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Categories :: Entertainment : Humanities Articles


Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Luksi Humma 
 Article Title :: Native American Life After Prophetstown
My name is Luksi Humma, I am Choctaw or, Chahta, our name in reality. I am a builder of people and log cabins. Although, I live in our present time, I talk to many people who come to Historic Prophetstown, in Battle Ground, Indiana, about the way the Old Ones lived, and died.Misconceptions, are a part of most Americans ideal in regards to Native American People. It is my job to inform the uninformed, about the Love, Respect, Honor, and Dignity the American Indians had for their Families, Lives and the Land.How did the People live along the Wabash? They lived well, commerce continued to flow throughout the region as our People moved forward into an age that would eventually   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Garben Catapult 
 Article Title :: Medieval Siege Weaponry: Castle Walls Beware
Medieval siege weaponry was required in any self-respecting war leader’s arsenal in a time when castles with thick defense walls were common and cities surrounded by large, fortified walls were not out of place.With warfare commonplace, it’s little wonder the variety of medieval siege weaponry is great. After all, what was an attacking band of raiders to do when presented with an “impenetrable” castle wall? Break it down, of course, using one of the many designs of medieval siege weaponry available.One of the earliest examples of medieval siege weaponry appeared around the 300s AD when the ballista was created. The ballista wasn’t the most accurate in the line of m  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: The Dating Game
Lord Renfrew, Disney Professor of Archaeology at Cambridge University states: "Archaeologists all over the world have realized that much of prehistory, as written in the existing textbooks, is inadequate. Some is quite simply wrong. What has come as a considerable shock, a development hardly foreseeable just a few years ago, is that prehistory, as we have learnt it is based upon several assumptions which can no longer be accepted as valid.."We are not sure about many things at this juncture. The date of the Tarim Basin culture seems to have radio carbon dates as well as other data that could place it anywhere from before the Ice Age to 2000 B.C. The same can be said for many things  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Charlotte Evans 
 Article Title :: Shakespeare's Art: Understanding 'King Lear'
Students of Shakespeare have spent a very great deal of time debating the meanings of "Othello", "King Lear", and "Macbeth". The wealth of criticism of any one of his plays can be overwhelming to the casual student. I cite my own experience as a high school student struggling to write credible criticism of "King Lear" whilst juggling History, German, and General Studies reading and assignments. Students benefit from guidance concerning what it is best; at the very least to make best use of the time they have, opting perhaps to read the very best sources only.Now language, spoke or written, is entirely a reflection of individual experience. We speak and write words we have picked up  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: Leonardo Da Vinci
THE BICYCLE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI: - “… a man who was at once an artist, an inventor, a scientist - and who saw no contradiction between these diverse realms.In his unceasing quest for truth, Leonardo explored every branch of the sciences known to his age and proved to be far ahead in many respects in his precise observations, his striving for sound methodology and measurement, and the value he placed on empirical proof. 'No human investigation', he wrote, 'can be called true science without going through the mathematical tests… the sciences which begin and end in the mind cannot be considered to contain truth, because such discourses lack experience, without which noth  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: Ogham and Aymara
OGHAM:As any reader of my work knows by now, Ogham and an Ogham mentor played a major role in altering my life and commitment to learning about the ancients. I think Ogham was the original alphabet derived from chants, shamanic healing (Luis Beth Nion) and the lunar calendrical math shown in the work of archaeologists like Alexander Marshack. In fact I have shown that it includes binary math like the quipas even before recent research confirmed it. Here is a man who seems to see the same integration of spiritual and scientific knowledge and the choice of the name for his foundation is equally interesting. Mt. Meru is said to be from whence the Hindu people were taught their   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: Christopher Columbus
CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS: - It seems a mystery to most academics why the governments who are based on Manifest Destiny and the ‘colon’-ization of the world by Christophe Colon (this is the name he wanted to be called and may actually be the Catalan Cathar name for him. Colon means ‘Dove’ and it is the Dove of Jesus or Peace which the Cathars sought to provide in their Gnostic ecumenicism.) to know why these governments pay them to lie about Colon. The Library of Congress (15) is still acting like there was no real contact before him and saying the same kind of unsubstantiated and outright garbage that we were taught in school. I guess some of these academics don’t check anyth  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: Arthur Koestler
ARTHUR KOESTLER:Humanitarian, historian and scientist are just a few of the labels associated with this most excellent man of letters. Here is a quote from his book The Act of Creation.“The oldest and most fundamental of all tricks is to disguise people in costumes and to put them on a stage with masks or paint on their faces; the audience is thereby given the impression that the events represented are happening here and now, regardless of how distant they really are in space and time. The effect of this procedure is to induce a lively bisociated condition in the minds of the audience. The spectator knows, in one compartment of his mind, that the people on th  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: An Interview on History and Educational Media
1. Can you briefly summarize why you think history is a weapon of war against people?Briefly?, not really, except to say Sun Tzu wasn’t the first to notice that propaganda was the first and most important part of conquest. Caesars won more through secret deals and blackmailing the likes of Herod and the Sanhedrin than they ever did through force of arms. We saw how guerillas work against a conqueror in Vietnam and even in Iraq at the present. I have written about fifty books. The framework for a new history that is based on forensics and science or artifacts rather than priestly power-mongers is now available.2. But surely there are many who have written a truer history si  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Andrew Borakove 
 Article Title :: Debussy and Gamelan According to a 150 Year Old Man
Hello!If you haven’t been transported by the mesmerizing sounds of Gamelan yet, we highly recommend you hear some. It will change the song you can’t stop singing. (As much as you love Whitney’s “I Will Always Love You” it’s time Kevin Costner carried her out of your brain.)Gamelan is like musical crack. Claude Debussy, French Composer. got addicted to it and it changed his whole compositional style.Don’t believe me? Then believe this really old guy, Jean Michel, that I met down in the Caribbean at a health spa. Jean is like 150, and he told me about his old pal “Claudey D” over margaritas, then during an herbal wrap, and then he finally stopped  (read full article)
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