  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Alfred Jones 
 Article Title :: Antiperspirants And Breast Cancer
Most underarm antiperspirants contain as the active ingredient, Aluminium Chlorohydrate, as you will probably remember there has been controversy about Aluminium, since the 1950's when it was a popular metal used for making cooking pots, Saucepans and Fry Pans and that it could be one of the contributing factors to Alzheimer's, now we have another problem that could also be related to Aluminium, Breast Cancer.Research shows that one of the leading causes of Breast Cancer could be the use of antiperspirants. The human body has a number of areas, that it uses to purge Toxins from the body, these are, behind the knees, behind the ears, the groin area, and the armpits. The toxins are p  (read full article)
Category :: Cancer Articles Author :: Alfred Jones 
 Article Title :: Astragalus, The Ancient Chinese Wonder Herb - A Health Supplement
Astragalus membranaceus is the root of a plant member of the Pea family and is native to the Northeast region of China, but it is now also cultivated in the United States. In China, it is known by the name Huang-qi.The name means "Yellow leader" because it is one of the superior tonic roots, used in traditional Chinese medicine. It was first mentioned in the 2000 year old, classic "Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing". It has been used to stimulate energy and general weakness, Lack of appetite, Treatment of colds, flu,abdominal ulcers and Diabetes.Astralagus is still widely used in Chinese medicine, to this day and is known to be a immunostimulant, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-infla  (read full article)
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