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Categories :: Self Improvement : Goal Setting Articles


Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Gary Simpson 
 Article Title :: How to Get Those Life Goals of Yours Under Way Right Now!
In 75 years time almost every person reading these words will probably be dead. Some, like me, will be long gone before that time - unless, of course, some scientist creates a miraculous anti-aging pill. Scary huh?The way that so many people keep putting off significant life goals you would think that they had thousands of years to live. "Ah, I'll leave it till tomorrow / next week / next month / next year / whenever..." These words are thought and uttered by millions every minute of every day.Life is short. It's shorter than most people realize.When it comes to time everybody gets treated the same way. It doesn't matter whether you are a pauper or a king. Time does n  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Cory Threlfall 
 Article Title :: 5 Quick and Easy Ways To Wiping Out Obstacles To Goal Achievement
Life is nothing but an obstacle course, its all about getting through that obstacle course *successfully* to your desired goal that most people seem to have a problem with.And it's only normal to encounter these obstacles in the pursuit of your goal.It's kind of a test to see if your worthy.However, when these obstacles start to become a nuisance to the point of almost putting a stop to your goal(s); or worse, making one completely abandon his/her goal, one must take action and think things through.So, with that said, here are some helpful, tested pointers that will keep your attention focused in achieving any goal that you put your mind to.Step #1. Thin  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Jeff Herring 
 Article Title :: Goal Setting and Getting: Consistnecy is the Key
If you are like most folks, by this time of the year you are either discouraged about your lack of progress toward your goals or you have given up on them altogether. In either case, allow me to offer you two words: consistency and decision.In graduate school, I was fortunate enough to be able to play racquetball just about every day. Racquetball is one of those games where you can play well, lose focus for just a second, and then play very poorly.Consistency is the keyWe had a saying back then that applies in the present: Consistency is the key. Consistently focusing on doing the necessary things to achieve your goals will win out every time.If your goa  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Leanne Hoagland-Smith 
 Article Title :: Your Goal Setting is More About Your Goal Achievement and Your Action Plan For Success
Pick up any self-help book or attend a corporate meeting, you will probably hear the word goal. Louie Armstrong once said that dreams are goals with endings.Dreams, goal setting and goal achievement are part of daily life. Everybody has dreams. Everyone sets goals in some fashion. And everyone wants to see many of those dreams successfully realized. If these three statements are true, then why don’t we see more success?Success is much more about goal achievement than goal setting. How consistently you achieve your goals and how you manage your goals is what will catapult you farther than everyone else.Unfortunately, there exists a presumption that individuals know   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Josh Hinds 
 Article Title :: Is Your Short Term Goal Setting In Line With Your Overall Life Goals?
So what the heck are life goals, you ask. You see, many of us have goals, and while that's wonderful we have to make absolutely certain that they are in line with our life goals.Life goals are basically just a fancy name for more long-term goals. Our larger dreams, the things that get us so excited we long for their achievement. Since our long term goals are where we ultimately want to end up, it's rather important that our shorter-term goals, or those action steps that support our long-term achievements are working together.Here's an example:If your dream is to become a graduate of your local college and go on to get your MBA, but your short term goals are not leadin  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Edna Melendez 
 Article Title :: If You Want To Achieve Your Goals , Then Get Motivated
Don't you hated when you start to do something in particular and all of the sudden you find yourself distracted once again doing something else, without finishing what you set out to do in the first place?It happens to me all the time. I start the day focusing into one thing and then by the end of the day end up doing something completely different.I think some people get bored doing one thing only, so we are easy to get side-tracked.That's why I decided to investigate more about Setting Goals. I found some great information and decided to setup a site to help others as well into Setting their Own goals and sticking to them until they have achieved them.  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Rodney Robbins 
 Article Title :: Goal Setting-The Easiest Program Ever
Goal setting! “Doorway to success,” They say, but check your pockets right now: Are you currently carrying your Big Goal? Is it written down on the skin of a virgin lamb, signed and dated (with time and time zone), notarized under a full moon and laminated with gold leave? Probably not. You instinctively know all that goal setting mumbo jumbo is a bunch of crap! Sure it works for a few people who are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve their dream, but for most of us, “goal setting” is just too darned complicated and weird. Never fear, I have the smart and easy two step goal setting solution, and I’ll gladly share it with you now.STEP ONE  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Mark Wardell 
 Article Title :: Measuring Your Future
Strategic (or performance) indicators are your company’s score card. They let you know how well you are doing at any given time. Most business owners know there is value hidden in their numbers, but few actually take the time to do anything with them. Why?In considering the most useful metrics for Wardell Professional Development, we began, as most people do, with the financials. It seemed like a logical place to begin because the numbers were already being tracked. We just needed to formalize the process. Then, as time went on, we added numbers from other departments to give us a more rounded picture of our business.The process worked, but no one was particularly ex  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Richard Gumsley 
 Article Title :: Goal Setting - Tips From A Life Coach
Goals – we have a love-hate relationship with goals. We love them because they are such a great idea and are a superb way to motivate us to achieve and then to evaluate our progress; but we hate them, because for much of the time, they go unattained and simply frustrate us. This isn’t what goals should do!Having been a Life Coach for many years now I would like to suggest some straightforward and practical techniques on how you can set goals you can achieve! After all, what good is a goal if it isn’t something you can achieve?• Life Coaching tip no 1 - You have to want it!Firstly - do not bother to set goals for things you don’t really want. For example: if   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Pat Wiklund 
 Article Title :: Linking Purpose to Daily Tasks
How do you know what's the best use of your time right now?Link your daily tasks to your purpose. You'll make better choices and see the value in seemingly insignificant or trivial tasks. It keeps you focused on doing what needs to be done to get what you say you want.It's one thing to say what you want, to choose projects that will get you what you want, and set goals that will achieve those projects. But, you still have to do the work. You still have to pay the price by just doing it.Linking your purpose to what you do each day underlines the responsibility and the discipline you need to complete your projects.Having an o  (read full article)
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