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Categories :: Home & Garden : Hobbies Articles


Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: B Hopkins 
 Article Title :: 5 Tips For Experiencing A Wine Festival
Copyright 2006 B Hopkins Almost every state in the country has a wine festival. It is a great way to sample the wines of the region and to become familiar with some of the great wineries that are right in your backyard. If you decide to go to a wine festival, there are some things you can do to make the most out of the wine festival you are attending. Coming back from the festival with your favorite bottle of wine is always enjoyable, but to get even more benefit, you can follow these tips. 1. Decide beforehand if you will do wine tasting or not. If you decide to taste the wine, you will need to make sure of at least 2 things: First, bring along a designated driver who will decide to go  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Caroline Smith 
 Article Title :: Which Scrapbook Paper? Creative Ideas To Enhance Your Pages
Scrapbook paper can be used in a number of different ways to add creative touches to your pages and enhance your photos. Displaying your photographs in scrapbook albums is a great way to preserve your treasured memories for posterity, and scrapbooks you've made yourself make wonderful keepsakes. To make sure your precious photographs are archived safely, it's important to use special scrapbooking paper and adhesives that are acid-free and lignin free, so they won't damage your pictures. There's a huge variety of different types of papers available these days, in all kinds of colors and patterns. Look out for free scrapbooking ideas online and in craft magazines to help inspire your creativi  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Dana Goldberg 
 Article Title :: How To Find Collectibles Online
Buying collectibles online makes it easy to find what you are looking for no matter what that happens to be. There are zillions of different kinds of great items to buy for yourself or for others and only one place to buy them all and that is the internet. This is the only way to save money and get just what you need to make someone's face light up. There are many different shops that you can buy collectibles at online. There are the auction sites, which are great for finding truly hard to find items and antiques, and then there are all of the other online retail shops. No matter what kind of choice you make you are sure to get just what you have been looking for over the years. Is there   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Carl Walker 
 Article Title :: Scuba Diving Certification
With the increase in the popularity of the sport, numerous centers and programs for scuba diving certification has come up in recent years. In the United States alone, there are nearly 2000 professional scuba dive centers. The first thing you'd need to do before joining a program is to check out the various centers and find out which one of them should be most suitable for you. Open Water Diver Certification: You have to be at least 15 years old to get the open water diver certification. Most open water certifications let you dive by yourself without an instructor present (if the charter does not make it compulsory). There is also Junior Open Water Diver Certification for people between a  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Sam Smith 
 Article Title :: Nautical Star Tattoos the History, Meaning and Symbolism: a Strange Mix
The history, meaning and symbolism of nautical star tattoos is a hotly debated topic. Today many different groups have adopted the Nautical star tattoo as a symbol for their own movement and they have all ascribed their own meaning and history to the symbol. Thus has lead to a wide disagreement as the the meaning of the tattoo. Historically most everyone agrees that Sailors were the first people to get nautical star tattoos. In fact the very word nautical relates back to sailing. So this connection has been pretty firmly established. Most people would agree the sailors were a pretty superstitious group historically and sailor lore abounds with superstitious and fantastical stories of life   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Peter Legrove 
 Article Title :: What Toys Did Caveman Kids Play With To Pass The Time
Back in the days, when home was a cave stuck on the face of a cliff. Kids, babies, cubs, kittens or whatever you like to call the offspring, all have one thing in common. They love to play. So I think we can safely assume that caveman kids played. But with what did they play with. What amused the minds of our ancestor's kids. When they were lying around the fire after a hard day learning about staying alive. We are still trying to work out the minor details of the past lives of children of prehistory, but we can dream. Anyway, were the first jigsaw puzzles just leaves that had been ripped up into little pieces so the little ones could put them back together. Was this a teaching aid   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Regenia G. Butcher 
 Article Title :: Puzzle Picture
There are a lot of jigsaw puzzles to choose from today. Pictures of everything from beach scenes to mountain views, avant-garde art to reprint masterpieces, and everything in between. Not only is there a variety in the number of scenes you can choose from, there is also a variety of sizes and border shapes available. Puzzles are a fun challenge to put together. They can also be a very nice gift. Here is a way of preserving them to create that gift. MATERIALS 1 Jigsaw puzzle 2 Craft paint brushes (sponge brushes if you are going to wash it out with soap and water, dry it and use again for the next coat of paint) 1 Roll of wide paper tape (inexpensive painter's tan tape) 2 Pieces of flat  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Regenia G. Butcher 
 Article Title :: Quick Holiday and Seasonal Pillows and Lamps
This is meant to be two quick and reusable ideas that can change the entire look of a room if several pillows and lamps of varying sizes are decorated in this way. PILLOW MATERIALS A decorator pillow (new or used) Fabric (holiday or Seasonal) enough to cover the pillow, envelope style Cording or braiding to trim completely around the edge of the pillow Any other embellishments you want Glue gun and glue sticks Needle and thread, or Velcro strips or Velcro dots INSTRUCTIONS 1) Place the pillow in the center of the wrong side of the fabric and fold all sides to the front center of the pillow. If you have to, tuck the edges in tightly and create an "envelope"-fold-over. 2) Glue or s  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Al Speer 
 Article Title :: SPAM - A Treasure of Scrapbooking Ideas for Scrapbookers
SPAM - A Treasure of Scrapbooking Ideas for Scrapbookers 22% of all scrapbooking searches, completed on the internet, in October, were for scrapbooking ideas. New and fresh scrapbooking ideas are at the top of every scrapbookers mind. Whether newbie's or veterans, many scrapbookers have a hard time coming up with innovative ideas. Scrapbooking addicts find themselves spending hours at online forums and buying idea books and magazines, hunting down the latest scrapbooking ideas and projects that they can do themselves. This isn't some crazy fad, either. Some estimates put the number of women who scrapbook in 1 out of every 10 families. SPAM, although controversial, is one great, secret st  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Alastair Hamilton 
 Article Title :: How To Find The Best Bicycle Frame Looking Beyond Its Paint
Whether you're shopping for a bike or just admiring them, the first part you notice is probably the bicycle frame. The frame is the heart of a bicycle, as well as its art. Including the basically triangular core structure that supports both seat and handlebars and the extensions that attach to the wheels, the color and the geometry of the bicycle frame not only affects the beauty of the bike, but its strength and speed as well. The pleasure and success you derive from bicycle riding will be strongly impacted by having the right frame for your physique and your purposes. The Two Most Important Aspects of Bicycle Frames Are Their Materials and Their Configuration Naturally, your bicycle fra  (read full article)
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