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Categories :: Internet Marketing : Internet Marketing AllOther Articles


Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Elaine Currie, BA (Hons). 
 Article Title :: The Vanishing Mail
The Vanishing Mail by: Elaine Currie, BA (Hons). Am I Just Being Paranoid Or Are The Robots Out To Get Me? It all started in the early part of the twenty-first century. In the early days of email we were thrilled with its speed and reliability, far superior to "snail mail" but there's always somebody who has to go and spoil things for everyone else. In the case of email it was the purveyors of the namesake of a certain pork-based substance. They became such a nuisance that large teams of robots had to be employed to keep them under control. As the porkers got smarter, the robots had to become smarter still. At first, everybody agreed that stringent measures must be taken to def  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: James Kendall 
 Article Title :: Media Player Shootout
Media Player Shootout by: James Kendall Whether you call them media players, jukeboxes, mp3 apps, music managers, or whatever - we all need a proggy to listen to our digital music with, so we figured it was time for the Online Music Blog media shootout. For the sake of this article I am only going to discuss players you can get for free and I am not going to go into p2p apps. So with that, lets dive right in. For my money there are are only 3 choices - Winamp, iTunes, or Windows Media Players - but I'll talk a little about RealPlayer 10 as well. All of these applications share baseline features - playing various media files, cataloging digital media, etc. We'll focus on things a  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Andrew Karasev 
 Article Title :: Microsoft CRM Custom Development
Microsoft CRM Custom Development by: Andrew Karasev Microsoft CRM is CRM answer from Microsoft Business Solutions to traditional CRM vendors, such as Siebel, Onyx. Microsoft CRM customization techniques are very diversified and based on the whole spectrum of recent Microsoft technologies. The main terms you should know are: Microsoft CRM SDK 1.2 and Visual Studio.Net 2003. And of course you should be familiar with all the legacy internet technologies, such as HTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript and be good C#/VB/Net developer. If you are developer who is asked: how do we customize Microsoft CRM – read this and you will have the clues on where to look further. 1. Microsoft CRM SDK – th  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Lester Boey 
 Article Title :: Choosing A Domain Name
Choosing A Domain Name by: Lester Boey --About Domain Names-- Choosing a domain name for your web site is a major step for any individual or organization. You need domain names that are sticky, short, meaningful, easy to remember and at the roll of your tongue! It is very easy to choose a domain name but difficult to find a good name, simply because of the fact that most of the good domain names are taken up by organisations. These domain name organisations take up hundreds of thousands of domain names and treat them as investments. It is not as easy to choose a good domain name. Sometimes, even web professionals spend hours at their computers to find good domain names! Domain name   (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Lester Boey 
 Article Title :: Choosing Your Web Hosting Package
Choosing Your Web Hosting Package by: Lester Boey General rule of thumb is not to sign up for yearly web hosting plans. Instead, get monthly plan where you can unsubscribe from on the second month when you are not happy with the service. That is, if you ended up with an unreliable web hosting company in the first place. Here is a simple guide that can be easily applied to typical web sites: --Web Space-- Expect a small website to take up 10 and 100 MB. Considering that you may want to expand your website in the near future, it is advisable to get a web hosting plan with ample web space. Make sure that you know your needs before you start looking for your web host. Not every web hos  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Lester Boey 
 Article Title :: Handling Your Email Addresses
Handling Your Email Addresses by: Lester Boey --Company Email Addresses-- Web hosting companies should provide company email accounts for each person in your company. Email addresses should appear like this: yourname@domain.com lester@definiteweb.com myname@companyname.com --Web Mails-- Most websites work with web mails. Web-based email enable you to access email via a web browser such as Internet Explorer. You log into your email account via the Web to send and retrieve email. You are able to access your emails from anywhere in the world and it makes checking of emails convenient and portable. Web mails for your company will most probably be accessed at www.yourcompanyname.com/w  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Lester Boey 
 Article Title :: Is It Easy to Build An E-commerce Web Site?
Is It Easy to Build An E-commerce Web Site? by: Lester Boey --Online Commerce-- E-Commerce website is all about selling products and services over the Internet. Amateurs may think that it is easy to build your own e-commerce system and our advice to you is to stay away from these amateurs. Building an e-commerce system is a complicated process and it requires web professionals who know the intricacies of building secure systems. Building an e-commerce system comes with the potential for a lot of errors and it is advisable to find security and database experts for the job. Resource-consuming tasks such as order and supply tracking needs to be automated for e-commerce websites. Automat  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Aaron Saki 
 Article Title :: Convert Your Passions Into Dollars
Convert Your Passions Into Dollars by: Aaron Saki On Cyberspace (Internet), there is a method from which you can make thousands of dollars per month without needing to have your own product or service. This method is highly flexible, and can be used in different forms to produce income by different people with different knowledge and skills. But one definite use of this method can make money for almost any human who is willing to just do it. This specific style can be defined as: Transform Your Hobbies or Passions into Income Generating Websites How? Through Affiliate Programs – The Method for Anyone to Go Smiling All The Way to the Bank, or to Wait Laughing Every Month While Wait  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Michael Medeiros 
 Article Title :: Modern Scams Online
Modern Scams Online by: Michael Medeiros Scams on the Internet Taking a look at common Frauds and Scams effecting the Internet There are a variety of modern scams effecting individuals who use the internet for honest purposes. The internet has become one of the most valuable resources to modern civilization. Unfortunately, there are new crimes being committed, new scams to become familiar with, and little resources for a beginner or common user to learn about the scams people use. With some general knowledge and a cautious eye, you can keep your Internet experience friendly and enjoy the vast array of information and networking the Internet offers. There are three basic elements to k  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Stephen Bucaro 
 Article Title :: Working With the Registry
Working With the Registry by: Stephen Bucaro The Registry is the central database for everything about your computer. It stores configuration information about the operating system, hardware, software, and types of files on the computer. The registry database consists of "keys" and "values". A key is a "place" to store a value. A key may store many values, or it may have subkeys, each which store values. The Windows 2000 registry has five top level keys as listed below. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Hardware configurations HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG Operating system settings HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT Files types and software objects HKEY_USERS All users configurations HKEY_CURRENT_USER Currently logg  (read full article)
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