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Categories :: Home & Garden : Hobbies Articles


Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Whozylee Aris 
 Article Title :: 7 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Model Ship Kits
Whenever you make any purchase it is important to take into account what you are buying. Whether buying for yourself or for someone else as a gift, you should examine your options and think through what you would like to buy. Purchasing model ship kits is no different. Additionally, because model ship kits can be rather expensive, it is sometimes even more important for you to carefully consider your options before committing to one kit or another. Here are some things to consider before you spend your money on a model ship kit. Budget. This is always the first consideration whenever you buy anything, including model ship kits. Because there are kits that cost tens of thousands   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Kelly Johns 
 Article Title :: Sports Memorabilia Fraud On The Rise Again
Fake autographs on eBay are more prevalent today than during the FBI Operation Bullpen sting a few years ago. It seems that this new generation of fraudulent sellers have forgotten how many people the FBI put in jail during their investigation. The industryÂ’s leading autograph authenticator, PSA-DNA, claims that only 33 percent of more than 10,000 Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan autographs it scrutinized were real. That means more than 6,600 of the 10,000 signatures PSA-DNA sampled were forgeries. eBay is a prime place to sell fake autographs because most bidders are new to the market and don't know how to spot a real autograph. Some bogus dealers trick custome  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Dave Anderson 
 Article Title :: Yugioh 101: How To Play The Yugioh Trading Card Game
Based on the hit Japanese comic book and cartoon series, Yugioh trading cards have become a hit with youngsters everywhere. Yugioh enthusiasts worldwide collect the wildly popular Yugioh trading cards in order to participate in the elaborate game that is based on the trading cards. If youÂ’re curious about the Yugioh phenomenon, and would like to learn the basic rules and strategies of the Yugioh trading card game, here is a helpful Yugioh primer. The basic object of the Yugioh trading card game is to become a master duelist by winning a series of matches against your opponent. To play, two or more players must have a basic set of game cards, a game mat, and a copy of the of  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: House of Gems 
 Article Title :: "Knot With My Thread" - Stringing Choices For Beading & Jewelry Making.
One very important lesson I learned is that there is no one, all-purpose (Universal) stringing material. Here are the major stringing materials along with how and when to use each of them. SILK THREAD: Silk has a wondrous “hand” (a soft, flexible feel). This thread comes in many sizes and colors. It comes packaged on spools, and “carded” with an attached needle. This is a classic stringing material and forms beautiful knots between pearls and beads. But, silk tends to be relatively fragile. It can stretch, be cut by abrasive beads, rot when wet, and pearls strung on silk should be re strung every few years. It is best to use silk when stringing pearl  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Ralph Serpe 
 Article Title :: Introduction to Oil Painting Techniques
Oil paint is an amazing versatile medium. It can be applied in a thick buttery fashion or thinned down to a watery consistency. This versatility opens the door to a number of different painting techniques. My personal preference is to begin my oil paintings by first sketching out the composition using acrylic paint or with water-soluble oil paints. The popular approach to oil painting is to thin the paint with turpentine to apply your initial layers. Turpentine is quite toxic and I prefer not to work with it. Acrylic or water-soluble oil paints can be thinned down with plain old water and are more pleasant to work with in my opinion. You can also begin your oil pain  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Oliver Ciantea 
 Article Title :: www. viennamagic.com/shop launched
Time has come: Viennamagic, Europe's biggest magic store is glittering with new splendour! The new owners, Olga and Oliver Ciontea, have revived the "shop of thousand wonders". More than 3000 magic items are in stock on a surface of about 500 m2. And the already legendary bunny, sitting in it's top hat high above the facade of the shop, repeatedly awarded with prizes, and of which thousands of tourists considering it as a real attraction have taken pictures, is shining as white as never before. Magic shows can be watched in the little theatre located in the back of the store. And in about two months' time, everyone enthusiastic about magic will have the possibility to marvel the precious ex  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: David De Groot 
 Article Title :: Five Mistakes to Avoid when Buying an Art Reproduction Painting
Art reproductions make splendid investments if you enjoy fine art and want to stay within your budget. Hand-painted reproductions are painted on canvas by experienced artists, which makes them more comparable to the originals than printed copies. However, not all art reproductions are created equal. Before buying an art reproduction, try to avoid these mistakes. Mistake #1: Buying Art Based on Artist Recognition Alone If you adore paintings by a particular artist, never assume that all paintings by that artist are going to be desirable. Many talented artists produce great and not-so-great paintings. If you buy paintings by a particular artist without seeing them first, you might be disapp  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Ben Edwards & Samuel Ng 
 Article Title :: Guide To Choosing An Online Guitar Course
FIRST THINGS FIRST: The internet has opened up many opportunities to have information transferred around the world. One of the more recent developments on the internet has been the proliferation of 'how to' websites trying to sell their programs online. This article will focus on this and particularly on learning how to play guitar sites. The first things that you should think about when you are looking into learning the guitar are your goals and ambitions. It is important to develop are clear vision about where you want to go. This could be a dream of rock stardom or just simply having the goal to be able to play a few simple songs. WAYS TO LEARN GUITAR: There are many ways you can  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Samuel Ng, Guitar Improvement Strategist 
 Article Title :: How To Remove Guitar Tuning Problems & Keep Your Steel Strings Brighter
Warning: Most people may find it too good to be true or simply too hard to believe. The only way to find out is to test it out. 1) How To Remove Guitar Tuning Problems: The few main causes of tuning problems are, not putting new strings correctly, not stretching them properly and an improperly slotted nut. First fix is to get a lesson on string winding and make sure you stretch them out. Second fix is to have your nut slots checked and possibly filed out to the correct diameter and angled for each string. One thing you can do yourself which eliminates a ton of tuning problems is to simply lift the string out of the nut and turn a pencil in the slot. The thin layer of graphite dust   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Ace Blackwood 
 Article Title :: What You Don't Know May Hurt You: Avoid Offline Gambling Scams
With commodities escalating to greater heights, more and more people are continuously are getting poorer each day. Here, there, and everywhere, people can be found seeking ways to sustain their daily lives. Hence, getting into fraudulent activity is another way of combating the hard times. No wonder why people are experiencing scam-related activities these days, especially those who are into gambling activities. This is because in gambling, more people are easily enticed to engage into activities that will give them an easy way to win. The Common Offline Gambling Scam Contrary to most popular belief, gambling scams do not just happen in the Internet. In fact, surveys show that there are   (read full article)
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