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Categories :: Home & Garden : Hobbies Articles


Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Chris Simeral 
 Article Title :: Scrapbooking for genealogists: 3 creative ways to preserve your family's history
Whether you've spent several days, several years, or some time in between in trying to uncover your family's history or researching your last name origins, you're no doubt looking for some creative ideas for preserving whatever it is that you've found. After all, computer printouts of a bunch of names are nice to have, but you won't exactly be proud to pass that around at the next family reunion, would you? And think about this: wouldn't it be wonderful if one of your ancestors had considered generations to come? You can do what you wish someone had done for you - you can preserve the past for the future. Themed scrapbooks help cover up the gaps One of the easiest ways to preserve your d  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Paula McDonald 
 Article Title :: Tips for the Scrapbooking Beginner - How to Get Started
Taking Pictures The first thing a potential scrapbooker should know is how to take a good picture, as the vast majority of scrapbooks are centered around our photographs. Visit our photography page for specific tips on taking pictures. Photo Storage I have found that the system that works best for me is to store my not-so-great pictures in those inexpensive photo storage boxes (in chronological order). All of my other pictures go into regular photo albums immediately after being developed so I can keep them in order. Then, as I update my scrapbook, I simply flip through the album and decide which pictures are scrapbook worthy. Since using a digital camera, I sometime  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Paula McDonald 
 Article Title :: The Color Wheel - The Goof-Proof Way to Coordinate Your Scrapbooking Layout
The colo r wheel is the basis for coordinating colors. It consists of 12 pure hues in a circle. The color locations around the wheel designate which colors schemes are appealing to the eye. There are four color combinations to examine: Complimentary Complimentary colors are 2 colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Generally, the colors should be of the same tint or shade. For Example, bright lime green and fuschia would be complimentary. Another choice might be pale blue and peach. Triad Triad consists of 3 colors that are equidistant apart from each other on the wheel. For example, primary colors blue, yellow, and red are part of a triad. Or one might  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Paula McDonald 
 Article Title :: Scrapbooking Rub-ons
Scrapbooking rub-ons are an extremely versatile way to add embellishments to your scrapbook layouts. Rub-ons can give a hand-lettered look instantly, without the unpredictability of real handwriting, or the edges that result through the use of stickers. There are rub-ons for every occasion - seasons, birthdays, weddings, baby, travel, and much more. There are rub-on images such as flowers and borders, themed rub-on phrases, and rub-on alphabets, which give you complete flexibility with exactly what you want to say. In addition to scrapbook papers, rub-ons can be applied to plastic, metal, wood, ribbon, fabric, and even curved surfaces, so they are great for virtually any craft project. To   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Brian Schieber 
 Article Title :: Alpaca Retailer Purchases Craft Items
PurelyAlpaca supports the alpaca garment industry through education, sales and sponsorship. We welcome original designs from fiber and craft artists which use or promote alpaca fiber. We also accept alpaca theme gifts. Types of items we have accepted for sale in the past include: Baby blankets Children's sweaters Children's hats, gloves and mittens Children's socks Adult hats and scarves Toys Original artwork in an alpaca theme Guidelines: Clothing products are new. The artist will provide an attractive image and description of the item. A writeup about you and your work or a URL link to a web page with same to cover questions such as (for a fiber item): How did  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Melanie Brown 
 Article Title :: Add a Special Touch to Your Stamped Cards with Embellishments
Once you have the basic stamping techniques mastered, you will likely want to move on to something more. By adding embellishments to your handcrafted cards, you will create cards that are more than just messages of greetings, but little pieces of art as well. When you think of embellishments, you may immediately think that you need to spend a lot of money to add beautiful things to your cards. But this is not true; by using a few embellishments wisely, a strong statement can be made on your creations. Some of the easiest embellishments can make the most difference to your finished look. Common additions include eyelets, brads, buttons, charms, and fibers. Eyelets Eyelets are very   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Alan Detwiler 
 Article Title :: Preparing For a Widespread Disaster
There are at least seven global or widespread disasters that seem likely to occur at sometime in the future. A large asteroid hitting the earth is one of those seven. It is generally accepted by scientists that asteroids have struck the earth in the past causing widespread damage. It is believed that asteroids will continue to collide with the earth every now and then. Maybe every sixty million years a big one comes along that is large enough to have a global effect on survival of earth's living things. The chances of such an event happening in a particular person's lifetime are tiny. But that tiny chance is there. It is unpleasant to consider such terrible things. But the best attitude,   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Cole Branel 
 Article Title :: Volvo Ocean Race, It's beginnings
Since its inception when it was originally sponsored by Whitebread, the Volvo Ocean Race has become the worlds premier sailing event. When deep-ocean sailors gather to down a few pints, the conversation inevitably turns to tales of passages made, races won, and colleagues lost. It was at just such a gathering in 1971 that the discussion turned to thoughts of staging the ultimate race around the world -- a trip of nearly 27,000 miles. It would be a race that pushed the endurance of the crews and boats to the outer limits as they navigated sweltering Doldrums, freezing oceans filled with icebergs, and gales that blew unabated for weeks on end of a race that would be considered the Mt. Everes  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Fion Lim 
 Article Title :: Help! Your Heart is Missing From Your Scrapbooking Journaling - Part 5
In your scrapbooking journaling, don't fall into the trap of journaling rut. You don't always have to assume the role of the reporter style, lying down all the facts and figures. Experiment with various styles. Become a storyteller on one layout and a TV presenter in another layout. How about writing in a food critic or a fashion editor format? Have fun switching roles now and there. Remember to keep a conversational tone to keep your story easy to read. What happens when you begin to journal in a conversational manner, it's not only easier for people to read but you also become more confident in writing. Because you know that you are writing as if you're sharing and talking to someone.  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Fion Lim 
 Article Title :: Help! Your Heart is Missing From Your Scrapbooking Journaling - Part 4
Do you find that humans have a tendency to state the obvious and this tendency carries over to scrapbooking journaling too? Let's take for example. There's a photo showing your little girl doing a little tap dance routine at her dance school. Instead of journaling the obvious that she's dancing, why not list out the wonderful traits she exhibited from her dance practice? Like how she has displayed persistence in perfecting her dance steps by spending a few uninitiated afternoons practicing her moves at home alone? Rather than harping on the obvious fact that she's dancing, you can have the chance to remind her of a wonderful trait of persistence you hope she'll carry into adulthood as we  (read full article)
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