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Categories :: Entertainment : Humanities Articles


Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Garben Catapult 
 Article Title :: Building Catapults Required Engineering Know How
When building catapults, armies had to include in their ranks those people capable of employing complicated mathematical formulas and turning them into machines of war.While their appearance on the warfare scene dramatically changed tactics for quite literally hundreds of years, it was no easy task for medieval armies to create the machines of war they needed to help ensure victory.The engineers were generally responsible for the production or mass production of larger scale weapons on the battlefield and leading up battle.When building catapults on site, engineers had to rely on their own know how and the materials available to them, unless of course they transported  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Rachelle Disbennett-Lee 
 Article Title :: Working With The Generations
For the first time in history, there are four generations in the work force. Although this is an exciting time, it is not without challenges. Working with the generations requires patience and understanding. Each generation brings a new perspective, but we need to learn to value the new ideas, and embrace the change that each new generation brings.Ten years ago, when I started teaching classes at the local university, I was typically ten years younger than the majority of the students. Now, I am at least ten years older than the majority of the students - and many of my students are in their early to mid-twenties. This diversity in the generations is not without challenge. I cannot  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Sam Serio 
 Article Title :: Precious Stones -The Big Five: Part 1, The Emerald
The emerald is probably the most rare of all precious stones and is considered by some to be even more valuable than the diamond. Compared with other precious stones the emerald in its occurrence in nature is unique, for it is found in the rock in which it was formed. Unlike diamonds, sapphires and rubies, it never occurs in gem gravels. The earliest known locality where emeralds were found was in Upper Egypt near the coast of the Red Sea. The best stones, however, are found in Columbia, South America. Fine specimens have also been found in the United States in North Carolina.While the usual shade of color seen in emeralds is alluded to as emerald green, there are other shades, suc  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Miguel P 
 Article Title :: The Red Violin - Film Review
The film portrays the creation, fate, and redemption of a father’s legacy to his unborn child: a violin. Nicola Bussoti, a master violin craftsman, has created the “most perfect acoustic machine,” in hope of his unborn son to be a great musician. Anna, Bussoti’s wife, seeks knowledge about her future through an old woman, and her ability to foresee her fate with Tarot cards. The old woman makes five predictions about Anna’s future: she will travel, there will be mountains and forests; there will be sickness everywhere she goes; she will meet with a man: the devil itself; and finally the rebirth: she will be desired amongst people, where her journey will come to an end. Bussoti  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: Crazy Horse
My ancestry includes Colonel Miles (or Myles) Keough (or Keogh) through a relationship that apparently was not formalized with a lady who attended his grave, in a story made famous by many books on the matter. But it can only be true if this lady and her mother named Martin of the New York Governor’s family, whose name is on the wedding certificate of my grandfather as a witness, kept the child a secret all her life. In fact one might even wonder if this child was the offspring of a relationship he had with white Indians like the Mandan. Geneticists can now show the Sioux are white blooded people through Haplogroup X markers as well. Miles’ horse is immortalized in a song by Johnny Ho  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Sam Serio 
 Article Title :: Precious Stones - The Big Five: Part 2, The Ruby
What fairy tales of enchanted princesses and legendary lore of the Arabian Nights does not the mere mention of the ruby conjure up to our imagination! No stone has been more intimately connected with poetry and romance, and few gems can compare either in beauty or value with a perfect ruby. When Solomon exclaimed that “a virtuous woman was more valuable than rubies,” and Job, that “the price of wisdom is above rubies,” they both mentioned what to them was the most valuable thing in existence. And its value and rarity have not decreased since their time. Today a perfect ruby of five carats will fetch at least five times the value of a diamond of the same size and quality, while rub  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: Human Genome Project and Mayan Calendar
HUMAN GENOME PROJECT: - In 1991 Michael Coe wrote Breaking the Mayan Code in which he said knowing how this language was ‘both phonetic as well as pictographic was as important as the Human Genome Project and space colonization’. Personally I think it is very important to see the Mayans had a language understandable in many contexts across numerous tribes and people. It IS very important to our proposed Brotherhood of Man. It is not as important as either of the other major advances for the near future of mankind; space colonization will be our saving grace as remnants of humanity even if he would interpret the Mayan prophecy that calls for a new civilization in 2012 as   (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Stuart Bazga 
 Article Title :: A Short Biography on Some of Europe's Most Loved and Hated Monarchs - Pt 1 Vlad Tepes (Dracula)
Vlad Tepes or Dracula was born in 1431, in the fortress of Sighisoara, Romania. His father was the military governor of Transylvania and a member of the Order of the Dragon. The order was created in 1387 by the Holy Roman Emperor and his second wife, Barbara Cilli.In the winter of 1436-1437, Vlad(Dracul) became prince of Wallachia and took up residence at the palace of Tirgoviste, the princely capital. In 1442, he and his younger brother Radu were taken hostage by the Turkish Sultan Murad II. Dracul was held in Turkey until 1448, while his brother Radu decided to stay there until 1462.At 17 years old, Vlad, supported by troops lent to him by pasha Mustafa Hassan, tried to se  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: The Origin of America's Corporate Elite (BC)
Ephesus had a shrine to the Anatolian mother-goddess and the Cretan Lady of Wild Things that was later incorporated into the Greek worship of Artemis. (33) This magnificent statue has many 'cosmic eggs' on it that are extremely relevant to the Berber painting of ostrich eggs that are found in the Saharan finds mentioned in Carthage as well as connected to the Druid's eggs. A Cambridge scholar I saw on a TV show recently was still calling these eggs 'breasts'. It is ludicrous and almost funny if you look at a picture of the statue with over a hundred 'breasts'. What level of academic ineptitude is this? We have seen many who know the worldwide importance of the cosmic egg including Gimbuta  (read full article)
Category :: Humanities Articles Author :: Robert Baird 
 Article Title :: Human Cultural Evolution
If we think about it at this juncture, clearly there is little to commend this Judaeo/ Christian/Islamic God if he is represented by the people who led this church. Pagans have a far better history and stand foursquare and ‘head and shoulders’ above this God of this often re-written Bible. The separation of man from his soul; man from his equal (woman); man from Nature and man from most all that is good; is all I see! Maybe Melchizedek or some other Biblical character (like the Mormon secret society is named after) will be raised up and made a new savior. Maybe it will be John the Baptist (the Johannites and Benjaminites) or it might even be one of the censored people of the Bible lik  (read full article)
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