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Categories :: Entertainment : Humanities Articles


Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Stuart Bazga 
 Article Title :: A Short Biography on Some of Europe's Most Loved and Hated Monarchs - Pt 6 Philip II
Philip II, born 1165, was the son of King Louis VII and became King of France in 1180 when his father died.In 1190, Philip along with Richard I of England and the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick I Barbarossa, embarked on the Third crusade as comrades in arms but at some point during the journey they quarreled. Philip returned to France a year later whilst the French army remained in Outremer under the command of Hugues III, duke of Burgundy.Allying himself with the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VI and Richard's brother, John, he set about claiming Richard's territories in France as his own. In 1194, after returning from the crusades, Richard set off on a new campaign retaking all  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Houston We Have a Problem; Hurricane Katrina Victims
In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina we see some problematic race issue. There are Black Americans very concerned that the slower than anticipated relief efforts. In fact some have taken to the media and even written scathing reports and condemnations of everyone from the former Head of FEMA to the President of the United States claiming they are anti-black and helped white people first.I am saddened to find our citizens feel like this, it upsets me. I read one article that a Malcolm X or a modern day MLK could have well written it. It was an attack on the leadership telling of anti-African American sentiments. A well written article by a talented writer in fact certain paragraphs  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: John Anderson 
 Article Title :: Joseph Calleia: The Bit Part Actors' Actor From the Island of Malta
Joseph Calleia was born in Malta on the 4th of August, 1897. His official biography simply says Malta, but some of the people I have interviewed say he was born in the village of Rabat, others Sliema. Joseph had a very good singing voice and actually began his career as a concert singer in England and Paris. He came to Hollywood in 1931 and played the villain, Juan, in My Sin. His slightly menacing persona fit the role perfectly, and he was called upon to play similar characters often until his film career ended in 1963 with Johnny Cool. Perhaps his most famous role was the villain, Jeff Badger, in My Little Chickadee with W.C. Fields and Mae West. Though IMDb, which calls itself the wor  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Phillip Lloyd 
 Article Title :: A 60s Fancy Dress
Think 60s fancy dress. What do you see? What do you imagine yourself wearing? No matter if you were with it during that time or not, you are sure to know what the 60s look is all about. So, take it to the next level and dress yourself to look just as if you stepped out of a time machine from the bold and beautiful 60s! Throughout the web you will find all sorts of great 60s fancy dress options. You are sure to find a wide range of products like those that really will turn your head! For many, it is all about the music and the style. For others, it is about who was in power and how that came to be. What you need to do, and do this now, is to look at all of the opt  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Phillip Lloyd 
 Article Title :: 80s Fancy Dress
The idea of 80s fancy dress brings back memories. If you are considering the purchase of something that is related to this era in time, you should consider the wide range of choices you have. It’s all about the music. Its all about the Hollywood stars. And, it’s all about the party! Let’s take a look at just what options for 80s fancy dress should bring up to you. Some options that may spark an interest are the way that life was. It was a time when just about anyone could find a reason to throw a party. It was a time when funky clothes and outrageous hairdos were, well, they were cool! Remembering these times will really bring back some thoughts and some sm  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Phillip Lloyd 
 Article Title :: Abba Fancy Dress Your Perfect Look
If you loved the Abba fancy dress costumes you saw or if you just love the look of this era, go ahead and take it one step farther by dressing the part completely. Let’s face it, the 70’s were all about looking great and feeling great! Bring back some of that flare, that love for life and those cute looks by dressing in an Abba fancy dress! Regardless of how you want to look, it is important that you take the time to purchase an outfit that looks and feels just like you want it to. You should have yourself dressed from head to toe so that you can really play the role well. Make sure that you look like you have stepped out of a time warp with your Abba fancy dress  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Sam Oliver 
 Article Title :: The Characteristics of Soul
At the dawn of spring, I am reminded by my children the joy of anticipating new life. They will usually see a flower or two that has made its way through the soil to a world beyond itself. What starts out as a seedling or bulb is transformed by nature's capacity to evolve. Inside each of us lies dormant an awareness, an identity, an ability to grow beyond what we appear to be. Every moment, we are being challenged by others and by circumstances to create a life that exceeds our present state of living. To move toward our highest good takes a willingness on our part to let go of what we know to what can be known in and through us. You and I are part of t  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: J Square Humboldt 
 Article Title :: Friday's Girl
A centuries-old mystery has crossed my path again ... I mentioned in a recent article that there was a dispute in many academic quarters regarding the actual Viking deity being honored by the name, 'Friday.' The cold, hard fact is that unless someone unearths a runic stone that confirms the issue --- and that's not likely --- only a preponderance of circumstantial evidence is going to carry the day in any such debate. So, while others while away their time contemplating world peace, I've returned to the search for Friday's inspiration. If you'll recall, four of the seven days of the week are named after Norse gods: - Tuesday is for Tyr, the  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Andy Carloff 
 Article Title :: Cold
A Squatter's TaleIt was cold. We kept marching, my partner and I, through the December streets. The winter sky daunting us, seemingly motionless, as we continued our journey through this nightmare of sensory affliction.It was cold. But it wasn't just cold. It was fucking cold. Feeling had departed from my fingers, my hands, my arms, my legs, my feet, my face. The only part of my that was warm was the only part that seemed never to catch coldness: my stomach. And when I had an itch to scratch there, I reached to do what I had to do, and immediately ripped my arm out of my shirt -- my fingers were so cold, so numb with frost, that to bring them to my stomach was to stir  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Eric Lim 
 Article Title :: The Democracy Monument, Bangkok - the Silent Sentinel of Freedom
The Democracy Monument in Ratchadamnoen Avenue was erected in 1939 to commemorate the 24 June 1932 coup. That was the year when the People's Party led by Pridi Banomyong and the military faction under Phibun Songkhram staged a coup that changed the face of Thai politics for years to come.The 150-year-old absolute monarchy came to an end and Thailand changed to a constitutional government.It was an Italian artist and sculptor, Corrado Feroci who designed the Democracy Monument with a symbolism to capture the spirit of the occasion.The monument has four curved columns arching inwards. Each column is 24 m in height to signify 24 June, the date of the revolution.  (read full article)
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