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Categories :: Self Improvement : Goal Setting Articles


Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Grace Judson 
 Article Title :: Don't "Should" On Yourself!
The best New Year’s resolution I ever made – and the only one I ever kept – was to never make another New Year’s resolution.I am dismayed by the number of people who doggedly, stubbornly make their resolutions every year – often the same ones they made the year before. Within weeks, or even days, these resolutions fall by the wayside, trampled into the dust by existing habits and ways of thinking and acting.Predictably, this perceived failure to execute becomes a blunt instrument for self-flagellation, evidence of a lack of commitment, general bad-personhood, and overall unworthiness.Talk about setting yourself up for failure!Establis  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Frank Gasiorowski 
 Article Title :: 10 Secrets to Make 2006 Your BEST Year Ever
Have you ever ask yourself, Where will I be in the next 90 days?, Will I be in the same position that I am today?, Will I be happy or unhappy?, Do I have a positive direction in my life?, Who am I?, Am I ready to succeed, to create the life of my Dreams?Why am I asking? Because 97% of the people do not have goals that are achievable and only YOU can make a decision to change where you are today and create dreams and goals for tomorrow.If you have found yourself in any of the places mentioned above here are the secrets to make 2006 the best year ever. I discovered the system that the (so-called) "successful” people use everyday to achieve and keep their good fortunes.  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Frank Gasiorowski 
 Article Title :: The Do-Do Principle
Yes, you read it right, "The DO DO Principle" and if you don't do it you may windup in real DO-DO.Simply, it is what you DO-DO that counts.Today, what you DO-DO will make a difference in your life, family, business, employment and everything else. If you don't do, nothing happens.Motivation, inspiration and goal planning can be so simple to understand.Simplicity is the teacher and now we use it can teach powerful principles.Eventhough these principles are not hard to read, learn and conceptualize they are hard to DO-DO for many people.Many individuals say, "Oh well, life happens". NO, DO-DO happens.What we DO-DO everyday determines  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Frank Gasiorowski 
 Article Title :: Do you want Success in 90 Days, 180 days or in 2006?
What is your goal setting choice?Do you have the luxury to wait to set your Goals?Success is a process that starts when you take ACTION.For a lifetime of Dreams and Goals accomplishments you must take a Focused Actions that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic with a time frame associated with them.They are called SMART Goals.I had a goal of being retired when I was 50. I achieved that goal but since I was not specific enough, my wish was achieved but not my Dream.I was retired on disability.I wanted to be drinking sweet ice tea on some island beach resort without a care in the world.To make matters worse:   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Bill Nadraszky 
 Article Title :: Say No to New Years Resoltions-Set Great Goals Instead
The new year is almost upon us and just like every year some people are excited about what next year has to offer and many more are not sure what life will throw at them and are just willing to let the chips fall where they may.There is a better way.The way I start each year is by looking back, looking at where I am today and finally looking at where I want to be tomorrow and then creating a plan to make a better tomorrow happen.With goal setting most people just look at what they want and then create a plan to get there. My method of life planning is much better as it does not just look at myself as a superman and allow me to collapse as soon as any problem gets in t  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Jason Johns 
 Article Title :: More Time Please
You’ve got goals haven’t you? Things you want to achieve in life? The thing I would guess you are lacking is the time to do it. I mean, you’ve got a job, then your social commitments, then your hobbies, sports, TV time and … oh yes … you have to sleep too.And after all this, what time is there left to work on your goals and making your life outstanding?Very little.And I bet you would like more time, wouldn’t you?Everyone has twenty four hours in a day, whether you are Bill Gates or a homeless guy on the streets. Everyone has exactly the same amount of time. It’s what you do with it that determines whether you sleep in a $42million mansion or   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Joy Cagil 
 Article Title :: Making Resolutions
Most of us make resolutions on a New Year’s Eve, because a new year is a mile marker of a lifetime and we want to be in control of our path while we travel on it. I used to make New Year’s resolutions every year, and sometimes not being able to carry them out, I ended up feeling discouraged and disappointed in myself.The problem was, I set too high a goal to achieve and I expected too much of me. When I look back, I see that the younger and the more inexperienced I was, the grander were my goals. After stopping to make resolutions for a few years, I came across a workable way to handle my resolutions.Most of us understand a New Year’s resolution to mean “firmness of   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Kathryn Marion 
 Article Title :: New Year-New Goals: Make Them Really Happen This Year!
It happens every year, doesn’t it? You think up some ‘resolutions’, maybe set a personal goal or two, but by the time Thanksgiving or Christmas rolls around again, you realize with a big sigh you haven’t accomplished what you had hoped. So you ‘resolve’ once again to do a better job next year. Maybe the problem last year was that your resolutions or goals were not specific enough…or worse, not written down.Get a load of this: A study was conducted a few years ago of graduates from a well-known business school. Only three percent of grads had clearly articulated and written goals…but those grads earned ten times more than the 83% who had no goals at all. Even those g  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Margrit Harris 
 Article Title :: 5 Simple Tips to Make Those New Year's Resolutions Stick
What will you do when February rolls around and you’re sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions?Yes, that’s right you’re loosing that weight.You’re paying off those credit cards.You’re getting angry less often with your spouse.Sound incredulous!One of the reasons we groan at the mere thought of New Year's Resolutions or setting personal and business goals is bad experience. Until just now hadn’t you all but given up on setting some viable goals for this coming year?Why are we so lousy at sticking to our goals?Well, when it comes to setting goals most of us fail to be SMART*!But not this year! This year is different.  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Paul Shearstone 
 Article Title :: 2006-Got Goals?
Ask anybody on January 2nd 2006 if they have New Years Resolutions or goals and nine out of ten will say, "Yes!" ...Ask the same people about their resolutions three months later and they'll look at you like a small goat discovering a new fence for the first time.All good intentions aside, exhaustive studies have shown only 3% of the population engage in some form of goal-setting and only 1% on average, write them down.Moreover, there is no small coincidence in the 1% that write goals down and the highest achieving, highest income-earning men and women around the world.Setting goals is the genesis from which things great and not so great are accomplished. Read any boo  (read full article)
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