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Categories :: Reference & Education : College Articles


Category :: College Articles Author :: Lynne OConnor 
 Article Title :: Online Degree Tips - Your Guide To Online Degree Programs
Is an Online Business Degree Right for You?Deciding if an online business degree is right for you is an easy task. With the wide selection of programs, flexibility and personalized formatting, an online business degree is a great choice for any one new to the business world or those that are very experienced but looking to learn more.These degrees can be obtained in many fields of business, for examples, accounting, general business, leadership and marketing. Many colleges offer these business degree, but three well know, accredited online colleges are Ashworth College, Kaplan University and Walden University.To decide which online business degree is right for you, it  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Jonathan Bentz 
 Article Title :: Oustanding Business Professors at WVU, Part 1
Paula Bone is a marketing professor who teaches “Consumer Behavior” and “Marketing Strategy” at West Virginia University’s College of Business and Economics. Classes filled with lots of theory can be intimidating for students who are used to answers being “black” and “white,” but Dr. Bone’s approach to teaching lets students know what is right despite a lot of gray area.“When I teach a class, I am also learning from my students,” said Bone. “New ideas are always around, and seeing things through different sets of eyes keeps my material from having hard, fast answers.”Bone is one of the most decorated and honored professors in the College of B&E.  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Jonathan Bentz 
 Article Title :: Outstanding Business Professors at WVU, Part 2
Stratford Douglas enrolled at the University of North Carolina in an economics graduate program in 1982. Five years later, he graduated with his Ph.D. in Econometrics. After taking three years to work for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, he joined the WVU College of Business and Economics as an Economics professor in 1990.“For a country like this to function well, we all need to understand the basic institutions,” Douglas said. “The market underlies much of what is changing in the world. Voting responsibly and participating in democracy the way we should is dependant on understanding economics.”Dr. Douglas entered the world of economics after teaching at  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Amba Dubois 
 Article Title :: What Makes A Penn State Online Degree Preferable To Other Online Degrees?
A Penn State online degree is a college degree from Penn State University that is offered through the Internet. This is equivalent to a degree received from the traditional on-site Penn State University, and is advantageous because Penn State has a highly esteemed reputation in the academic world.By getting a Penn State online degree, individuals receive a degree from a highly recognized university. Being able to add the words "Penn State" to your resume can give it the credibility it deserves.Penn State was the first college to offer a correspondence studies program. They started this program in 1892. Because of this, individuals also get a very experienced college curricul  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Amba Dubois 
 Article Title :: Online Paralegal Degree Preparing You For Employment
In an era when professional opportunities are diminishing, one area where opportunities are certainly expanding is in the field of paralegal work. Consequently, as the practice of law expands, and the need for professional paralegals grows, many argue that there has never been a better time to enter the field of paralegal work. To cater for this growing need for paralegals, a number of nationally accredited online paralegal degree programs have been developed.Most nationally accredited online paralegal degree programs begin with a Foundation Course, setting out the legal concepts and practical legal techniques that you'll be expected to know and comprehend when the times comes for   (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Amba Dubois 
 Article Title :: Who Can Apply For Online Nursing Degrees?
Online nursing degrees are college degrees in the field of healthcare and nursing that are obtained via the Internet. Online nursing degrees are great ways for registered nurses to further their careers without having to take a leave of absence from their jobs.There are two main types of online nursing degrees.The first is a bachelor's of science degree in nursing. This type of degree is for individuals who are already a registered nurse but who wish to further their nursing career. These degrees also require that the student participate in on-site lab rotations and clinicals. The rest of the course work can be completed entirely online.The second type of degree is a   (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Amba Dubois 
 Article Title :: Online Nursing Degree For Busy Nurses
Many who work in the healthcare or nursing industry know without question that free time (time within which to relax and call your own) is at a premium. In this regard, they work in extremely demanding jobs: both in terms of the jobs they do and the hours on the job they spend.Notwithstanding this, many would like to advance their careers. To do this, nurses nearly always need to spend time studying. But, as we have said, nurses' free time is a premium - so how can a nurse combine study with work, when there is (a) so little time available; and (b) unfixed shift-hours to work? Luckily, with the advent of the Internet, one of the best answers available for nurses is to undertake an   (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Amba Dubois 
 Article Title :: What Are Online Masters Degrees?
Online masters degrees are higher education college degrees that are earned over the Internet. In order to apply, individuals must first have a bachelor's degree in the same field of study as the masters degree they wish to obtain. Masters degrees are offered in many different fields of education. Individuals can receive a degree in accounting, business, management, education and even healthcare.In recent years the reputation of online masters degrees has grown, making them more attractive and affordable than ever before.The biggest benefit is the convenience. Individuals that hold a full time job can still complete their degree in record time because the classes and studies  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Gianfranco Eliseo 
 Article Title :: Oxford Student Convicted of Child Pornography Offenses
An Oxford student has been convicted of downloading child pornography and has been placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for five years. However, the student continued to study in Oxford for several weeks after his conviction and did not inform his college or the University.The student, whom The Oxford Student has decided not to name, was convicted on 5th May on eight counts of possessing child pornography and sentenced to a three year Community Rehabilitation Order as well as being placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register. Neither Oxford University nor the student’s college were aware of the conviction before being contacted by The Oxford Student.A Senior Member of the c  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Gianfranco Eliseo 
 Article Title :: The Oxford Student - Official Student Newspaper
Academics from Oxford University have mathematically proven long held suspicions that the Eurovision Song contest is a fix. The team, led by Professor Neil Johnson of Lincoln College, compared statistical models of a contest where votes were fairly cast purely on musical merit with actual results over twelve years of the competition’s history to expose the complex political allegiances and cliques at the heart of Eurovision.The habit of close neighbours, such as Greece and Cyprus, Norway and Sweden, and Russia and Belarus of awarding each other maximum points in the contest, has long been a subject of controversy. Last year, television host Terry Wogan condemned the competition a  (read full article)
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