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Categories :: Self Improvement : Goal Setting Articles


Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Victor Fam 
 Article Title :: Importance Of Target
What is your target? What is your plan within 5 years? Many times when people ask us this question, we won’t be able to answer. It is not that we do not want to answer, but rather that we don’t know how to answer. The fundamental reason is that we ourself never think seriously about this question. Many will say, why do I need to have a target and a plan? Does that mean that by having a target and a plan I will be able to achieve it? Many of us don’t believe and don’t know the power of clear vision. I myself have that kind of mentality where I think writing down of plan and target of what I want to achieve is of little use. I think it is only for documenation purpose. But  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Catherine Pulsifer 
 Article Title :: Goals - What's In It For Me?
Setting goals has many benefits.You are focused on what YOU want to achieve. By setting goals, you have clearly stated what you want, not what someone else desires.Your self-confidence increases as you reach milestones along the way. As you complete each action step towards your goal, your self-confidence grows because you can see the concrete results of your efforts.You are no longer confused about what action to take. Rather than starting many different projects and failing to accomplish any of them, goals direct you to take action in specific areas that will move you closer to achieving your desired result.You are able   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Hans Bool 
 Article Title :: Your New Year's Resolutions: What is the Status?
Do you remember what your resolutions were? Remembering them is a first step. It is like coming back from a holiday, you tend to forget that you had made a resolution anyway.But why are they important?Your resolutions -- whether they are from New Years Eve or from the day you left the hospital - - are like a personal business plan. And why would you follow a business plan?You need a plan because you are a responsible person. The best way to understand this is by (side) stepping into the investment game.Everybody is free to invest in whatever market and using whatever instrument. If you share you life with a partner you might want to keep him or her updated abou  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Abe Cherian 
 Article Title :: Four Powerful Strategies to Help Achieve Your Goals
We all have wishes. Wishes are goals, but goals with a little snap, crackle, and pop. Goals provide the process that can take you where you want to go, but too often they don't provide the inspiration to get you there. Wishes are different. They have impact - like being struck by lightning instead of by a lightning bug. They let you dream. They let you soar. They let you tap into a source of limitless possibility and boundless energy that gives you the power to accomplish what you might otherwise never have imagined. How we achieve our goals, are simplified by doing the following:Intensify Desire- Desire is the first step of goal achievement and the foundation. Have you   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Catherine Pulsifer 
 Article Title :: How To Stay Motivated in Attaining Your Goals
There will be times when you get discouraged, or start to doubt yourself as you work towards attaining your goals. The best way to overcome these feelings is to go back to the reason you set your goal in the first place. Then, visualize how you will feel once your goal is achieved. Think of each and every benefit your achievement will mean to you, and how your life will positively change. Write down each benefit and post them in an area where you will see them every day; this will help you to remain dedicated to the achievement of your goal.I can’t begin to tell you how many times I felt discouraged, and doubted my own abilities when I started writing. A couple of times, I almost  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Eva Gregory 
 Article Title :: Goal Getting
Close your eyes. Imagine that everything you desire is just a wish away. All you have to do is close your eyes, focus your thoughts and ask your genie to make your wishes, dreams, or goals come true. Wouldn't that be cool? What if you didn't have to rely on anyone else but yourself? Not even your own personal genie. Wouldn't that be even better?Think back to some of the goals that you have had in your life thus far. How many of them did you really wanted to achieve, but for one reason or another, they never materialized? How different would your life have been if you had succeeded with the majority of them up thus far? As adults we've learned that it takes time to achieve the thing  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Regina Barr 
 Article Title :: 5 Steps to Accomplishing Your Goals
Copyright 2006 Red Ladder, Inc. It is June, and the we’re almost half-way through the year. Like most people, you probably took inventory at the beginning of the year and made plans and goals for the year. Yet, the experts say that 30 percent of the people who make New Year's resolutions have given up by Feb. 1 and over half will concede defeat by July. Why does this happen? It happens because a resolution, by definition, is simply the expression of an opinion, will or intent. It is not a goal. Resolutions also tend to be very vague. Example: "This year I resolve that I will get a better job" or "This year I resolve to be a better person." Let me give  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Eva Gregory 
 Article Title :: Joyous Journeys
How often have you heard someone say, or even said yourself, "I cannot wait until that course is over", "Boy, will I be glad when this project is over", or "I will be so glad when all of this planning is done"? Only to find that once the finished line is crossed, that the feelings of exuberance just do not measure up to what was expected. This is a very common occurrence. Why does this end result often leave us feeling like there should be more? The answer is best explained by the simple phrase of "Joy is in the journey, not the destination." Ahh, does the answer strike a chord?Sandra has spent almost two years planning her wedding. She is now in the homestretch and is frantically   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Maria Moratto 
 Article Title :: The Power of Lists: How Writing Down Your Life Lists Will Attract Happiness
So you are going on a trip. Big or small, it makes no difference. You make a list of what you are taking, whom you need to talk to, or what are the last things you must remember to bring with you.So if you are traveling with your children the list may go like this:underwear, socks, shoes, toiletries, braces, shirts, slacks, hats, windbreaker, cell phone, laptop, playing cards, CD player and CDs, toys, books, snacks, drinks, movies, maps, documents, sun glasses, and money.You then make a list of what the person taking care of your house and pets should do:feed this one food once/day; change the water every day, bring in the mail and newspaper; call the vet at su  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Eva Gregory 
 Article Title :: The 411 on Selecting and Achieving Your Goals
Do you know what you truly desire to accomplish, obtain, or become in life? Not just a vague idea, but what you really want to do? Psychologists and sociologists theorize that because there are so many more options available for the average person in this new millennium, the decision-making process has become too convoluted, and has begun to actually hinder success. Achieving goals is a step by step process, with making a decision about what to accomplish being just a part of the whole process itself. So how does one select the appropriate goal?Take for example the college student who must decide on a major by his or her junior year. Once upon a time when so few people were pursuin  (read full article)
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