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Categories :: Reference & Education : College Articles


Category :: College Articles Author :: Michelle Annese 
 Article Title :: 17 Self Defense Tips for Dorm and Campus Safety
These 17 safety tips are on target to protect yourself and your property away at school...while still having college fun.Not to mention, just think how at ease your parents will feel when you tell them about your safety plan.1. Find out the best route between your residence hall, classes and activities. Take the safest route, not the fastest.2. Don’t become distracted when walking alone. Keep the cell, i-pod, or other devices in your bag until you reach your destination. Contrary to popular believe, talking on the cell does not prevent an attacker from picking you. You become a prime target because you’re being distracted and your guard is down.3. Travel  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Michelle Annese 
 Article Title :: 10 Awesome Ways to Keep Safe When Partying
Drugs and alcohol can affect your ability to make life saving decisions. Such as identifying danger signs and finding ways to escape. Be responsible of how much you consume and follow these party tips.1. Always get your own drink and watch it being poured.2. Don’t leave your drink unattended.3. Do not drink or taste anyone else’s drink.4. Do not accept drinks from anyone else.5. Dispose of your drink if you think it tastes odd. But don’t just set it down and leave it. Someone else might drink it.6. Drugs used to spike drinks can be odorless, colorless, and tasteless. You might not know if something has been added.7. Watch out for   (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: John Edmond 
 Article Title :: How to Find Research Paper Topic Ideas
The first source of research paper topic ideas should always come from your academic faculty. Usually the head of your course will provide a list of research paper topics and you will be required to pick one which you are interested in.Some universities do allow students to suggest research topic ideas but it will not be a completely free choice. The Head of Faculty will need to be convinced that your ideas are relevant to the course and there is a suitably qualified tutor to supervise. This can rule out many topic ideas.When choosing your research paper topic ideas, go online. Finding information on research paper ideas from the internet is relatively easy given the search  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Lauren Stomel 
 Article Title :: Acupuncture Schools: A Comparison of Acupuncture Schools in North America
For thousands of years, there were no schools of Chinese Medicine as we know them today. To understand the development of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as it is taught today in the west requires a brief look at Chinese history.Well over 2000 years ago, Chinese Medicine existed within the body of knowledge known as the Taoist Healing Arts. As healers, the ancient Taoists did not make a distinction between science and spirit. They saw the human body as a combination of physical matter, spirit, and Qi (which can be roughly translated as vital energy). By focusing on balancing one’s Qi, one can develop the ability to synchronize oneself with the balanced Qi of nature, which serves  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Lucy Orbach 
 Article Title :: 6 Tips For Saving Money on Textbooks
The fact that textbooks are expensive is well known. The prices of textbooks climbed in recent years, and many textbooks can cost well over $100. There are several ways, however, by which you can avoid paying the full price for textbooks:1. Buy Used Books –– Used books can be much cheaper then new ones. Buying used books is as easy as buying new books, and several leading stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others are offering used books that are sold by third party sellers on their sites. When buying used books pay attention to the condition of the book, and to the credibility of the seller.2. Compare Book Prices –– Buying textbooks on the web, lets you do someth  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: John Edmond 
 Article Title :: You Too Can Be A Foreign Exchange Student
Have you ever wondered why there are so many foreign students at your school, college or university? Have you considered the possibility of you studying abroad as part of you studies? Many full time overseas students are studying for a full degree at your college and stay for the 3 or 4 years it takes to complete the course. There are however, thousands of foreign students studying on a short term basis, usually for the second or third year of their course. These are exchange students and as these exchange programs are generally reciprocal you may be able, as part of your study program, to study at an overseas university for a year. Each year there are  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Robert Crawford III 
 Article Title :: Your Educational Search, Do You Have The Right Stuff?
Your high school grades, GPA and class rank should be such that when a school reviews your information they began an aggressive approach in getting you to attend their school. In order for schools to compete in getting you to enroll in their school you must have the right stuff? You will know if you have the right stuff if you…Have taken high school courses such as higher level math, science, speech, English and foreign languages and also have taken those advance courses needed in the areas in your preparation for college.Have prepared yourself for the SAT or ACT test for college entrance.Have made your guidance counselor aware at your high school that you plan to g  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: paul wilson1 
 Article Title :: Tips On Choosing An Online College
The dream of completing your college education or furthering your studies is no longer elusive. The World Wide Web boom has brought education to your key board. Many established and renowned universities are offering degrees in varied disciplines through online courses. Studies done by the Distance Education and Training Council in Washington and other regulatory institutions indicate that over 2.25 million people are registered for online courses at universities in the US. Before registering for a course you need to spend some time thinking. Do I want to do a course that will further my career or learn something that I have an abiding interest in? Will I be devoted and complet  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Ryan Fyfe 
 Article Title :: The Future is Online Degrees
With the wide range of opportunity available to obtain an online degree, it almost doesn't make sense to go to a university or college. Of course online courses will never be able to match the full immersion that an actual insitution can offer, but for someone who is working, or tied down with other commitments, it can open doors that where closed before.Whether you need to upgrade your education for a promotion at work, or to even just get the job that you want, an online education might be right for you. It's generally more affordable and most importantly flexible then a competing course at a university or college.Online universities are striving constantly to become more   (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Archiving Abandoned Abstracts
Often professors have to determine which projects to allow their students to work on in their research departments, some of these decisions are made due to costs, time constraints, corporate funding and who the liberal professor is. As each student is asked to submit requests to which research projects they want, they usually submit an abstract of what they wish to accomplish. A question, a theory or some finding that they believe they can prove doing such experiments.I propose we build extensive databases of all the experiments these young, sometimes naïve students came up with, but were told that they could not do. Why? Well because I feel as if science is slowing the forward pr  (read full article)
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