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Categories :: Self Improvement : Goal Setting Articles


Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Edward Toupin 
 Article Title :: Rebuilding Oneself: The Universe's Basic Training
I remember Air Force Basic Training. My Training Instructor not only wanted to teach me the military way, but he also wanted to break me down so that he could rebuild me according to the needs of the military. These are two of the underlying premises of your first few weeks, or months, of your time in the military. Actually, I enjoyed it, but then Air Force Basic is only between six and eight weeks. The other branches have much more extensive training programs that can last for months.However, the idea here is that, I have been thinking about various challenges presented to myself, and others, over the years and comparing these challenges to the state of the individual at the e  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Richard Vegas 
 Article Title :: Waiting On Your Big Break Is Playing Desperation Life!
Have you ever put all your eggs in one basket? Have you ever had so much riding on one big break that if it didn't happen you would have to move down to the zoo and live off of kudzu and stump water? If you have, you're playing desperation life!Desperation Life= Trouble Before You Start!If you're playing desperation life, then you didn't do something right early on. Being forced to go for the big break could almost be a good definition of failure. You're hoping for a last ditch effort to pull your dream out of the muck.Sometimes a last ditch effort is all you need; most of the time, you're playing Russian roulette. If the big break is your conscious plan then your str  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Richard Vegas 
 Article Title :: If Wishes Were Horses Then Beggars Would Ride!
And if Bull frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their little rear-end when they landed. Don't make the mistake of thinking that rushing all over the place you are being your most productive self. Don't make the mistake of thinking that when you take time out for thought you are wasting your time. All play and no work makes Jack a poor boy, but, quality time in thought can turn your wishes into diamonds.As Plain As Black And White!It has been said; if you invest one percent of your time in study, thinking and planning, you will make an amazing difference in the speed with which you reach your goals.Everyday has 1440 minutes in it. Invest one percent of that time everyda  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Jeff Earlywine 
 Article Title :: Ready, Fire, Aim
Does the sub-title to this edition of Footprints and Monuments sound familiar? It does to me in a very real way. When I was a teenager my dad and I loved to go hunting. We would hunt whatever animal happened to be in season at the time, and anything else that moved. Especially snakes, but that is another story.On one hunting trip my dad and I were about thirty yards from each other waiting for a particular kind of bird to fly over. I was ready. My gun was loaded. My mind was focused. I was going to "out shoot" my dad on this trip. Well, as I was sitting in my "ready" position I accidentally pulled the gun's trigger. Boom! As my shotgun let off a great blast I realized that my gun w  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Chris Ulliott 
 Article Title :: What Do You WANT? What Do You DESERVE?
INTRODUCTIONThis article is used for discovering our needs from life, our desires for where we want to be and who we want to become. Remember life is not about finding out who we are but about creating who we want to become, the things we will leave behind with our team, our family and our friends.FOR EVERYBODY?You may or may not be suprised to hear that not everyone in this world is always aware of how they fit into their community or what they want to do with themselves. There are many people who have such amazing minds and can accomplish so many things yet they are never sure of what direction in life they would like to take.From our studies of excellence an  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Shirley Knapp 
 Article Title :: Manifesting Your Dreams and Desires
What are your dreams?Are you in a place in your life where part of it feels limited or exhausting? If so, it is the time for you to begin manifesting your dreams and desires. First of all you must remember that Miracles do happen and that it is time to reach for the top. Not to order from the bottom of the list, but to ask for what it is that you really desire. Go for the top. Go for the limitlessness. Show your fellow beings that through the process of releasing limited thoughts your cup is filled with the opportunities that the universe wants to bring to you. By daring to do this, you are teaching what you know. You have taken the courage to release. Now you must take the even gr  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Selena Richardson 
 Article Title :: It's The Ride That Counts
Having goals is a good thing. It means that you're willing to take the first step to achieving those goals. When you write down your goals, articulate them on paper, that's the first step to achieving them.But what about the second step, the third and the fourth and so on? If you persevere and keep focused you will eventually reach the goals that you set for yourself. But when you finally reach that goal, how will you feel about it?Will it be a sense of accomplishment and pride? Or will it be more of 'yeah I finally got it done' and you're just happy that you've gotten it over with?The route you take while pursuing your goal determines how you feel about it at th  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Rhoberta Shaler, Ph.D. 
 Article Title :: Mountain Climbing Over Molehills
Someone has said that the greatest cause of ulcers is mountain-climbing over mole-hills! Is that the way you get your exercise? Many folks allow themselves to be thrown off course by minor or imaginary threats. Often they interpret these as life-or-death, or do-or-die situations. They put so much energy into their worries that there is none available for progress. Some even believe that worrying demonstrates caring. This is misguided, too.The use you make of your energy is your choice. Simply use it consciously and constructively. Worry is neither.Bertrand Russell, philosopher and mathematician, tells of a technique he used on himself to calm down his worries and excessive   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Sue and Chuck DeFiore 
 Article Title :: "Pretend Interest" and Apathy... What To Do About Them!
According to Merriam-Webster's dictionary "apathy is defined as the following: lack of emotion; lack of interest; indifference".Wow, that's pretty depressing. However, look around you. Don't many of you work with people with this attitude. I don't, because I run my own business. However, I can remember when I worked for others and how many of the people I worked with fit this description. At that time, I couldn't understand how they could be that way. While I left corporate America, for my own separate set of reasons, apathy was certainly not one of them.Unfortunately in the business that Chuck and I run we also see too much apathy. Of course, we get people who show what I l  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Terry Rich Hartley, Ph.D. 
 Article Title :: Eight Steps to Taking Control of Every Situation in Your Life!"
Like it or not, we are all gladiators. We go to sleep and wake up in a social arena from which there is no escape. Challenge upon challenge confronts us, walls restrain us, and a mob of spectators mocks, sneers, or cheers us. Each and every day brings new battles whether we want them or not and whether we're up to them or not. Life forces us to face one skirmish after another - no choice in the matter.What we can choose, though, is which kind of gladiator to be, victor or victim.Being a victim in this social arena translates into having bad relationships.Most people are victims - victims of their own perceptions.That's because people don't develop and listen to  (read full article)
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