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Categories :: Reference & Education : College Articles


Category :: College Articles Author :: Scott Patterson 
 Article Title :: The Secrets to Finding the Right Online School
Do you want to complete an online degree?Obtaining a degree online can seem like a dream come true. You can improve your education (and chances for a better job), while learning from the comfort of your home.But how do you know what program or university is right for you?Picking the best Internet university may seem like a daunting task, but in truth it can be broken down into a few easy steps. Let’s get started…Like the standard college or university, an online degree has a high level of standard. So the first step is to ensure that you meet the academic requirements. To do this, you must see if you can match or exceed the minimum GPA, courses taken and  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: John Morris 
 Article Title :: Why Bother with Art Colleges?
If you are pretty talented at art you might not even consider going to Art College. Why should you, anyway? You can draw like the masters: Boticelli, Michaelangeo, Da Vinci. There wasn’t a landscape scene your brushes didn’t like, and there wasn’t any portrait you couldn’t draw. You can sketch anything that exists!But as with any talent, you must have realized that this is one big world we live in. There is always room for improvement, and although your work might speak for itself, a degree behind you may be just what employers are looking for. Therefore, you muster all your reserves; you pack your easel, your brushes, and your palette and head north to the nearest art coll  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Wendy Burt 
 Article Title :: Taking the Guesswork Out Of College Admissions
It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The college admissions process can be overwhelming, and because it’s constantly evolving (and each school uses different criteria for evaluating admissions!), it would be difficult for anyone to master the process.To take some of the guesswork out of admissions, we decided to get the latest on the process from those in the know. Kerry Rosen, Director of Admissions for Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University, and Susan Hertz, Associate Director, Marketing of American University, shared advice and information for high schoolers preparing to apply to college.What is the most common mistake you see applicants make to hur  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Kenneth Harrison 
 Article Title :: A College Scholarship Search In Your Local Area Could Change Your Life Forever - Read My Story
It is not a coincidence that when I look back at my school days and I think about who did what with their life. I quickly realize that those who had few false starts with their education had a member in their family go to college before them.Some people are lucky if one of their parents, aunt or uncle had trod the path before them and can hand them over the treasure map. Perhaps the treasure map is outdated but it will have enough landmarks for them to find their way through the labyrinth of graduate education that include things like how to carry out a college scholarship search and how to search for your college of choice .If you are the first in your family to go to colle  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Dr Jay Polmar 
 Article Title :: Brief History of Speed Reading
Speed Reading methods began with Evelyn Wood who invented it, while she was fishing, or rather feeding bait to the fish via hook. She was bored when they weren't biting the hook, and she read. And accidentally she discovered that when put down the fishing rod, and held her hand a certain way, she could read faster. Evelyn was a teacher, and developed several speedreading methods. She coined the term speed reading.As time went on, organizations called Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics were springing up all over the US, and throughout many of the English-speaking countries. Major corporations sent their executives to learn this new dynamic speed reading method which provided a valuable ed  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Kenneth Harrison 
 Article Title :: Get Assistance Writing Scholarship Essays - Follow the 7 Steps Below
Do you need assistance writing scholarship essays or do you prefer to put your reader to sleep?It is not easy to create a lasting impression on someone who reads fifty or more essays a day. Can you persuade the scholarship officer that you are an individual with a real life and an interesting personality worthy of a free money award?Your writing has to rivet the eyes of the reader to the page. It must be clear, concise and effective so that he does not resist reading all of it. More importantly your writing must get him to remember and act on what he has read.Dr. Joe Vitale a writer of world renown and master of persuasion describes the process of writing into seven  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Paul W Wilson 
 Article Title :: 10 Reasons to Go to College
Life is full of options and choices. The choices we make shape our future. As we stand at the cross roads after high school we must have the right vision to make the decision to go to college.1. A college education secures our future. The number of employment opportunities is greater and statistics reveal that most leaders are college grads.2. If you have a college education you will make more money which in turn will enable you to have a better lifestyle. If a high school graduate earns US$ 34,303 annually, a college graduate will earn US$ 56,334, and a person with a professional qualification will net at least US$ 99,411.3. It is not just earnings. A college educati  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: John Morris 
 Article Title :: Graphic Design Schools - Everything You Need To Know
A successful future in the new media industry (and specifically, graphic design) depends on choosing the right school. As a graduate student in this field myself, I will be able to provide you with the absolute best advice one can get in regards to this topic.1. Area of FocusThe first thing that you need to know about schools of this nature is that they are designed with everyone in mind, and that means people going into the program may have absolutely no experience. In my case, they asked for a portfolio of work as part of the admission process. So, if you are self-taught and eager to solidify your already existing knowledge, or a total beginner, this is a good choice for y  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Sonja Montiel 
 Article Title :: The "Extra" in Extracurricular Activities for College-bound Hopefuls
Recently, colleges are reviewing too many applications where student are addicted to getting good grades, but sacrificing the time to figure out what makes them “tick” becoming somewhat robotic in an increasing competitive atmosphere. Although the academic criteria remains the driving force of college admissions, the problem lies with what to do when you have too many applicants have the GPA between 3.80-4.0. Many of us have heard the stories of the students with the 4.0 not getting in, while students with less academic numbers are. Sure, colleges want students who will do well academically at their campus, but also they want their students to come in with ideas and energy towards   (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: RJ Braxton 
 Article Title :: Navigating the College Maze: Find Your Passion!
Most people have certain assumptions or expectations about the college experience. For many it is the first time away from home and family, a step into adulthood. For those furthering their education in a new country, the changes are vastly greater. In addition to being in a new situation calling for more self-sufficiency and autonomy, the international student must learn to cope with a different culture, unfamiliar attitudes and expectations, and possibly a new language. Even variations in food, clothing, and shelter can be intimidating to those already facing a new scholastic system, language barriers, and religious and racial concepts different from those they have always known.  (read full article)
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