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Categories :: Home & Garden : Hobbies Articles


Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Francine Johnson 
 Article Title :: What Is Diamond Clarity?
The clarity of a diamond is perhaps one of its most valuable selling points in the eye of the consumer. A diamond, that has flash and fire, will stand out even above others that are far larger. That's because diamonds are basically prisms, which capture light and reflect it back and forth, before it leaves the stone. If you had two similar stones and were wondering which of them was the diamond, you could put a tiny light behind each one and see how the light passed through it. If you basically got the beam of light coming out the other side, the stone is not genuine. A diamond refracts the light so many times, that it would only emerge from the other side as a soft glow. Clarity is con  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Chris Thomas 
 Article Title :: A new digital camera is 'Braun'
The Braun D410 Digital Camera Pros A camera compact in shape and function – size of a packet of 20 cigarettes. Designed for simplicity in use and the ladies handbag with a neat case included 4MByte sensor – very respectable: and a three times optical zoom – a good lens. Simple to use and gives excellent results – prints of up to 10 x 8 inches are feasible on best settings. Cons Only space for two AA batteries – but the case is small! – take some spares. Lacks an optical viewfinder, LCD display difficult to see on a sunny day. Flash is good up to 10 feet max – but then that is true of most on camera flashes. The Braun D410 is a compact camera that comes compete with batter  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Jakob Jelling 
 Article Title :: An approach to French art
France has been among the main pioneers in many artistic expression forms throughout the country's history. France and art are both strongly attached to each other and it would not be possible to think of world art without thinking of France or think or Frances main characteristics without thinking of art. French art has had a very important influence not only in the French culture but also in the rest of the world. The importance of art in France can be easily reflected through the great amount of museums and art exhibitions spread throughout the country. This great list would include, among the main ones, the Musee du Louvre, one of the greatest museums of the world. Also in this list we  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Adel Awwad 
 Article Title :: A Winning Roulette System
Roulette is considered t be one of the most popular casino games in the world. It tends to draw players from all types of backgrounds. Being a relatively simple game to understand while offering a diverse range of betting options and payout outcomes is what makes Roulette such a big hit with the players. Roulette is also considered to be one of the casino's biggest money makers because it tends to place the odds in favor of the casino. Whether one is placing bets on an American Roulette Wheel which has 38 numbers (0, 00, 1-36), or on a European Roulette Wheel which has 37 numbers (0, 1-36), the odds are usually in favor of the casino, especially if one places bets such as a straight up bet   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Chad Kimball 
 Article Title :: How to Understand Algebraic Notation in Newer Chess Strategy Books
"Notation" is a method in chess strategy books that is used to describe the movement of pieces on the chess board, without needing a visual diagram of the chess board for each move. It greatly increases a chess author's ability to describe a large number of chess games in compact form, leaving more room for game analysis. It also allows the author to concentrate on chess strategies and tactics, rather than requiring hundreds and hundreds of cumbersome diagrams of the chess board for each move. If you are a chess player, aspiring to improve through strategy books, understanding the two chess notation styles is crucial to your improvement. Most chess strategy books are either written in "D  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Chad Kimball 
 Article Title :: Chess Aptitude Test: How Do You Score?
Jonathan Levitt, an GM with a lot of chess experience under his belt, created what I believe is one of the most effective and simple, "self-tests" to determine chess aptitude. This test is discussed in his book, "Genius in Chess." To take the test, you first need to know how to understand the diagram of a chessboard in algebraic notation. If you are an experienced chess player who is familiar with chess notation, you can skip this paragraph and move to the paragraph where I describe the test. In algebraic chess notation, each row of the chess board is assigned a number from 1 to 8, beginning with the white side. Each column is described with a letter from a to h, going from left to right f  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Dave Cushion 
 Article Title :: Soap Making Oils For Creating Your Own Specialty Soaps
Do you want to give your handmade soaps that uniqueness that others will marvel at? Want to create soap for special needs like moisturizing? Then, you need to understand the various soap making oils and learn what they can do for your soap. To get you started, let's take a look at some very poplular ingredients that you can use to make your soap extra special. Avocado Oil... Avocado oil is produced by mashing the pulp of the avocado fruit. This oil is a good choice for making moisturizing soaps. Coconut Oil... This oil is the partially solid fat obtained from the flesh of coconuts. It affects the hardness and amount of lather in the soap, but can be drying to the skin.   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Ron King 
 Article Title :: Gold Panning For Fun & Profit
How Much Gold Can I Expect To Find? The definitive answer is -- it depends. There are many variables. The amount of gold recovered varies tremendously. You may find a few small nuggets every few pans, while your friend 10 feet away will find nothing but gold dust. The most difficult lesson to learn is where gold hides. The path of water, amount of gold moving, types of rocks and speed of the water over the life of the stream, all affect gold and where it settles. This means that you may find decent flakes at a specific spot, but never find anything else there again. There is no reliable way to tell how much gold will be found. If you go to the same area each time, you will be able to g  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Yvonne Volante 
 Article Title :: Flying As A Hobby
Ask a room full of people what hobby they have and you will get as many answers as there are people. Others will confess that they don’t have a hobby. They probably do; but just don’t label it as such. By definition, a hobby is an activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure. Whether flying, stamp collecting, chat rooms, trains, softball,scrapbooking, golf, reading, painting, tap dancing, yard work, crafts, auto mechanics, music, hunting down garage sales, sewing, fishing, cooking, boating, furniture refinishing, javelin tossing or a plethora of other activities or interests the key element is balance. You must find balance between  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Clare James 
 Article Title :: From the desk of...Stationery Addict
As a kid, one of my greatest treats was to visit WHSmith in town. Way back in the days before tragedies like little Jamie Bulger being snatched, my Dad would leave me in WHS, under the watchful eye of the friendly security guard while Dad went off and stood in the endless queue in the nearby bank on a Saturday morning. The racks and rows of stationery supplies enchanted me – maybe an early symptom of the writing career I’d try to forge as a so-called grown up… Even as I got older, I’d spend as much of my allowance on postcards, pens, notepaper and stickers as my girlfriends would on lipstick or nail varnish! My first paid job was a junior administrator; unsurprisingly I earned brow  (read full article)
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