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Categories :: Home & Garden : Hobbies Articles


Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Joan Bramsch & Vicki Metzger 
LITTLE PEOPLE'S POT O' GOLD Materials needed: 1. One 1-inch diameter round wooden bead 2. 5 or 6 black seed beads 3. Approximately 2-inches wire, fine enough to fit through the seed beads. 4. Black paint 5. Gold glitter 6. 2-inches twine, 1/8-inch diameter 7. Scrap paper, 1/4-inch square 8. Tacky glue 9. Shamrock green construction paper 10. scrap wire Tools required: 1. Small paintbrush 2. Needle-nose pliers 3. Small sharp scissors ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ INSTRUCTIONS: (Important - read them until you fully understand them) 1. Hold large bead with threading hole vertical. 2. Glue three or four seed beads in a circle around the top threading hole. Allow glue to dry. Turn larg  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Joan Bramsch & Vicki Metzger 
 Article Title :: Miniature Pinwheel, Windchime & Windsock Decorations
Miniature Pinwheel, Windchime & Windsock Decorations PINWHEEL - Supplies: 3/4 inch sq. stiff ribbon, glue, toothpick. Instructions: 1. Take your square piece of ribbon and cut from each corner almost into the center (diagonal) 2. Then pull one corner to center and glue. 3. Repeat for other three corners. 4. Glue pinwheel to toothpick. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WINDCHIME - Supplies: 1 1/4" ring, thread, (6) 1/2" tube beads, small charm, 1 seed bead, glue. Instructions: 1. Tie six 4" threads to ring. Glue in place. 2. Every other thread (3 of them), clip to ring. 3. Pull 3 threads to top. 4. Six threads at bottom & string 1 tube bead on each. Glue, then clip off extra thread at bottom. 5  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Joan Bramsch & Vicki Metzger 
 Article Title :: Miniature Tropical Peacock Chair
Miniature Tropical Peacock Chair Materials needed: 1. 18-count needlepoint canvas, 2-inches square. 2. small piece heavy cardboard 3. small piece seatcover fabric or paint to match. 4. bunka or thin ribbon for trim. Tools required: 1. Scissors 2. Tacky glue Instructions: 1. Trace pattern onto another piece of paper so you don't have to cut original pattern from instructions. 2. Trace duplicate pattern onto needlepoint canvas. 3. Cut out pattern from needlepoint canvas. 4. Glue tab "A" inside area "B", creating a circle to hold chair seat. 5. Cut out circle seat from heavy cardboard. 6. Paint or fabric cover circle seat. 7. Glue circle seat onto chair circle. 8. Cover raw edges of chair  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Joan Bramsch and Vicki Metzger 
 Article Title :: Make a Miniature Easter Egg Tree
How To Make A Miniature Easter Egg Tree Tools: craft knife, scissors Supplies: - 1" dia. container or clay pot - 1/8" dia. dowel, 3" long - 1" dia. styrofoam ball - shredded greenery - foam or moss - oven-bake clay - Easter egg colors - 1/8" diameter ribbon (optional) - scrap styrofoam - white tacky glue - moss or ground coffee for ground cover ================================ Directions: 1. Glue scrap styrofoam inside container. 2. Glue ground cover over styrofoam. 3. Apply glue onto end of stick and insert into center of pot. 4. Cover 1" styrofoam ball with glue and apply shredded greenery. 5. Apply glue onto other end of stick and insert into ball. 6. Make small egg shapes in East  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Joan Bramsch 
 Article Title :: Finding The Value Of Precious Metal Dollhouses
Finding The Value Of Precious Metal Dollhouses by Joan Bramsch copyright: 1999 >From the publication Antique Trader Weekly The art of creating miniature scenes and rooms has been traced and documented to ancient Egyptian times, this is according to a member of Tiny Talk, an internet Newsgroup comprised of almost 400 miniaturists from around the world, who exchange tips, swaps and mini help with each other. Several famous personalities have enjoyed collecting dollhouses, some of them to the point of obsession. For example: in the early 18th century, Princess Augusta Dorothea von Schwarzburg-Arnstadt actually bankrupted her husband's estate and died in debt to the Catholic Church, all to   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Joan Bramsch 
 Article Title :: NEON IS BACK!
NEON IS BACK! And That's a Good Sign by Joan Bramsch (c) copyright: 1996 Everywhere you look these days, there's Neon. Seems like everyone is finally "seeing the light" of razzle-dazzle Neon in all its raucous, sinuous beauty. Television programs reflect the public's renewed interest in the bright illumination. On a recent NBC Homicide program entitled "Murder In Neon,"the opening scene featured The New Moon Motel sign in electric blue neon. It set the mood for the story -- exciting and mysterious. Alex's Show and Sisters television series both open with neon signs. But my favorite is the John Larroquette Show opening, when he strolls alongside the big red and green neon sign and gives i  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Sara Chute 
 Article Title :: Acquiring & Caring For Bonsai
Acquiring & Caring For Bonsai Most bonsai trees sold at garden centers and nurseries are of excellent quality, but there are a few points to bear in mind when buying a new plant.  Age and shape of the tree  General health  Soil should be damp but not soggy, unless it has just been watered  Leaves should look bright and healthy, not burnt around the edges or spotty  If buying a deciduous tree in winter, last year's growth should be smooth and plump, with no sign of bark wrinkling  The tree should be steady in its container, which should have at least one drainage hole  A white fungus in and around the drainage hole is natural and harml  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Valerie Garner 
 Article Title :: Funky, Fun Garden Plants
I have a love for funky, fun and unique garden plants. Here's one to try. It's called Sea Holly, and it's actually in the thistle family. Sea Holly is a perennial garden plant, which means you plant it once and it comes up year after year, somewhat depending on your climate. This plant never did fail to bring attention and comments from people seeing my garden. It grows about 3-4 feet high, very branchy and the branches are a brilliant electric blue color. It's stunning! The only drawback to this lovely plant, in the fall you must cut it to the ground and burn or compost the plant. Do not let it go longer than that, casting it seeds or you'll soon discover it's family trait of being i  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Lisa Maliga 
 Article Title :: 9 Steps to Soapmaking Success
Melt and Pour soap is glycerin soap which is made from vegetable oils and is safer for your skin than most commercial brands found in your drug store or supermarket. You can obtain melt and pour soap over the Internet. Keywords are: ‘melt and pour soap making’ or ‘glycerin soap’. You’ll pay around $3 - $5 per pound. Translucent glycerin and opaque are the most common types sold. Opaque glycerin is white as it is colored with the mineral titanium dioxide. Also, you will be able to buy soap making kits that contain all the needed ingredients. Once you’ve made your first batch, you can get more creative when choosing colors, scents, and additives such as dried flowers, herbs or   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Rita Hutner 
 Article Title :: Are you addicted to scrapbooking?
Many who suddenly get the scrapbooking bug say they started when they realized that so few pictures were taken of them as cute little tykes - and they want to make things better for their own children. What ever the reason, scrapbooking has become a big business. There are estimates that over 4 million people, almost all of them women, gather for "crop-alongs" or "power layouts" every month! All these people are on the lookout for new and exciting scrapbooking ideas and share their thoughts and techniques on how to create that perfect keepsake. So many people are seeing that life is short, and they want to preserve family memories for their children. With today's ever mobile soc  (read full article)
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