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Categories :: Sports : Extreme Articles


Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: Dr. Larry A. Johnson, D.C. 
 Article Title :: Go Karts - Exciting At Any Age!
Are you ready to discover a thrilling recreational activity? Racing or off road go karts could be the ultimate in excitement! The thrill of skidding sharply around a blind corner in your go kart is an experience that is hard to surpass. Racing down the track in one of your speedy go karts, maneuvering around curves and slower gokart drivers, is fun at its best. Pressing down hard on the accelerator as you pass by slower drivers is about as adrenaline-pumping as it gets. And with gokarting for every level anyone can experience the fun and heart-pounding excitement of go karting. The smell of the dirt track and the distinct aroma of the gas and oil burning in the goc  (read full article)
Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: Ispas Marin 
 Article Title :: Skydiving Tutorial - How can we learn to Skydive?
The simplest thing we can do to start our skydiving experience is to start looking for Drop Zones to attend. If you find a good Drop Zone for you, you can view promotional materials, most cases skydiving videos, in order to make a clear idea of what is all about, you can also meet the staff over at the Drop Zone. Good ways to find some good drop zones are to look in the Yellow Pages in the Skydiving Section, you can get their telephone numbers and call the stuff. You will be provided with all the information you need in order to arrange your participation in the First Jump Course. If you have a friend that loves skydiving and jumped before, a good thing to do is as  (read full article)
Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: Ispas Marin 
 Article Title :: How to Choose a Skydiving Training Method
After you calculate all your time and cash available for skydiving, you will be able to choose between three first jump skydiving methods. Static line, tandem and AFF (Accelerated Free Fall). These methods are pretty different because if a method will give you some experience as a introduction to skydiving the other one it's made to quick jump your path to a very experienced skydiver.You have to think about your alternatives. You have to set some clear points in your mind. Think about these three options you have and then just choose one, the one that best fit your expectations. Whichever skydiving method you will choose for your first jump, will be a good one, just because you   (read full article)
Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: Nomad Rick 
 Article Title :: Rock Climbing – Christmas Gift Ideas
We all know someone whoÂ’s idea of a good time is hanging off cliffs. If youÂ’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for a rock climbing enthusiast, hereÂ’s some unique rock climbing gift ideas. Rock Climbing Gift Ideas You can always tell a rock climber by their appearance. White chalk fingers, bleeding knuckles, bent fingers andÂ…a grin a mile wide. Whether they are climbing in indoor climbing gyms or hanging off Half Dome in Yosemite, rock climbers are very receptive to rock climbing gifts. Here are a few gift ideas that will make you a favorite with them. 1. Rock Climbing Gym – Most metropolitan areas now have rock climbing gyms. These   (read full article)
Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: John Ewing 
 Article Title :: Parachutes And Who Made The First Parachute Jump
The first parachute jump in history is a bit debatable. While many seem to think that an extreme sport like parachuting has its roots in recent history, it has, in fact, been around for centuries. In 852 A.D., Arman Firman, a Muslim holy man, jumped from a tower in Cordoba, Spain. At the time, he was wearing a billowy, large cloak. While in theory this should have slowed him down and allowed him to float gently to the earth (he also believed this to be true), it did little to help his jump. He crashed to the earth at a frightening speed, but lived to tell the tale of the first parachute jump. A cloak, however, is not a true parachute. Most give credit to Leonardo Da Vinci for cr  (read full article)
Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: Ispas Marin 
 Article Title :: Top 3 Kitesurfing Relaunch Tips
Water relaunching Low Aspect Ratio inflatable kites You can relaunch an inflatable kite by getting it to a vertical crescent moon position, this is done by sliding the kite to the edge of the wind window and then launching it, by pulling the top line. You can easily get an inflatable kite in a vertical moon crescent position by pulling on one line and then suddenly on the other one. This is best used with low aspect ratio kites. Water relaunching High Aspect Ratio inflatable kites High aspect ratio inflatables are likely to crash in a leading edge down position and because of the large leading edge they will refuse getting in the vertical crescent moon position neede  (read full article)
Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: Ispas Marin 
 Article Title :: Choosing the Right Kitesurfing Kite For You
There are so many options when you want to choose your kite and it can get very confusing. In this article I'll try to help you make the right choice because making the right choice means you'll have fun kitesurfing instead of being frustrated. There are 2 types of kites, and these are inflatable and foil kites. Inflatable kites are better for water use, kitesurfing, while foil kites are better used on snow. A low aspect ratio inflatable kite should be the best option gor beginner kitesurfers and the reasons are: 1. They are more stable and they are easy to fly. 2. Since they can be easily depowerd, they are more forgiving. 3. The inflatable  (read full article)
Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: Ispas Marin 
 Article Title :: 4 Great Skydiving Tips For You
Hold on for your life! There's no thrill greater than jumping from an aircraft with a parachute attached to your back and free falling at unbelievable speeds to the on-coming ground below. When the chute opens, your world transforms from extreme to divine as you float through the silent sky. Discover the best way to get started and prepare yourself for a true extreme sport that sends you hurtling through the air! It's a so great feeling the one you have when your parachute opens that makes me tell all my friends and colegues to at least try this great extreme sport called sjydiving. I will outline in this article some great tips to help you get started right in practicing this   (read full article)
Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: Ispas Marin 
 Article Title :: Learn Skydiving: Skydiving Equipment Parts
All the parachute rigs that are used today by skydiving enthusiasts have six important parts. The main canopy is just the parachute itself. The drogue chute is a small parachute that is used by skydivers to open the main parachute. Skydivers have to throw out the drogue and when it catches the wind it will pull out the bridle, a piece of nylon webbing, then the bridle pulls out the main parachute. The reserve is also known as the second parachute. This second parachute is available for the safety of skydivers just in case the main parachute won't open for any reason. The container is attached to hold the main parachute and the second one in  (read full article)
Category :: Extreme Articles Author :: Ispas Marin 
 Article Title :: Great Skydiving Tips for Beginners
Anyone that wants to skydive for the first time trying to became an experienced skydiver have to first understand the basic rules and all the risks that exist in skydiving. Doing it, the level of risks in this sport will be greatly reduced. Like all extreme sports, this one has an age restriction too, set at 18 years. Not even a parent can't sign documents in order for a minor to jump. 18 years or older, no exceptions here. In order to be 100% sure that your landing will not bring up any problems, you must weight not more than 250 pounds. You need to be in good health even if skydiving is not very demanding from this point of view. If you can pull your chute line, y  (read full article)
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