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Categories :: Reference & Education : College Articles


Category :: College Articles Author :: Ken Marlborough 
 Article Title :: College Essays
College essays are of great importance when seeking admission to a college. In this regard, choice of a topic is very significant. College essays reveal the individual characteristics of the student and help the College Board in forming a correct picture regarding the student’s preferences, value systems, sense of humor, discipline and other core aspects. The primary questions any college essay usually addresses are the student’s reasons for choosing a particular institution. The authorities will also try to evaluate the creative and critical skills of the prospective student.Therefore the student should choose a topic with great care. Once the topic is finalized, it is advisab  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Eddie Tobey 
 Article Title :: Business Administration Degrees Online
Getting business administration degrees online is very helpful for working adults who want to earn degrees in business administration but are not able to do devote time to commuting and being physically present in class. Most of the people enrolling in online business administration degree cannot attend the regular classes because they are already working and don’t have enough time to attend their classes regularly.According to experts, online degrees maintain the balance in individual life between work, family and studying. Also, some of the universities giving online business administration degrees finance the whole course where an individual can pay his fee on an installment b  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Brian Stocker 
 Article Title :: Do You Want Effective Study Skills? Try M.U.R.D.E.R.
Chester Bennington is wailing, “The sun goes down, I feel the light betray me” on your radio; the cold beads of sweat that form on your forehead agree with Bennington– for the nth time you have a long exam tomorrow morning and you are nowhere near prepared. You call on every divinity, pray to every God, to be miraculously given effective study skills; however, you will settle for time to stop so you can cram longer. Hypothetically, if time did stop, how can you make up for lost time and acquire effective study skills? How about through M.U.R.D.E.R.: * Mood: Think of studying as a date that you would like to impress and go out of your way. Create the righ  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Steadman Issenburg 
 Article Title :: The Top Four Ways To Pay For Your College Degree
One of the most stressful things about pursuing a college education is figuring out how that you're going to pay for your college degree. Of course, if you happen to come from a wealthy family, then it may not be much of an issue. But for the vast majority of folks, finding money for college tuition is a high priority. So here are the top four ways of paying for your college degree.1. The absolute best way of paying for your college costs is to get money that you don't have to repay. One of the best ways to do that is to obtain a college scholarship, which basically allows you to attend school while having most or all of your expenses cared for by someone else.Interestingly,  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Steadman Issenburg 
 Article Title :: How To Save Money And Protect Yourself When Getting An Accredited College Degree
Getting the right college degree can open the door to a bright future in the career that you wish to pursue, but there are things that you need to know in advance in order to save money and protect yourself. Here are some important reminders then to keep in mind.First of all, if you are going to pursue a degree program, you need to make sure that it is a fully accredited course provided by an accredited school. This is more important than ever before as several websites have sprung up across the Internet that are designed to look like legitimate colleges and universities who are offering college degrees at bargain basement prices. However, they are really nothing more than educatio  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Steadman Issenburg 
 Article Title :: The Top Five Tips On How To Choose A College Major
Choosing a college major is a challenge for many college students at one time or another. In fact, it's not uncommon for college students to change their major after spending a year or two pursuing a college major that they are no longer interested in. And of course, it's better to change your major than carry on in a career that you will not be satisfied with. But it does help if you can determine your college major as quickly as possible and here are five tips to help you do that.1. First of all consider what natural talents or skills that you possess. Very often it's a good idea to try to pursue a career in a field where you seem be naturally inclined or gifted. So consider your  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Steadman Issenburg 
 Article Title :: How To Save Money When You Buy College Textbooks
College students are often shocked by the amount they have to pay for college textbooks each semester. If you add it up over the course of the year it can prove to be a very expensive part of your college education. But there are ways to save money when you buy your college textbooks, and here are a few tips on how you can do that.First of all, recognize that the most expensive option that you will have for buying your college textbooks is to buy them at the school bookstore. Traditionally, university and college bookstores mark up the prices on their college textbooks by quite a bit more than you will find almost anywhere else.So for instance, if you want to buy the textboo  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Steadman Issenburg 
 Article Title :: The Top Ten Tips For College Success
Making the adjustment to college life can be difficult for almost any age level, but especially for those just out of high school. There's so many new experiences to get used to, and it can easily get overwhelming. So here are 10 of the top tips to help get your college experience off to a good start.1. Of course, money is a major consideration whenever you go to college, and one of the largest expenses in college is the books that you will need for each semester. It's very easy to spend between $300 and $400 every semester just on your books. So one tip on how to cut back on expenses is to buy used college textbooks online instead new ones at the college bookstore. You may be able  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Steadman Issenburg 
 Article Title :: Scholarship Myths You Should Know About In Advance
Although there are many scholarships available every year to college students of all ages, there are still many myths about scholarships that discourage students from even applying in the first place. Unfortunately, this restricts the amount of college education funding that those students can often receive. So here are some of the myths about college scholarships that you need to know about in order to have the facts.1. The first myth that is widely believed about college scholarships is that they are usually only available to those who have the highest grade averages, such as a "A". This is just simply not true. Although many scholarship programs do list having a good academic re  (read full article)
Category :: College Articles Author :: Steadman Issenburg 
 Article Title :: How To Avoid The Most Common College Scholarship Mistakes
Every semester college students all across the country are pursuing scholarship money to help pay for their college education. Some are very successful in getting scholarships, and others aren't. So here are the most common mistakes that are made when pursuing college scholarships, and how you can avoid them.1. One of the most common mistakes that students make when applying for college scholarships is to only apply for one or two at a time and then hope for the best. Instead, think of scholarships as a numbers game, where the more scholarships you apply for, the more you are most likely to get.2. Another mistake that you want to avoid is not following the directions that ar  (read full article)
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