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Categories :: Entertainment : Humanities Articles


Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Why Doesn't the US Take Care of the Homeless Rather than Build Weapons?
Occassionally you will hear the argument from an ultra-left liberal who has no friggin clue what on Earth they are talking about say; We need to stop making bombs and start helping people. Whereas this sounds legitimate and makes sense it is utter hokum and simply irrelevant to discuss. How so you ask? Well let me tell you why this is;You see, inside the United States we have less than 500,000 homeless or one-sixth of one percent of our over all population. So this comment of homelessness being widespread is not the case. Now then, I have been to every city in America over 10,000 people in it in the last four years. One-third of the homeless do not want help. One-third will eventua  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: The United States Gives More Than Any Other Nation
The United Stated states is the greatest nation in the World, which gives the most to the common good. Some say that is because the USA is a rich nation and can afford too. Indeed we can; yet these same people say they also give what they can and that the USA is no better even though we give 1000 times more monies to the common good.You see; percentages of donations are irrelevant to child who is starving, so giving a little and having the child live one more day only to starve the next, is of little consolation that these other nations tried to do their best or even that some of the people in those nations gave their last two-dollars. You see in arguing this point; Your best is no  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Alice Conwell 
 Article Title :: Phonecall From Heaven
Some years ago my phone line got crossed with someone else's creating sort of a "party line". I could hear them but they couldn't hear me. I discovered it when my phone rang and when I said 'Hello" I could hear two people talking to each other. I kept asking who is this? But they couldn't hear me at all, just kept talking. Every time this other party got a call, my phone would ring and I could hear their conversation. Strange thing is, if I made or received a call it didn't affect their line, sort of a one-way party line. I called the phone company and reported it and they said they would check into it.Later that day the phone rang and I picked it up and it was my party-line friend  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Many People Around the World Hate the United States
Should we be overly concerned that radical, fanatical, fundamentalists hate Americans? Does it matter what those minds think as they are so utterly clouded in their religions and hate? Many in the United States are quick to point out that as a nation we are not liked so much and they say that everyone hates Americans.I understand the World Media Hit on the US as the French really went for it, while hiding their tracks in the Oil for Food scandals and wanting to get repaid for loans, but acceptance these tall tales of "big bad America" willy nilly seems to speak of hypocrisy from someone purporting to be one of a learned man. Thus, those who hate America because a Cleric, fanatic le  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Palestinian People Want Their Own Nation
The Palestinians want their own homeland and nation. They want a place of their own. Who can blame them? Unfortunately they have not been good neighbors to Israel, as they have sent suicide bombers into the country to kill innocent people.Israel must now secure a 300-mile radius barrier around their country to protect them, this leaves no place for the Palestinians to go. I propose building them a nice country within Zimbabwee where they can go and not be bothered.You see, the Palestinians voted into office Hamas, The International Terrorist Party, by a margin of 65% so they have already voted with their hate to continue to use terrorist acts in Israel to kill innocent peopl  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Lance Rants on Palestinian Hate for Jews
It is amazing how the Middle Eastern Muslims hate Jews. It is also amazing that the rest of the World often takes sides with the Palestinians and even Hamas, which is an International Terrorist organization. One Muslim now living in the UK and educated there states;“You cannot have a road map for peace whilst land grabbing continues.”You cannot have a road map for peace if you have to negotiate with terrorists, best to kill them all and get it over with before nuclear weapons are in their hands. Screw the road map for peace anyway. Israel gives back settlement areas what happens? Seize fire for two-weeks from the suicide bombers? Yah, that was a smart move, Israel is bec  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Lance Rants on Those Who Dump and Verbally Trash America
Dear American Detractors,Well my verbally verbose and negative friends it appears to me you wish to dump on the US and our leadership, without coming up with any solution to the World’s problems. From what I can tell your solution is to do nothing? Do nothing about starving Africans, do nothing about the pending climate change and water crisis or the recent Iranian Leadership building nuclear weapons. And on the latter I wish to speak;Really are you Ostriches, great strategy indeed. Do nothing about more nuclear weapons in the Middle East; So that's it hmm? Just allow Nation State Regimes, which sponsor International Terrorism to have nuclear weapons? That is your plan? To  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Lance Rants about Blaming the US for Muslim Hate on Western World
There are some in the Western World who actually believe the Al Jazeera rhetoric claiming that the United States did not win the hearts and minds of the Muslim people but rather furthered the rift and created a larger divide. These folks blame the US for the culture clash and divide. In fact one political and news analyst wrote;“The invasion of Iraq and the underlying aggressive rhetoric against Iran is what helped galvanise the Iranians behind Ahmadinejad against a perceived threat from the US next door and in Afghanistan and with bases in Tadjikistan and other central Asian republics.”Well perhaps it was a point of contention, but the current leadership rigged the elec  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Lance Rants on the False Number of Homeless in America Being Reported
The World Media is claiming that there are 14-million homeless in America. That is absolutely absurd. In fact that is Bull. There are only 500,000 homeless, 1/3 by choice, 50% by drug and alcohol abuse, the rest will recover on their own. You do not have a friggin clue what you are talking about. Additionally we take care of our homeless. It is less that 1/6 of 1% of our population.The World Media is purporting this as real, like so many other slanderous accusations against this great nation. Dear World Media; you are a liar. Sorry? Would you prefer; you have created yet another falsehood on in the world media to further promote your mass media hysteria agenda, too bad it is a lie;  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Mary Arnold 
 Article Title :: Legendary Ladies of Texas
Legendary Ladies of Texas is a series of vignettes edited by Francis Edward Abernethy. Abernethy has extensive experience in folklore: He is a member of the American Folklore Society, Texas Folklore Society, East Texas Historical Association, and many others. His other publications include Tales From the Big Thicket, Observations and Reflections on Texas Folklore, and The Folklore of Texas Cultures, just to name a few. Despite being a self-professed male chauvinist, Abernethy believes it was "necessary that the Texas Folklore Society produce this book" because women have been an "active, energetic, and influential part of Texas history since the first one cross  (read full article)
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