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Categories :: Self Improvement : Goal Setting Articles


Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Garry Zancanaro 
 Article Title :: Clarity and Self Improvement - Why We Must Know What We Want
One of the biggest reasons that many people have trouble with self improvement and building a successful and happy life is that they have no idea what they actually want.If asked what they really want from life, many people will say that they want to be rich, or happy, or financially secure, or not to have to work so hard, or other equally vague answers. And one of the biggest reasons that these people are not making the progress that want is actually BECAUSE these answers are TOO vague. They have no clear idea of what happiness or being rich or whatever, actually means to them.As a result they drift from day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year. Before they  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Paul Lasher 
 Article Title :: Goals - The Forgotten Success Element
Goals are extremely important and are the key to any success plan. However, we hear about goals so much that we often take this step for granted. We assume that we already know everything there is to know about setting goals and thus usually skip over this extremely important fundamental success factor. Please don’t let yourself get into this trap. As Tony Robbins states in his Personal Power tape on the Power of Setting Goals “Fundamentals have to be practiced daily!”In this article, we are going to work on your goals.Remember my previous article? “Why start a Home business” - http://www.source-locator.com/newsletter1.htm? In that article I talked about creati  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Tal Fighel 
 Article Title :: The Magic of Writing Goals in your life!
Goal setting is an important technique used by athletes, successful business-people, lawyers, doctors, and great achievers in all fields. Goal setting is a very powerful technique that can yield strong returns in all areas of your life. Goal setting can help you grow in life. It can help you achieve more.So what do you need to do first? You need to define a goal. You need to know exactly what you want, when you want it, and why you want it. What ever your dream is. That is your goal. If you don't know exactly what your goal is, you will not commit to it. You will not have enough of a desire to achieve it. Successful business-people know exactly what they want to achieve in business  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Joy Gendusa 
 Article Title :: Business Goal Setting and Then Following Through
Your business can't go according to plan if you have no plan.What do you want to achieve this year? More new customers per week? Higher average order amounts? Better customer service ratings? No matter what it is you are shooting for, goal setting is one of the most important things that you will do in the New Year. I’ve got a few tips to help you get there.1. Keep it Challenging but Realistic.Any goal that you set for your company should be challenging but don’t over do it. For example, if you had an average order amount of $700 last year, you wouldn’t want to set your goal for this year at $3000 per order. Unless you make drastic changes in how your company  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Neen James 
 Article Title :: Productive Goal Setting
There’s been a lot written about goal setting and there are many different approaches and methods – in fact, it’s easy to get caught up in the confusion about how to set goals and not end up setting any. These simple steps will help you to set powerful goals and make goal-setting an invaluable part of your life. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with the help of some well though-out, written goals – try it!Make a date. Make time in your diary to find a quiet, comfortable location to set your goals. I spend a morning at my favourite table in the tearoom of the Sheraton on the Park (a beautiful hotel in Sydney city) in January every year to review my goals  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Janice Hoffmann 
 Article Title :: Get It Done-Or 3 Ways to Advance Your Goals
1. WORK WITH THE END IN MIND- OR FOCUS ON SUCCESS“Beginning with the end in mind is the endowment of imagination . If you are the programmer, write the program”, says, goal expert- Stephen R. Covey. Goals help us to focus, and the quality of our attention is enhanced by a having a project so cool and interesting that we can’t help but make a leap. Let’s say, you want to organize your workspace so that everyone is inspired to do their best work. The in-between steps: like ergonomic concerns & planning comfortable lighting, in-and-of itself can seem mundane, but joined together they name a bigger accomplishment and by doing so, asks us to spice up our expectations & upgrade   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: John Watson 
 Article Title :: Set Positive Goals And Strive To Achieve Them
On 31st January 2005, two students from my martial arts school took tests to gain important qualifications in the modern martial art of Choikwangdo.Choikwangdo is a martial art which concentrates on self-defence, health and success in general. It was founded in 1987 by Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi who lives in Atlanta, Georgia.Mick was testing for blackbelt and Nicky was testing for second degree blackbelt.Both had been training for years to reach these goals. They had passed one smaller grading after another until they were near the top of the ladder ready to take a big step to a new level.They had a deadline every one or two months to aim at when the next minor   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: John Watson 
 Article Title :: Achieve Your Goals By Eating The Frog And The Elephant
Brian Tracy, the great motivational guru, often suggests that people do their most important and toughest task at the start of the day. They must 'eat the frog' for breakfast and then they will feel great for the rest of the day and have extra energy to cope with all their other tasks.When it is light enough in the summer, I get a walk and some weight lifting in at the start of the day when it is cooler. I then feel set up for the rest of the day. The walk is quite a tasty frog to eat but still demands some effort and will power.If you are writing a book, write first thing in the day. Writing may be the most difficult thing you do all day. Get it done straight away. Eat the  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Peter Quinones 
 Article Title :: Dreams, Goals, And Aspirations - Is This Holding You Back?
In this short article I'd like to discuss a certain kind of belief that holds many people - people who are quite capable and talented - back from reaching goals, realizing dreams, and becoming all that they can become. The concept of the "Absolute Presupposition" is central to this discussion. (The term was originally coined by the British philosopher R.G. Collingwood, in a somewhat different context.)What is an absolute presupposition? For our purposes here we may define it as a statement that is necessarily, unquestionably, inarguably true. You cannot imagine circumstances under which it can be false. "Two plus two equals four" is a statement of this kind. So is "If you thr  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: John Watson 
 Article Title :: Achieve Your Goals And Dreams By Using Excel Spreadsheets
Do you think your life is passing you by and you want to get back on track? Do you feel you are stuck in a rut and you don't really know how to change your life?That is how Caroline Righton felt to some extent two years ago. She had a high powered job in TV in charge of a department of 25 people but realised that her life was not stimulating:"I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life two years ago. My husband got a job at the other end of the country and both sons went away to college I was defined by my work and my role as a mother and wife. I now had time to stop and think about where I wanted to be in 6 months time."Caroline decided to audit or stock take he  (read full article)
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