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Categories :: Entertainment : Humanities Articles


Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Tushar Jain 
 Article Title :: A Satirical Critique of "As You Like It"
Masked in a portrayal of Orlando T.JainIt is easier to recognize Billy Shakespeare as a genius than a perfectionist, and still easier to recognize him as a perfectionist than a sensible man. ‘As you like it’ is a play burdened with more mental incongruities than a clothes salesman at a nudist resort. It is a violent pornography of harmless affection, of kinky pastoral rites pleasuring the aristocratic impotency with orgasmic wit and a sunny, erotic humor. Orlando, the ostensible protagonist, is a bastard of Shakespeare’s hypocrisy; the whole idea of pastoral literature was somewhat analogous to your monthly edition of Hustler but with a polite, referential index of village  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Dr. Gary S. Goodman 
 Article Title :: Was Rembrandt Paranoid?
One of my favorite museums is the Norton Simon, located almost exactly where the annual Rose Parade begins, in Pasadena, California.The collection is small and selective, and it includes life size outdoor sculptures and works by the major players in art history.Two paintings are especially enjoyable, hanging as they are on opposite walls, the figures seeming to be in constant eye contact with each other. They’re the artist, Rembrandt, in a self-portrait, and his son, Titus.I’ve gazed at these works, perhaps a hundred times, but the other day, I saw something new: worry or fear or even paranoia in the elder Rembrandt’s eyes.What did he have to be worried a  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Elizabeth Brodie 
 Article Title :: Elizabeth Bathory - Fact and Fiction
Elizabeth Bathory is often looked upon as one of the true sources of the vampire legends and stories about her abound. Although there is some debate as to whether she bathed in the blood of virgins or simply covered herself in it, there is little doubt that she used it to help try to keep herself young and powerful. Fact and fiction are difficult to differentiate in her tale, but if you combine the known facts with the commonly believed but less verified stories of her, it makes for interesting, if bloody, reading.Elizabeth Bathory was born into a powerful family in Hungary in 1560. Her parents were George and Anna Bathroy and belonged to one of the oldest, wealthiest aristorcratic  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: Toronto and the Police
CHAPTER ONE: The Attack of the Little People:TORONTO THE GOOD:Toronto is one of the world’s most secure and wonderful cities and there are few social systems as good as we have in Canada. My name is Robert Bruce Baird and I live in Parkdale where my parents lived and where I spent the first two years of my life. Circumstances or co-incidences see me researching my books at the same library where my father read almost every book while his grandfather worked long and hard to create the union in an era when that was a meaningful contribution to society and the world. It is a new building and I am sure there are many more books. I can remember him saying he would get the libra  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Nathan Albright 
 Article Title :: Frederick The Great As A Philosopher King
Special Thanks to Peter W. Schramm for his article: The Great Machiavellian Deed - Reconsideration of Frederick II’s Invasion of Silesia.IntroductionThere is a common misconception concerning philosopher kings that they are people blinded with theory, interested only in book-knowledge, and are unable to be men of action. A true man of action must be a thinking man, or else he is perpetually busy, but going nowhere. It is difficult, however, to visualize a philosopher king in action, however. Therefore, using the analysis from Mr. Schramm for his fine article, this article will look briefly at how Frederick II of Prussia was a successful philosopher king, as well as wha  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin 
 Article Title :: Assess Life!
Assess? The Sufis believe you must evaluate one's ability for knowledge. The Masons follow an initiatory process towards truth. Oxford teaches a process to evaluate ones learning style for linguistics to develop a style of interpreting a language to people so they may learn. But the Sufi's go far enough back to actual teach you how to learn, with always the knowledge that there is still is much more for them to teach.How is one to live by the golden rule if they did not learn how to develop self esteem for themselves? How do you love another if you do not know how to love yourself? How are you to answer someone when they ask you what you want if no one ever taught you how to expres  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Jack Earl 
 Article Title :: The Father of Gospel Blues - Auto Recovery
Little nine year old Tommie and his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia from the small town of Villa Rica, Georgia in 1908. Tommy was demoted a grade in school and teased by the other children. He felt alienated from his school and also the black Baptist church where his daddy was the pastor and mamma was the pianist.He spent the afternoons and evenings watching the vaudeville performances where he saw such well known blues artists as Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith. At age eleven he dropped out of school and took a job at the theater selling soda pop.He was determined to become famous like Ma Rainey so he learned to play the piano and teaching himself to read music.At age s  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Are Humans Special in the Universe?
Are humans unique and special in the Universe? Well we know they are special on Earth as they are the only animal to build and fly aircraft and have totally infested the planet like locusts, rats and cockroaches. Oh, isn’t that special? We have been especially good at running other species away from their habitats, destroying our environment and basically messing up everything we see and we have been doing so for some 10,000.You doubt that? Well consider those folks on Easter Island who build those cool statues; ever wonder what they were thinking when they cut down the last tree on the island? Next nearest tree or island or land for that matter is five hours away, by plane. Of c  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Why Do Humans Think They Are So Superior?
We often hear humans say what a great species they are, but are they? Why do Humans think they are so superior? Others say well humans are just animals really; perhaps we should call this a simple observation, which is in direct contrast to humankind’s outrageous ego-centric claims to be something so special and above the rest that they are somehow divine. I believe such embellished notions are nothing more than a fog, preventing mankind from the reality here on Earth.Many researchers have pondered this thought too and the subject recently came up in an online think tank where a researcher of such stated:“It would seem as though you are evaluating a problem which is the   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Thinking on the Human Animal
In an online think tank the subject came up; Are humans unique? Or are humans merely animals, albeit the top of the classification. Further it was reasoned by the think tankers that perhaps a study should be done to settle the question once and for all. Meanwhile a huge debate or rather and discussion erupted over the entire subject matter. Here is an excerpt of the discussion;“It would seem that most of our conversation is stemming from potential differences in humans from animals or not, due to the brain, perhaps the way it [brain] works or the abilities of the mind [in humans]. Yet still in my observations I see only a few humans with abilities that warrant a second look, but   (read full article)
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