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Categories :: Self Improvement : Goal Setting Articles


Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Lori Radun 
 Article Title :: Stop Procrastinating - Start Achieving Your Goals
It has been said that 60-80% of New Year’s resolutions will be broken within the first two weeks. In other words, a lot of people have a hard time making the changes in their life they want to make. So you are not alone. Personally, I am not a huge advocate of New Year’s resolutions because I believe in setting and achieving personal goals all year around. That being said, I wanted to share with you the top ten ways to increase the likelihood for success with achieving your goals.1. Stick to 1 or 2 important goals.Having a laundry list of all the things you would like to change in your life can be overwhelming. Your chances for success are much higher if you stick   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Leanne Hoagland-Smith 
 Article Title :: One Stroke at a Time
"One stroke at a time." In an interview, Tiger Woods shared this simple formula for success. He further revealed that his habit to focus on the task at hand and not the previous stroke nor the next stroke keeps him self-disciplined. Tiger’s recent 4th win of the Masters and being the first golfer to achieve this accomplishment before the age of 30 reaffirms his personal success formula.The Tiger Woods “One stroke at a time” is a brilliant example of short-term goal setting and more importantly goal accomplishment. Each stroke is a short-term goal. The obstacles are viewed from hazards to weather conditions. Solutions appear to be instantaneously created with action steps   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Tim Stokes 
 Article Title :: How to Succeed With Goal Setting! But Did You Know About the Missing Ingredient?
Every person who succeeded at a high level, in any business venture, probably said goal setting played a big part of their success. But often the person speaking these words isn't telling you the whole story. They forget to tell you the other half that made their goals a reality.Your emotiona need to be considered. If your emotions don't support your goals you will never achieve them.Lets look at an example of what a typical small business owner would like to achieve as a goal. Lets imagine this person wanted to increase their revenue by 40% in 10 months. The next step is typically to break that goal down into smaller pieces. We could break it down even further to say we wa  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Al Smith 
 Article Title :: 10 Ways To Hold Your Focus and Get Your Goals
Hocus, Pocus, it's all about focus. That's the real magic of goals!'Once set, the final thing to do is to make our goals visible. Put our written down goals where we will see them everyday. Look at them often and surely success will follow, as day follows night.'The above success principle has been praised by just about all those who have applied it. Those who do not apply it usually get left in the dust, goal-less. There are some who are able to bypass this principle and still enjoy great succcess, but they are few and far in between.In my experience with goal setting, past and present, I find that in addition to writing them out, pictures of my goals and associated   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Matthew Keegan 
 Article Title :: Do Not Let Anyone Dissuade You From Reaching Your Goals!
Years back when I was formulating my plans for life, I heard the statement, "Reach for nothing and you will be certain to get it." Admittedly, my goals during my youth were rather vague and uncertain. However, several years of experimenting with different goals has helped me to refine them into something workable and realistic. Now, nothing can dissuade me in my quests, even the comments of the naysayers. Here are four tips that are helping me to reach my goals:1. Be realistic. I have heard the statment said, "If you want to be President of the United States, just put your mind to it and you will be." Well, that sounds nice. However, it is an unrealistic goal for most people. Sure,  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Deborah Martin 
 Article Title :: Lessons From the Creek
Everything is in flow here in Northern Michigan. Buckets of water have flowed off the snow-covered roof. That water, along with the melting snow banks is finding its way down the hills to my driveway. I no longer walk to the mailbox, I wade. The maple sap is flowing too. Drive by a good stand of sugar maples and you'll see them all connected with plastic tubing, ultimately leading to the sugar house where the steam is rising. And the creek in my backyard is bursting over its banks.In the 14 years I've live on the creek, it has taught me many lessons. One of the most important is the nature of flow.Flow is not always the shortest path. When the creek encounters resistance, li  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Stephen Kraus 
 Article Title :: How to Replace Bad Habits with Good Ones: The Science of “Habit Management”
Few things are more difficult than kicking bad habits or developing more positive ones. But it is definitely worth the effort. Bad habits like smoking, overeating or self-criticism shorten lives and lead to underachievement, and unsuccessful attempts to change them lower self- esteem.In contrast, good habits create a kind of “success auto-pilot,” leading to greater accomplishment with less thought and less effort.So how do you best eliminate bad habits and create good ones? Research from the new field of “positive psychology” – the scientific study of happy, successful people – points to at least four proven techniques for successful habit management.1. Re  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: John Watson 
 Article Title :: Action Achieves Goals - Talk Is Cheap
It is very easy and a lot of fun to talk about dreams and goals and a great future. Achieving these dreams is not so easy as all wise people know. We need to build our dreams on the solid ground of action rather than the shifting sands of talk. The Red Indians of America know how to summarize great truths in a few choice words.In the perceptive western, "Broken Arrow", Cochise, the wise Apache chief, scolds the wise American scout, acted by James Stewart:"To talk of peace is easy; to live it is not easy. Are you a child that you thought peace would come easy?"The Italians also have a way with words. Garibaldi, the great Italian soldier and patriot said much the same t  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: BZ Riger-Hull 
 Article Title :: Not Satisfied With Where You Are; STOP - Change The Action Change The Outcome
“If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always gotten!” So if you don't like how things are going in any area of your business, career, life, STOP!Think about what you want, focus in on what's important and develop strategies and simple steps you can take to do something new and achieving new results.A lot of what we do as "normal" or "routine" is a habit, and if we don't like where we are it's a bad habit. We put off filing our bills, paperwork, information we want to keep because we'll do it later. But we can't find anything in the stacks of stuff lying around and we can't get anything done with all that clutter because o  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: BZ Riger-Hull 
 Article Title :: How To Rise Above The Clutter In Your Brain
Ever notice when you start a new hobby or fall in love with a new shrub or flower you start to see it everywhere? This isn't necessarily because everyone else has the same new hobby it’s because you have the flower or shrub or hobby at the top of your mind.You are focused on it, thinking about how much you enjoy it and you end up noticing it when you never did before. It's not merely a coincidence it's your Reticular Activating System located at the junction of the base of the brain and the spinal cord that is responsible for stimulating this top of the mind response.Every minute our body receives thousands of stimuli; sounds, smells, sensations, tastes, and changes in env  (read full article)
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