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Categories :: Home & Garden : Hobbies Articles


Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Robbie Darmona 
 Article Title :: Fashionable Embroider Designs: How to Stitch Them Ourselves?
Embroidery has become an important part in today's fashion. Wide variety of embroidery designs exists which can be seen on nearly every wearable cloth in a man's wardrobe: T-shirts, trousers, garments. It also takes on a large number of household materials: bed-cloths, counterpanes, draperies etc. Various kinds of embroidery designs can be found on the Internet. There exists a basic systematisation of this diversity:embroider designs can be qualified into four types. The first one is the most exploited by embroidery lovers: the clothing embroidery design. It includes embroidery designs on fashion clothes, on man's wear, on children's clothes, on women's dresses or suits. This type of des  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Robbie Darmona 
 Article Title :: The History of Embroidery and Its Modern Development
Most people associate embroidery with a boring way to fill up a housewife's daily life. The uninteresting procedure of producing a stitched picture on a cloth may seem to many uninitiated a sheer waste of time. But, once you learn more about it, you may come to discover how incredibly fascinating it is. To begin with, embroidery has a long history, which dates back to more than 3000 years B.C.It is probably the first form of art, as man has used decoration with aesthetic purposes as early as the invention of the needle and thread themselves. What is more: you may not be aware but actually embroidery was a man's not a woman's invention! In ancient cultures from every part of the world, embro  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Dee Marie 
 Article Title :: Scrapbooking for the Non-creative Person
If you feel that you are short on creativity but like the idea of scrapbooking, there are many options to choose from. Many scrapbooking kits are perfect for a new scrapbooker or for someone who wants help coming up with themes and ideas. There are also wide varieties of mini kits for those who have the basic scrapbooking tools (including the scrapbook) so that creating new pages is fun and easy. In other words, scrapbooking does not have to be an intimidating process, and anyone can do it. When you are stuck on ideas, consult the many books and websites that offer suggestions and tips. You can get some great ideas that don't require a lot of complicated creations. Scrapbooks can be as si  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Edwin Shackleford 
 Article Title :: More Tips On How To Lower Your Golf Score
Golfing is typically played in different forms depending on the agreed terms between the competing parties. These may come in two forms with corresponding rules to be played on and these are the match play and the stroke play. In any given type of golf games, winning is determined by the fewer number of strikes before the ball gets into their respective holes. How you would be able to lower your golf score depends on how you strategize and effectively hit the ball to get it to the nearest holes you are trying to reach. But this objective makes it even hard for us due to a variety of reasons. There are a couple of tips by which novice golfers could take advantage of in order to get awa  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Edwin Shackleford 
 Article Title :: Spend Wisely When Buying Golf Equipment
How do you know how much golf equipment you are intent to spend your money on? What kind and type should you purchase? To make it easier for you to know which is which, the following are some questions and tips you should ask yourself and could keep in mind as well when you are shopping for your first set of golf clubs, golf balls, etc. Why are you playing golf? Look deep inside you and find out. Is it because you want to play at least twice a year with your business partners and you do not want to feel left out among their circle? Or is it because you are sincerely and devotedly interested enough to learn and play it for as long as you get the chance? Of all games that are available o  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: David De Groot 
 Article Title :: Four Things You Absolutely Need to Know before Buying an Oil Painting Reproduction
You've decided to invest in a beautiful oil painting reproduction. You have an idea of the type of painting you'd like, but you're still unsure about making the purchase. This anxiety is normal when considering a reproduction purchase for the first time. Knowing the right questions to ask will enable you to make a wise purchase. Unlike machine-generated copies, oil reproductions are hand-painted replicas of original paintings, which are created by an actual skilled artist. You're naturally concerned about getting great quality. Here are four things you should know before buying an oil painting reproduction. Know Your Artist The artist is key to getting a fine reproduction that matches th  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: David De Groot 
 Article Title :: Locate and Secure Gorgeous Art Reproductions
Finding the perfect painting for your home decor is not always easy. If you're an art lover, you probably have a difficult time choosing among the many great paintings available. Many art fans choose oil reproduction paintings instead of originals to get the painting they want at a reasonable price. Oil reproductions are beautiful hand-painted recreations of famous paintings from the past. But even when buying reproductions, choosing the right one can be tough. Below are several factors to consider before purchasing an oil painting reproduction. Where Will You Hang the Painting? If you plan to hang the painting in your home, determine a location before making your purchase. Will it hang   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Buck Wilson 
 Article Title :: Fishing Tips for the New Angler - Where to Find the Big Bass!
Ready to join the growing number of sportsmen who have set their sights on catching that big bass? Thousands of new anglers are gearing up to hit the lakes, streams and rivers in search of the largemouth bass. This magnificent game fish can be as elusive as that winning lottery ticket. Bass are part of the sunfish family. Other members of this species include spotted bass, smallmouth bass, rock bass, bluegill, and pumpkinseed fish. These bass, including the largemouth, are identified as warm water bass or black bass. Because of its "spirited" nature on the line, the largemouth bass is a favorite game fish for the casual weekend angler, as well as, the tournament fisherman. As a new angler  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Dee Marie 
 Article Title :: Preserving Your Scrapbook Albums
You can easily spend many, many hours creating your family heirloom scrapbooks. The last thing you want is for damage to occur in storage. How can you best take care of your precious scrapbooks? The first thing is to start right. If you're a seasoned scrapper, you may already know these things, and beginners definitely want to start out right. When creating your scrapbook, do not use any materials that contain acid. This means that all scrapbooking papers and pens should be made of acid-free materials. Most products specifically designed for scrapbooking will state this on the label. Papers should also be acid free as well as lignin free. Lignin is a woody fiber that binds paper together,  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Catherine Pulsifer 
 Article Title :: Short Motivational Sayings and Quotes to Paint
Over the years I have been collecting and writing motivational sayings, quotes, and proverbs. When I started painting I use these sayings and quotes on my projects. They add a positive point to my work. One example where I use them is on the bottom of painted rocks. People always seem pleasantly surprised when they turn the painted rock over and there is a saying on it. The motivational sayings, quotes, and proverbs below are short, one to two liners, that will enhance projects you are working on. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! Do It! Fall seven times, stand up eight! Happiness depends on ourselves. All things are difficult before they are easy. Anyone can navigate in   (read full article)
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