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Categories :: Internet Marketing : Internet Marketing AllOther Articles


Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Nick Smith 
 Article Title :: Protect Yourself with a Porn Filter
Protect Yourself with a Porn Filter by: Nick Smith The harmful affects of pornography use and addiction are well documented by science. As with most things in life, prevention is the most effective way to avoid ever having a problem with pornography. The internet is a wonderful place to access information, read updated news, and connect with people from all over the globe. Unfortunately, pornography on the internet is everywhere, and it isn’t always easy to avoid. Even people taking responsible measures to keep porn off of their computer screens can stumble across it sometimes. The tips found in this article will help you protect yourself and your family online from inappropriate pi  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Nick Smith 
 Article Title :: What Tablet PCs Can Do for You
What Tablet PCs Can Do for You by: Nick Smith Tablet PCs are great. If you are a mobile person, and you have never considered getting a tablet PC in the past, now is as good a time as any to start checking them out - the technology is cutting-edge, the usability is superb, and prices are starting to drop. There are two main types of tablet PCs: convertible and slate. Convertible tablets look a lot like normal laptops except the screen can be rotated all the way around and laid down flat across the keyboard. You then input information through the screen using a stylus. Slate tablet PCs include only the screen interface – though they are fully integratable with peripherals like keyboa  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Sharron Senter 
 Article Title :: 4 Computer Money-saving Tips
4 Computer Money-saving Tips by: Sharron Senter Here are four tips that’ll save you money when buying your next computer. Tip #1 -- Rebates: A rebate is not always a bargain. Computers with rebates are often close to being discontinued. You may pick up a good deal or purchase technology that's about to become yesterday’s news. What's more, stores will often package computers with a bunch of free items to make it look like you're getting more value. Chances are the extras are either poor quality or items you're unlikely to use. Also, they’re counting on you to not redeem your rebate, a very common occurrence. Tip #2 -- Extended Service Warrantees: Buyer Beware! They're a gamble,  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Blur Loterina 
 Article Title :: Almost A Misconception: Corel Draw
Almost A Misconception: Corel Draw by: Blur Loterina Corel Draw Version 4.0 is said to be the most ambitious computer software. What makes it ambitious is that it promises to be the ultimate tool for any computer graphics design and that it claims to be a bug-free software. The promotion was impressive but it appeared to have disappointed many CorelDraw users. Many thought that Corel Draw version 7 will not be of any difference. Surprisingly, it gave them another dose of hope, a new and better software to give them professional-quality logos, special effects and illustrations. This version focuses on interface, speed and maintenance. It is composed of Corel Photo Paint 7 and Corel D  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Blur Loterina 
 Article Title :: Amazing Corel Draw Brushes
Amazing Corel Draw Brushes by: Blur Loterina Buena Software introduces another plug-in for after effect, the Au Naturel. Au Naturel is a set of seven built-in effects. Effects include adjust exposure effect, levels effect, Gaussian Blur effect, Directional Blur effect, transform effect, composite effect and time lapse effect. Au Naturel’s Gaussian blur is better than that of the discreet Combustion’s built in Gaussian blur because it works in 32 bit floating point linear RGB color space. Meaning the result is more natural. The blur effect can be applied with either a single or all of the channels. If you want to constrain the blur to a particular angle use the Directional Blur ef  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Blur Loterina 
 Article Title :: About The Artists Of Brücke
About The Artists Of Brücke by: Blur Loterina Ever heard of a political art group? Artists who use art, particularly painting, to influence or to move people to action? I have read of those in our history class before---it was quite boring then. I used to think of it as an exaggeration of a hero’s life. Until I read one of my favorite music artist’s biography. His father was a leader of Chicano artists, the “Los Four”. It’s a sort of a mural movement. But this is beside the point. My objective for writing this article is to bring more light into “die brücke”, a group of German expressionist artists, which marked the beginning of modern art in Germany. Since the early p  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: S. Kumar 
 Article Title :: 5 Zero-Cost Spam Prevention Tools For All Situatio
5 Zero-Cost Spam Prevention Tools For All Situations! by: S. Kumar Anyone who uses email knows what Spam is! It's annoying and time consuming to wade through volumes of fraud, con and obscene emails to filter out the really important ones. And I am sure you are affected by this menace in some form or other. How do we reduce this intolerable amounts of junk? Here are 5 Zero-Cost tools to prevent junk cluttering your mail box. (You can access them all from a single source and the info is given at the end of this article.) --* For the Average Email User *-- 1. Spam.N-Dream, - For the POP3 Mail user. By far this is the easiest and effective solution for anyone with a POP3 email ID. F  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Blur Loterina 
 Article Title :: Graphic Designs Standards
Graphic Designs Standards by: Blur Loterina Do you find it hard to create your own graphic design? Before you can come up with a good graphic design you must first understand the basic principles in creating the design, as well as the factors it must contain. Design is defined as a plan or pattern formed for the purpose of making or doing something. It explains how things are done or how to come up with something. A design must have a purpose, or else it will be useless. It must contain enough information. You can use visual languages, such as chart, table or graph, for it to become more understandable. It should also explain the details. Start from the general idea, then, give the s  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Blur Loterina 
 Article Title :: Getting To Know Cmyk
Getting To Know Cmyk by: Blur Loterina You may wonder why colors are grouped into different modes. And no, there’s no racial discrimination involved. For the nature of design to flow in an organized manner, there are primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, etc. If you are not familiar with the family of colors, here is one way of understanding how they are grouped and how they are used. The most common color groups are the RGB, HSB (Hue, Saturation and Brightness), CMYK and CIE L*A*B. Vector and bitmap graphics are always associated with the RGB and CMYK, so we must familiarize ourselves with these modes. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The letter K was   (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Carla Ballatan 
 Article Title :: Printing Equipment Safety Guidelines - Safety Meas
Printing Equipment Safety Guidelines - Safety Measures in Handling Printing Equipment by: Carla Ballatan Did you know for a fact that the Printing Industry has considerable standing in UK’s business and economy by being 6th largest industry in the country? Yes! In fact, there are about 15,000 existing printing companies in the country with about 340,000 employed workers. Thus, considering its large labor force, tasks and the machineries involved in a printing company, accidents are, not surprisingly, frequent occurrences. Annually, printing companies come up with a report of about 1,350 work-related accidents and major injuries like fractures and amputations are results of about 20  (read full article)
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