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Categories :: Home & Garden : Hobbies Articles


Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: J Finney 
 Article Title :: Guidelines For Playing No Limit Texas Holdem Poker
You play too many hands and you shouldn't. In a no-limit game your percentage of played hands should be around the amount of 20%-25%. Examples are: when you are in first position and hold a A-J hand you have to fold, when in middle position with a K-10 you will also fold and in the last positions you will still fold even if you have a hand of Q-10. Select your table wisely. Don't go to a table where everyone can play far better than you. Look for that specific table where there are at least a few players you think to be worse than you. Play the players and read them all, be careful to see who is aggressive, who is loose, who hates aggression and folds whenever meets it, who bluffs, who ca  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: J Finney 
 Article Title :: The Making Of A Winning Online Poker Player
First of all you must be able to take consistently care of your money and play them the right way. Even if you are an extraordinary poker player, you can't stay on the winning course if you can't manage your money correctly. A correct management will tell you the types of games to play, games that are affordable for your bankroll and will also predict the long run winnings. Many qualified poker players don't know how to interpret their bankroll. They play high poker limit games, games that have such limits that their bankroll can't take. There are times in everyone's life when we can get unlucky, and those times have to be taken into consideration when playing poker. You may play your best  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: J Finney 
 Article Title :: Playing Holdem Poker Online: Tricks And Tips
You must always try and add tricks and let's say dishonesty to your game in order to stand a better chance of not getting read by the other players. If you always check when your hand isn't great, but not as bad to fold, and if you always bet or raise when you have a very good hand that requires a risk then you are playing it honest all the way. And this can turn against you, because other more attentive players can figure out your game pattern and they might use their new knowledge to control your game. When you are on the flop and you are the last or among the last players to take an action, then you can just raise the bet with a drawing hand here. It is very possible that our opponents   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: J Finney 
 Article Title :: Basic No Limit Hold 'Em Poker Strategies
There is an essential difference between limit and no-limit Texas hold'em and this difference is based on the position you have at the playing table and on the value of the hands. When you are playing no-limit hold'em you will find that position is much more important than in the limit games. The explanation is quite simple actually because there is no limit so more money are involved and the goals you set depend on your position and they will have a bigger impact on you bankroll. If somehow you manage to get someone into a position trap you will here have a change to get that person's entire stack, not only a few more bets like in Limit hold'em. In no-limit poker the big connectors are n  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: J Finney 
 Article Title :: How To Win Playing Poker: Learn To Play Your Opponent
When you are entering the world of poker you must be aware of the fact that in order to achieve the best performance you must become skilled not only at playing poker as a game but also at playing poker players as persons. This basically translates through a play that is generally perfect when it comes to techniques and that will also be adjustable to the other's style and skill. You play must rely on the weaknesses of you opponents and take shelter from their strong points. To do this you have to constantly observe them and pick the most appropriate strategy in each specific case. You have to consider things like advertising you game. This will give you a variety in your game when mixed w  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: J Finney 
 Article Title :: Poker Strategy Tip: How To Advertise
You can use many methods to keep others from telling your moves. Let just think of trying for free cards bluffing, check then raising, semi-bluffing, and slow -play are some of them. Still this is not all because there is a more different and sophisticated way. This type of play is called an advertising play. It basically means that you will play badly, crazy and do all the wrong moves when you are sure everyone can see that. By doing this you will lose hands for nothing and mess with the other players heads, misleading them, but after a while you can play good poker and win big from those exact players. Advertising plays must be done only with persons you are sure you will play again so yo  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: J Finney 
 Article Title :: Poker Pot Odds: Why They're Vital If You Want To Be A Winning Player
Poker pot odds, just what are they? When we are referring to pot odds we are actually talking about a crucial element in the game of poker. The pot odds are determined by evaluating the size of the pot and the bet that is about to be made. Let's take a little example for clarification purposes: the size of the pot is $20 and a bet of $5 has been made and now you are about to call it. The pot odds in this case will be 20/5 that means odds of 4:1. If the call would be done for $10 instead of $5, then you would get pot odds of 2:1. Generally, the pot odds are identified by dividing the size of the pot to the amount of the bet when all bets of the round are equal. The size of the pot You mus  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: J Finney 
 Article Title :: Playing Texas Hold 'Em Poker: Playing The Flop And Overcards
When playing limit Texas hold'em you can find yourself into some situations when on the flop you have nothing more but two over-cards. This happens because Texas hold'em limit is mostly a game of big cards. It is a common mistake when three players draw for an over-card and the draw is incorrect, and if this happens to you, then you should put it on the list of leaks in your game. The most common problem that happened when dealing with over-cards is the thing that you are hoping for a weak hand that will not make you the winner even if you manage to get that hand. In life not only in theory, this has happened many many times: players hit their hands but the hands are worthless and they stil  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: J Finney 
 Article Title :: Playing Poker Smart: Selecting The Right Table
When selecting a poker room or a table for short, you should do it with caution. Essentially you must choose games in which you can stand a chance not only with your poker skills but also with your bankroll. This is best explained if we take an easy example. Let's say you are the 15th top player in the world and you only play at tables with the 10th top players exclusively. It would not be a wonder if you lose more often than you win. You must include at your table players that you know or think are worse than you, not only players about whom you know for sure are better than you. If you do this mistake you may find yourself passed by a player that has worse poker skills but who only plays   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Robert Benson 
 Article Title :: Poker: Luck Or Skill-Some Winning Tips
Does poker require luck or skill? Some play the game and seem to hit every card needed for the winning hand. Others, with a hand that could not beat any hand on the table, slyly walk away with the pot with a wink and a smile. So the answer to the question it would seem would be that it is a little bit of both; luck and skill are needed to be a successful poker player. After all, gambling is a game of chance. But consider this: some mathematicians contend that the odds of getting a royal flush are 1 in 649,739. So, given those odds, chances are if you rely on the luck of the draw you will definitely lose more than you will win. So how do you become an experienced poker player and win all   (read full article)
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