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Categories :: Reference & Education : College Articles


Category :: College Articles Author :: Clarke West 
 Article Title :: Enrich Your Life With a MBA Degree
The MBA is perhaps the most coveted course in todayÂ’s world. This course tops the list of courses almost in all the developed and developing countries across the globe. The enthusiasm for the course has brought in many small private institutes etc. to offer this course. However, only those students who have obtained the MBA degree from some recognized eminent university find the best of placements. So the institute or the university is the first factor for a successful career in this field. This article will educate you about the various issues like finance, strategy to study, interview etc. related to choosing MBA as a profession. • In todayÂ’s competitive world the  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Clarke West 
 Article Title :: A College Degree Is Worth Millions
“And once earned, a college degree is forever, as the payoff from higher education can never be erased, broken, or laid off.” It was estimated by the US Census Bureau that a bachelor degree holder earns approximately $2.1 million over 40 years of his working life. The drastic truth is that a college graduator can expect to earn nearly a million dollar more than his school-educated neighbor does. This sizeable stretch and notable disparity of lifetime earnings raised demand, boosted popularity, and consolidated American firm faith in the value and significance of higher education. According to the survey conducted for the Chronicle of Higher Education the A  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Jean Chortillion 
 Article Title :: 5 Tips to find the best online university for you
Getting a university education online has become a very practical reality for people who cannot spare the time and commitment to enroll in a regular university on a campus. Today there are countless options for getting yourself an online education, depending on your specific needs and goals. Therefore making the right choice that will be most suited to your schedule and learning style as well as the course itself is of prime importance. 1. Be clear about your needs Different people have different needs for getting an online education. Before you begin considering your options, do some introspection to determine what kind of education you seek, how you can schedule y  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: smgenie 
 Article Title :: College Scholarships
COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS Due to ever-increasing costs of going to college, it is a good idea to search out available scholarships and apply for them. Scholarships are one of the most enticing forms of financial aid available today. This is because they are available to anyone without any repayment requirements! Many scholarships are overlooked and therefore are a missed opportunity for many students. If students know about scholarships, they can apply for them, but many students do not know that college scholarships exist. Most students do not understand that there are scholarships obtainable to them, which could pay a major part of their education. In fact, the colleg  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Jean Chortillion 
 Article Title :: How to find the accredited online university program you need
With countless online university offers fighting for your attention online, one of your first priorities in finding a university is to verify its credentials. Accreditation can make all the difference in the quality of the education being offered. It isnÂ’t enough that a university is accredited. Find out more details about the accreditation. It should be legitimate and have recognition from the US Department of Education or the Council for Higher Accreditation. What Is Accreditation The US Department of Education has identified key points in ensuring the accreditation of an online university. Firstly, the institution needs to be able to meet established standard  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Jean Chortillion 
 Article Title :: Capella University: an honest review
Online universities are a boon for adults who wish to continue their education despite working. Capella is amongst those names that come to mind foremost when one is considering earning a degree online. Formed in 1993, Capella University became fully accredited in 1997. With accreditation came a name change and formation of five different schools namely: Education, Business, Technology, Human Sciences and Psychology. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the university offers 650 courses in 70 specialization areas of studies. With statistics such as 650 faculty members and over 550 administrative and personnel staff, the university is inarguably one of the better places to earn an online   (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Jean Chortillion 
 Article Title :: DeVry University: an honest review
DeVry University has its roots from way back in 1931 as a film and radio repair teaching establishment. Today it is amongst the largest schools run for profit in the United States. The University as a company also finds mention in the ‘100 best Corporate CitizenÂ’ list ranked at number 11. Through the years, over a quarter of a million students have graduated from the University. Its total number of enrolments according some estimates is around 50,000, which is a tad lower than that of Phoenix University. DeVry University boasts of 70 odd locations from where students can take classes. Students can also take online classes. The most important attribute of the University   (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Jean Chortillion 
 Article Title :: An Honest Review of the University of Phoenix Online
The University of Phoenix Online has been in existence for over a decade and a half. Established in 1989, it was the first accredited online university and today with over 57,000 enrolments to its credit, it has become the largest private, accredited, ‘for-profitÂ’, online university in the United States. Because of its tenure and name recognition, the University of Phoenix is often the first name that comes to peoples mind when they consider an online University. This reputation is not without merit, as the University offers students a great deal that the other online universities simply cannot compete with. That said, not everything about this school is ideal. Because o  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Jakob Jelling 
 Article Title :: Paying for college
Paying for college is getting more difficult, but it should be affordable if you plan ahead. If you have or are planning on having children, you have probably already given some thought to how you are paying for college. This is definitely something that you should start considering as early as possible - especially when the price for a year of education is rising with each academic year. The best way to make sure that you have money to pay for college is to start with a savings account early. However, you should not put your money in a standard savings account - the interest rates that you will get are usually not even high enough to keep up with inflation. Instead  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Hal McIver 
 Article Title :: What is a University of Phoenix Online degree actually worth?
Any online degree probably cannot compete with a traditional university degree. Concentrated time spent on the campus in a face-to-face discussion setting is perhaps the best way of knowledge transfer, in spite of the advent of technology that can make physical presence of a classroom redundant! Being able to attend a regular class is, however, not possible for every student. You might not have the resources in the initial stages of life, and at a later point in life time might become a constraint. Hence, to complete your education, you need the flexibility of time and place and the convenience of doing it from anywhere in the world. The University of Phoenix is perhaps one of   (read full article)
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