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Categories :: Home & Garden : Hobbies Articles


Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Gary Wilkinson 
 Article Title :: Help! My Old Colour Photo has turned Pink - 5 Minute Digital Fix
Almost all of us will have seen this particular photographic problem, namely, your old colour photographs appear to have taken on an overall pink or blue tint. This is primarily due to the chemicals within the various layers of the photographic paper starting to breakdown, often due to age, and the way that the photographs have been stored. In many cases it is due to reactants in the environment (remember acid rain?) causing a chemical reaction which results in the fading of certain colour pigments in the photo. Pink and blue colour shifts are commonplace. Luckily, these colour shifts can be easily corrected, using your favourite image manipulation software, in suc  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Gary Wilkinson 
 Article Title :: Crooked Horizons in your Photos? - 5 Minute Digital Fix
Remember the good old photography days? Film camera in hand, you would see that perfect landscape, seascape or sunset and shoot off several shots. Perhaps a couple of weeks later, once you had returned home and finally finished that 24 or 36 exposure film, it was off to the photo-lab to get the film processed. You eagerly open the packet of photographs, looking for that superb seascape you took, knowing that it would almost certainly be taken up by National Geographic for their monthly magazine spread. What do you find? A not too bad photo, but the seascape horizon is crooked, here’s your excuse, I hear you say.. “Well when I took the shot I was standing on the side   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Justin Koh 
 Article Title :: Best Home Theater - How To Choose The Best Home Theater System For Yourself
At first it seems like much fun having the cash to indulge and immerse yourself in high-definition video and surround sound, and then you realise there's more decision to be made than just placing a sleek TV panel and a bunch of speakers in the living room. Investing in a home theater system practically takes some planning in order to get the aesthetics right and make yourself comfortable with all the equipment around. 1. Most readers won't expect this, but first of all, you do need to get your immediate family's agreement to have a home theater right in their midst. Decide whether it's OK to install the system in the living room, or have a separate room dedicated for a most complete TV wa  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Duane Shinn 
 Article Title :: How To Play Piano Using Chord Symbols
Chord symbols (for example, Cmaj7 or G6) are a type of notation used frequently in jazz and other areas of modern music to notate chord progressions and changes. This type of notation differs from that of classical music in that chord symbols don't show the function of a chord the way the Roman numeral notation does. Chord symbols, for modern music with lots of changes, are much easier to read. They function as a sort of shorthand for change-heavy music and are written with four chord parts in mind: the root, the quality, the extension, and the alterations. The first part in chord symbols, the root, tells the musician which note is the root of the chord. In an E6 chord, for instance, the   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Nick Johnson 
 Article Title :: Samurai Swords - Choosing a Sword to Buy
It’s undeniable that a well placed and mounted samurai sword or samurai sword set looks fantastic and an ads character to any room of the home, but is it worth spending upwards of $650 on such a sword or sword set? This all depends on your reasons for buying a samurai sword. If you are merely purchasing a samurai sword for display purposes and positioning it as a focal point in a room then you certainly don’t need to spend anything like the amount suggested above, you can just go for a relatively cheap manufactured replica with the necessary sword stand. Sword stands come in a variety of applications – table standing, wall mounted or single standing sword stands. How you display you  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Rose Russel 
 Article Title :: A Free Roulette System that Works
Many roulette systems have been tried out over the years, most failing miserably - a classic example would be the 'Martingale' system, which expects you to continue 'doubling up' on losing bets with the only certainty being that at some point it will clean you out. The 'Supabets' (TM) method though, relies on 2 things for its success. First, the existance of online casinos, where there are no pit staff to notice what you are doing and throw you out, and second, the fact that the standard roulette table has an inbuilt flaw that is easy to exploit. Groundwork - aside from the 0 or 00, each roulette number is either black or red, and if you bet on black or red, you win evens. The house edge   (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Gary Wilkinson 
 Article Title :: Removing spot scratches in your treasured photos - 5 Minute Digital Fix
Probably one of the most common problems you will be faced with in doing any type of digital photo restoration work will be to do with spot scratches on your old photos. When we first look at those old black and white or early colour photos they often have small scratch marks and spots on them from being stored incorrectly. These small spot scratches are easily perceived by your eye when you are looking at the photo, detracting from the overall subject matter. Here is a very easy quick fix using Adobe Photoshop’s History Brush tool. Our example "before" image on our web-site has numerous small spot scratches on the old sepia toned photograph. The b  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Rick Chapo 
 Article Title :: Bird Watching Journals - Preserve Your Bird Watching Experiences
Bird Watching is a great way to escape the rat race and be one with nature. Alas, your bird watching experiences can fade with time. The best way to prevent this is to keep a bird watching journal for your sightings and trips. Bird Watching Journals Take a minute to give some consideration to your most recent bird watching experience. What sticks out in your mind? Now think about the first time you ever went bird watching. Undoubtedly, you remember few things about the geography, people you went with, every bird sighted and so on. The experiences you’ve forgotten are lost to time. If you had kept a bird watching journal, this wouldn’t be the case. There are famous instances of peo  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Jake Berlin 
 Article Title :: Preparing For a Leather Craft Project
Preparing For a Leather Craft Project Once you've decided on your leather craft project, you'll need the right tools and room to do the work. Being prepared ahead of time will make your task more enjoyable and give you a sense of satisfation when you're done. If you're like most of us you'll probably be working on more leather craft projects over time, so creating a designated area is probably a good idea. What to Cut On Regardless of the project, you’ll need to cut your piece of leather. Choose a flat surface protected with a rubber mat. The latter will help protect your tools and prevent them from becoming blunt. Alternatively, you can purchase a self-healing cutting board that comes  (read full article)
Category :: Hobbies Articles Author :: Peter Lenkefi 
 Article Title :: Buy New Kayaks
Kayaking is an increasingly popular sport, and one that has been popular for quite some time now. Kayaks come in many different guises and are made of many different materials in numerous colours for all sorts of activities. When you want to buy new kayaks either for yourself or someone else the best idea is to try them out; not necessarily in the water but go to a shop and see what type suits you best. You don’t necessarily need to buy new kayaks there and then, just window shop. There are essentially to types to consider when you want to buy new kayaks: sit on and sit in kayaks. The type you choose will depend on what you want to do, but here are a couple of reviews to consider when yo  (read full article)
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