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Categories :: Entertainment : Humanities Articles


Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Vicheka Lay 
 Article Title :: Calling for a More Accurate Perished Toll
Prospective extraordinary tribunal over the Nazi-oriented Holocaust perpetrated during the course of a regime known as “Democratic Kampuchea” is brainwashing Cambodian citizens as well as the world. The reason behind this tribunal is to bring justice into the reality and calling for a “never again” sense.However, pursuing the circumnavigating issues surrounding the extraordinary chamber of those commited crime against humanity during the mandate of Democratic Kampuchea, I have found that those concerned express inaccurate number of the Cambodian or other expatriates perished during the mandate of Democratic Kampuchea. Those inaccuracies include: more than one million, nearl  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Heat Waves Expected to Kill Thousands This Summer
Did you know massive heat waves across the Globe and around the Planet are expected this summer, which could kill tens of thousands of humans? In fact one scientist has said that; “Heat Waves are expected this summer all over the World, in fact they have already started.” In fact recently the Death Toll was 47 in a huge Heat Wave in India;http://www.terradaily.com/2006/060508072647.fyrftp7w.htmlBut this could be only the beginning you see? In the United States many illegal alien crossers into the State of Arizona from Mexico have already died tried to cross a stretch of 90 miles of desert. So far 35 illegal aliens have also died trying to cross the Arizona-Mexico Desert   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Patricia Nordman 
 Article Title :: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who miraculously survived the Russian gulags, gave a commencement speech at Harvard University in 1978 that rankled the press but was probably one of the most astute modern statements on the state of the affairs of our nation ever voiced by a non-American:"How many hasty, immature, superficial, and misleading judgments are expressed every day, confusing readers, without any verification? The press can both stimulate public opinion and miseducate it. Thus we may see terrorists turned into heroes, or secret matters pertaining to one's nation's defense publicly revealed, or we may witness shameless intrusion on the privacy of well-known people under the slogan:  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Damian Sofsian 
 Article Title :: Black Authors
African-American or Black authors, the flip side of the American literary idealists, are traversing barriers to enter into the mainstream writing and publishing world. Their inspiration is the development and popularity of indigenous “black” music, dance, visual arts, architecture, and famous names in different fields.The journey has been long and eventful, with authors being limited to specific genres dictated by lifestyle and social place in American society. The early works were mostly memoirs, slave narratives, Sunday school literature, or oratory dealing with twin issues of racism and slavery.Lone voices were there, but the real breakthrough came with the Harlem Ren  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Joy Cagil 
 Article Title :: Mountains: Because They Are There - II
Mountains may be the waving of the earth’s crust to the rest of the heavens as if to say hello. Just like the waves, mountains can fold, fault, and become residual, and like Tsunamis, for miles and miles around, volcanoes blow up and drown everything in sight inside their ashes.The majesty of the mountains has inspired myths to be created around them; Mount Meru in the center of the Himalayas was thought to be the axis of the universe as Mount Olympus was where Zeus resided. Hindus and Buddhists believed in the divinity of the mountains and assigned each one to be a home to a god.As well as serving as residences to gods and being the sites of sacred revelations, mountains   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Pamela Beers 
 Article Title :: Vision Of Secondary Education In 2015: Tech Literacy
As our society becomes more technologically oriented, our world continues to “shrink”. We have global access to all varieties of information with the click of a “mouse”. Because of this phenomena called the Technology Age, my vision for the future is technology-based education. In order for this to work, there needs to be appropriate application supporting curriculum-based objectives. I vision a strong emphasis on student creativity and expression of ideas in multiple formats with different points of entry into a project for students working at different ability levels.Secondary students (as well as elementary and junior high students) spend hours online every day and are w  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: John Arthur 
 Article Title :: The Burial of the Poor in Past Times
The burial of the poor was the responsibility of the local parish Church and it wasn’t always done very kindly but sometimes there was good reason for it.When a death took place in the Parish and there were no friends willing or able to pay the expenses of a funeral then it fell to the Kirk (Scottish for "Church") Session to dispose of the body. In such an emergency the Kirk Treasurer was authorised to pay for a “Kist” (Coffin) the cost of which varied but did not exceed a few shillings as the minutes indicate. In 1745 the cost is stated at 4 shillings (20 pence) for adults and 2 shillings (10 pence) for juveniles. In earlier times bodies were not coffined at all but simply w  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Homeless Numbers Dropping in America
The homeless numbers in the United States of American are indeed dropping and much of this is due to the increase of jobs and the need for all businesses to hire more people. It is rather interesting that no one has made mention of this fact but I thought I should having visited so many homeless communities and shanty towns in my travels.In fact in the last five years I have been to every single city in the United States with over 10,000 population and I am noticing homeless numbers dropping. This is a great thing and it proves that capitalism works and is probably the best way to run a civilization.Indeed I believe that the reason this has not been mentioned so much lately   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Lance Winslow 
 Article Title :: Presidente Vincent Fox of Mexico Wishes to Legalize All Drugs in the Country?
Drugs have always been a huge problem in Mexico and many understand that much of the secret police and military are also involved in the drug cartels, both retired and active duty in Mexico. The corruption is so deep it is almost impossible to do anything but start over from scratch? Well in the current scheme of things and political climate there is indeed a fat chance of that happening anytime soon in Mexico.This issue recently came up in an online think tank, when one member, Swift from Montana stated; “I have a great deal of difficulty with the idea that Vincente Fox would even consider doing this, especially looking at the violence drug cartels are exhibiting all over that c  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Vicheka Lay 
 Article Title :: Humanity: Remain Our Human Traces as Much as Possible
Reading history of world heroes such as; Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Ghandy, Alexander the Great, former kings of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Chuon Nat (Cambodian), Nou Korn (Cambodian), presidents of the United States of America and villains such as, Pol Pot, Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea, has inspired me to fulfill one thing: leaving my human traces in this world as much as possible.One of the extremely systematic philosophical questions that, until today no one can reasonable provide the answer yet, is why life? This article intends to answer this philosophical question and that answer is: “to remain human traces in this world as much as possible.”To me, life is just about  (read full article)
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