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Categories :: Self Improvement : Goal Setting Articles


Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Eva Gregory 
 Article Title :: The Big Shift
You've got big dreams. Ideas that are going to take your life in a complete one-eighty degree turn, right? Like creating better balance between work and home, creating more organization, or finding the perfect mate. You're raring to go except for one thing - how to get started. Such a life altering goal is going to require some major serious action, right? Or will it? Somewhere along the line the mind seems to directly infer that big is to big, as small is to small and that is just erroneous when it comes to goals. Take as an example the person who wants to de-clutter a home. A huge undertaking - yes. While going through the house and pitching everything that is not a dire necessity is an  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Goal Setting is Essential to Super Achievement
Often we see over achievers and wonder how on Earth they do it? Well, do you want to know a secret to the over achiever club? Interestingly enough being the best in the world at what you do only takes a little more preparation and goal setting than being at the top of your field. Being at the top of your field only takes a little more effort than being in the mean average of your field. It only takes a little more insight and hard work to go from the bottom of an area of expertise or having lousy skill sets to being average.So if we look at this from a logical standpoint we can break this into three stages, which take someone from Lousy or a beginner rather to an average player or   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Kurt Mortensen 
 Article Title :: Discipline Yourself to Accomplishment
Now we've heard that self-discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Studies show that willpower is actually like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the more you use it, the stronger you get it.They've also found in unique studies that when you use it back to back, just like an exercise, once you work out your muscles become weaker for a little while, your willpower used to back to back actually becomes weaker. Let me give you a study. This study was done with college students. They put them in front of a table with a bowl of radishes and a bowl of chocolate. Half the students were told to restrain from eating the chocolate and to eat the radishes and the   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Hurricanes and Goal Setting
The 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season can certainly get in the way of one who likes to set goals and achieve things in their lives. When a major category hurricane comes along many people are forced to evacuate from their homes and leave their lives behind for up to three to four weeks while authorities work to repair the power and the water gets turned back on.Meanwhile many people who are trying to get things done and achieve things in their lives cannot because there is no way to do it all. If they have career goals in their business where they work, these businesses and buildings may have been destroyed and thus the chances of achieving that are probably not possible. I  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Jack Zavada 
 Article Title :: The Secret to Achieving your Goals
Have you been frustrated at achieving your goals? Have too many defeats and disappointments caused you to give up?Then you should know that a very simple secret can make the difference between success and failure. This proven method has worked for thousands of years. It's so simple it sounds like a cliche, but the truth is that every human achievement uses this principle:Mile by mile, life's a trial. Yard by yard, life is hard. But inch by inch, life's a cinch!That little poem has been attributed to everyone from Lao Tzu to Napoleon Hill. Regardless of who came up with it, this truth can help you dust off your old, unachieved goals or give you the courage  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Steve Gillman 
 Article Title :: The Key To Perseverance
The Definition Of Perseverance From a dictionary: "Persisting in or remaining constant to a purpose, idea or task in spite of obstacles." Notice it doesn't start, "Wisely persisting..." Perseverance can clearly be both a good thing and a bad thing. Remember that when you find yourself wanting to quit something. Quitting might be the wisest choice. Of course, the problem with the idea that you should quit when something isn't worth the effort, is that it's often used as a rationalization. It comes to mind when the effort is difficult, but really is worthwhile. It's confusing at times, so how do you wisely persevere? There are three important aspects to consider.  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Jeannette Maw 
 Article Title :: The Only Definition That Matters
Have you ever chased something (or someone) only to discover afterward that it wasn't all it was cracked up to be? I suspect most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives.What's up with us? Are we destined to be perpetually unsatisfied? Is it human nature to continually reach for something new? Does the cycle of wanting, achieving, and then just wanting more continue our entire lives?Probably. But it’s also worth checking out whether you’re trying to fulfill someone else’s definition of success.Years ago my marriage, career, and even my car reflected someone else’s idea of success. After spending too much time with an unlucky husband, a puzzled e  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Roy Thomsitt 
 Article Title :: Is Setting Personal Career Objectives Necessary, and What Are the Advantages?
Whichever career you may be considering as a student, or that you might already be involved in, it is sure to be competitive. The level of competition will vary greatly at the entry stage; it is all a matter of supply and demand. If your desire is to be an astronaut or a veterinary surgeon, the competition to get those coveted places is enormous. If you have chosen nursing, then entry will be easier. However, whichever career it is, once you have entered that career, there will be competition to progress to a higher level, and it is here that having clear career objectives will be necessary.It is true that some people may have a successful career without ever having set themselves   (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: John Watson 
 Article Title :: Achieving Goals Through Patience - Is Patience Out Of Date In The Modern World?
Patience, whether about achieving goals or anything else, is not a popular virtue in the modern world. How valuable is patience today?A young woman in the UK has just been jailed for 20 years. She wanted to make three million pounds quickly by killing rich people.As part of her plan, she conducted a trial murder by knifing a kindly neighbour 14 times. I am surprised that she had enough patience to conduct a test murder before moving on to her main targets.A less exceptional example of impatience can be found in the world of cosmetic surgery where people are ready to suffer the surgeon's knife to lose fat quickly. They are not prepared for the long haul of eating less  (read full article)
Category :: Goal Setting Articles Author :: Earl Nightingale 
 Article Title :: What Happens When You Run Out of Goals?
Here are some interesting questions you might want to try answering. One: If you could completely change places with any other person in the world, would you do it? And who would that person be? Two: If you could work at any job you could choose, would that work be different from the work you're doing now? Three: If you could live in any part of the country you want to live in, would you move from where you are now living? Four: If you could go back to age 12 and live your life from that point over again, would you do it?Studies indicate that the great majority of people, even though they have a certain amount of dissatisfaction with their present lives and don't seem to be as happ  (read full article)
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