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Categories :: Home & Garden : Hobbies Articles


Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Jakob Jelling 
 Article Title :: The powers of the mother of pearl
Oriental and Chinese cultures as well as many occidental ones follow traditions based on the belief that some precious stones have important symbolisms and powers. The mother of pearl is one of them, and it is often used for feng shui practitioners in order to attract a benefit towards a strategic house point or to improve a specific life area. Some stones are believed to have the power of attracting happiness or love to the life of whom carries them or keep them in their homes. The way in which a stone is seen and what it symbolizes depends not only on its type but also on the way it is used and seen by each specific culture and the traditions behind it. Usually, in many occidental cultu  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Jakob Jelling 
 Article Title :: The supreme imperial dragon
The supreme imperial dragon is a very positive feng shui item which provides help in different life aspects. Dragons are one of the most important icons for the oriental cultures and therefore this item contains this added value to its symbolism. A supreme imperial dragon is a very powerful Chinese and feng shui object which can add authority and control to the environment in which he is as well as to those who inhabit it. This Chinese item allows us to improve the power of convincing and persuading others. It enhances the possibility we have of having certain subconscious dominance on other people. Therefore, the supreme imperial dragon is ideal for business people, executives and all tho  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Andre McFayden 
 Article Title :: How to Tune Your Model Airplane Engine
Tuning is simply adjusting your engine for peak performance. The factory-fresh settings may be a good starting point. However, you may need to compensate for higher altitudes, or for temperature changes with the seasons. Changes in fuel type or engine wear, may also require a tune-up. Relatively more fuel to air is known as a "rich" mixture, while the opposite is known as a "lean" mixture. A lean mixture generates more power, but also generates more heat. Too much heat could damage the engine. A rich mixture generates less power and less heat. Too rich and the engine might quit while you're flying. The popular twin-needle carburetor has two needle valves. The high speed needle controls th  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Craig Bassett (The Guitar Solutions Expert) 
 Article Title :: A Guitar Lesson To Help You Test Your Note Knowledge.
In this guitar lesson we look at a great way to test your note knowledge of the guitar fretboard. But before we look at that, why even bother learning the notes? Knowing the notes on your guitar fretboard is an essential skill. Here are a FEW of the benefits that you'll gain if you have fantastic guitar fretboard knowledge… 1. You'll learn how to apply music theory to the guitar much more quickly. In my opinion there's no point learning music theory if you can't PLAY it! 2. Your creativity will increase. You'll be able to think of new and unique ways of playing chords and scales. If you don't know the notes on the guitar fretboard, you'll be stuck playing the same chord and scale fi  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Andre McFayden 
 Article Title :: Aerial Photography with RC Airplanes
Have you thought about taking aerial photos of your home, business or family event? Now the technology exists to make this easier, safer and cheaper than ever before. Digital cameras can be mounted on slow-flying remote controlled electric planes. The shutter is triggered from the rc transmitter on the ground. Aerial Photography has many interesting uses. Several of these are related to real estate: raw land or improved structures on the land. Examples include but are not limited to: Properties for Sale, Construction Progression, Agriculture / Farming /Ranching, Advertising, Special Events, Mapping of Disaster Sites, and Archaeological Overviews. Using radio control aircraft for aerial   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Helen Baxter 
 Article Title :: Sheet music - violin and other string instruments
The violin is a bowed stringed instrument and is the highest pitched member of the violin family. It sits along side its cousins – the other members of the violin family - the viola, cello, and double bass. The bow of the violin is a narrow, slightly incurved stick of Pernambuco about 75 cm long, with a band of horsehair stretched from end to end of the bowstick. The violin has four strings tuned a fifth apart, to the notes g, d’, a’, e’’: On early violins the strings were of pure gut. Today they may be of gut, gut wound with aluminum or silver, steel, or perlon. Sheet music - violin is often provided to students by the conductors of their orchestras or their private teachers wh  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Winnie Tam 
 Article Title :: Porcelain Jewellery for Beginners
Making large objects from clay takes a lot of patience, sweat and dexterity, but making tiny pieces of jewellery can be another challenge altogether. For those of you who have decided to venture off into this delicate art form, here’s a few tips to get you started and keep you on the path to making some fine, wearable pieces you can be proud of. List of Supplies: Small sponge Wooden rolling pin Hole cutter Cutting wire Pottery knife Fine sable watercolour brushes Metal findings (for earrings and brooches) Face mask (for firing) Be Prepared You want to make sure you have everything at your finger tips so that you don’t have to run to the store midway and come back to a hardened un-u  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Susan G Phillips 
 Article Title :: Art supply online warehouses - a great way to save
It can be a lot of fun walking into an art supply store at the mall or to a local art and craft warehouse. The shelves contain a variety of art supplies, from acrylic paints to wooden easels, and the staff are often very friendly and passionate because they too are artists. However, what isn't so friendly is overpaying – why pay full retail prices when you could be getting discount art supplies through an online art supply store or warehouse. Remember that when you buy a table top easel at a traditional art supply store, you aren't just paying for the easel. You're also paying for the presentation of the supplies, in the traditional brick and mortar environment. An online art supply sto  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Andre McFayden 
 Article Title :: RC Flight Simulator Guide
RC airplane flying is a fun and challenging hobby. The time and expense of learning to fly remote control airplanes has been greatly reduced in recent years. RC flight simulators have been one reason for this. These are programs that run on your home pc, allowing you to practice “virtual” flight. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your rc flight simulator (“sim”). 1) Read the system requirements before you buy or install a simulator. Some of these programs need high-end personal computers to make the most of their features. 2) Use your own transmitter if possible, instead of a dedicated control box. It’s good to have the exact same “stick feel” on your PC and a  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Andre McFayden 
 Article Title :: The Two-Stroke Model Airplane Engine
The two-stroke model airplane engine is a simple and elegant concept. The majority of these are not gasoline, but “glow” or “nitro” engines. These names are due to the fuel and combustion methods. The fuel itself contains methanol, nitro methane and oil. The combustion is due to a plug that glows instead of sparking (as in other common two-stroke engines). While there are many variations on the design, the basic elements remain unchanged. There is a piston moving back and forth in a cylinder. The piston is connected by a hinged rod to a rotating crankshaft. There is a combustion event on every other stroke of the piston (at the beginning of the down-stroke). The combustion is cau  (read full article)
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