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Categories :: Entertainment : Humanities Articles


Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Philip Gardiner 
 Article Title :: Templars
Whether stars of the Disney film National Treasure or pawns of modern day political and commercial propaganda, the Knights Templar have taken root as one of the world’s leading mystery groups. But what is the truth? Did they really have a great secret? Did they really hide treasure? Were they really guardians of the Holy Bloodline? Let's take a look.Originally supposedly a group of nine knights (debatable), taken from the ruling nobility in the region of France known as Champagne who collected themselves together in Jerusalem around 1118 AD and formed the now infamous Knights Templar. All of this cannot be totally proven from the texts – however it is repeated so often that it   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Philip Gardiner 
 Article Title :: The Serpent Grail and the Lady of the Lake
Is there a mystery here to be unravelled? Is there a serpent code being held by the Grail myths? Can we uncover this code by taking a look at the Lady of Lake? The answer is yes to all these questions, for held within the folds of the coiled snake we shall discover the truth of the origin of the Arthurian tales and the strange watery Lady who was to give Arthur his sword.There are various names attributed to the 'Lady of the Lake;' Nimue and Vivienne are the two most used, but most pertinent to us here is 'White Serpent.' Nimue is probably Mneme or Mnemosyne, who is one of the Muses or 'water nymphs' from Roman and Greek mythology and who gave out weapons - just as the Lady of the   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Crichton Miller 
 Article Title :: The Magi - Ancient Magicians
Long before the ruthless Roman Empire walked the shores of what is now known as Great Britain, an ancient form of wisdom existed amongst the people who populated those ancient forests and mountains and its echo is still felt today.180,000 years before the present, the planet was at the end of the last interglacial period and traces of our ancient seafaring ancestors can be found today in caves along the coast of South Africa using red ochre and selecting specialist stone to make spears and other hand tools from small quarries along the coastlines.The use of these caves disappeared after 70,000 BP showing no further signs of occupation until around 12500 BP.The reason   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Howard Lewis 
 Article Title :: Opinion, Value, & Taste in Art (4) Thomas Kinkade
Part four - Thomas Kinkade – The Most Popular Artist in America and the Epitome of Poor TasteDivine inspiration can take many forms but few artists have taken the celestial dollar quite as shamelessly as Thomas Kinkade. Since the dawn of time, God has loomed large in the artistic imagination but his representation tended to reflect a degree of reverence and awe. Not so with Kinkade, probably the richest and most famous artist you’ve never heard of and perhaps the ultimate exponent of kitsch. This term best describes works with popular appeal that have a deeply simplistic and idealised theme. A good example from an earlier era would be those pictures produced by Norman Rockwell,  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Howard Lewis 
 Article Title :: Opinion, Value, & Taste in Art (5) Distinguishing between Value and Valuation (kinkade)
Part 5. Distinguishing between Value and Valuation or How Some Things Never ChangeLeaving aside my personal preferences for a moment, the most alarming element here is the way popular opinion can be manipulated and mobilised. It reminded me – and not for the first time – of the seminal book by Charles Mackay, entitled “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”. Written in 1841, it is, by common consent, a classic of its kind, examining how various mania develop. Although it is nominally about stock market investments, it is really a study of human behaviour. What provokes people to blindly follow each other? Is there some collective wisdom here that   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Luksi Humma 
 Article Title :: Cold New World
Looking through the glass apothecary jars at Peterson's grocery store, was a swirling dream of every kind of candy a kid could want. A small cardboard sign read "3 cents for 5 pieces."It took us all day of bottle hunting to get enough money to get our fill of candy. Glass bottles gave you a 2 cent refund for bringing them back to the store. Not much litter back then, someone was always looking for a way to make money, even a pittance.Hand-me-down clothes was the way of life for most of us. I never really knew the difference until I was bit older. I was a fat kid so I always ended up with Sears Husky's jeans and a previously owned shirt. It only served to enhance my level of   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Steven Gillman 
 Article Title :: Thinking Games
Classic thinking games are a great way to tune up your brain. You can use these mind games to help you increase your brain power and to get you out of your thinking "ruts." Play them enough, and they'll habituate you to using creative problem solving as a normal part of thinking about things.Thinking Games For GroupsGroup thinking games are especially good for long trips in a car. Have someone look out the window, for example, and randomly choose an object. Everyone in the car then tries to imagine a new way to make money with it. Common street signs become places to advertise, trees are sold with names, and a truck becomes a traveling grocery store.Use the "ch  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Troy Rutter 
 Article Title :: Money For Actors Waiting To Be Claimed
Whether they are in the Screen Actors Guild or not, people have a tendancy to move. While SAG members always remember to forward their postal mail, oftentimes they neglect to notify their union of their new address. After six months to a year, the mail is no longer forwarded by the post office, and the dues letters and correspondence stop.Including their residual checks.What are residuals? Basically residuals are further compensation paid to performers for the re-use of a motion picture or television program they have appeared in. Performers are entitled to residuals if they are classified as a principal performer, which includes singers, stunt coordinators, pilots, dancers   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Troy Rutter 
 Article Title :: Background Performers Still Rely On Vouchers For Guild Membership
In 2003, The Screen Actors Guild officially promised to move forward with a new system that would allow background performers, or extras, to join the union.For many years, the most common way background performers joined SAG was by getting three union vouchers. When you work on the set as an extra, usually through one of the bigger extra casting agencies, you receive either a non-union, or union voucher. For adult actors, this would be Central Casting for union, and Cenex for non-union, however they are both the same company.Getting a union voucher on a project instead of a non-union voucher was supposed to be the luck of the draw. Countless books on the subject would say "p  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Howard Lewis 
 Article Title :: Opinion, Value, & Taste in Art (10) The Lessons of History - Bening, Rossettim, & Kinkade Reconsider
Part 10 of 10. The Lessons of History – Bening, Rossetti and Kinkade reconsideredWhat emerges here is the sense that very few works of art or architecture could historically be considered by one hand alone. Does their value, and hence their quality, fall as a result? I think not. We simply recognise the collaborative effort required to produce work on a grand scale. This work, at the very least, is imbued with the spirit and inspiration of its progenitor. This argument certainly prevails when we look at the Flemish illuminated manuscripts. It is entirely possible that pupils of Floris and Bening may have exchanged places in order to widen their repertoire and experience. T  (read full article)
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