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Categories :: Internet Marketing : Internet Marketing AllOther Articles


Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Andrew Karasev 
 Article Title :: Microsoft Great Plains SQL Reporting and data fixi
Microsoft Great Plains SQL Reporting and data fixing by: Andrew Karasev This is beginner level SQL scripting article for DB Administrator, Programmer, IT Specialist Our and Microsoft Business Solutions goal here is to educate database administrator, programmer, software developer to enable them support Microsoft Great Plains for their companies. In our opinion self support is the goal of Microsoft to facilitate implementation of its products: Great Plains, Navision, Solomon, Microsoft CRM. You can do it for your company, being aware on simple data repair techniques and appealing to Microsoft Business Solutions Techknowledge database. This will allow you to avoid expensive consultants  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Clyde Dennis 
 Article Title :: How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Identity Theft
How To Avoid Becoming A Victim of Identity Theft by: Clyde Dennis With identity theft statistics currently at an all time high, and climbing, it just makes sense that we should all be doing everything we can to protect ourselves. One of the most prevalent yet overlooked ways your personal information and passwords may be being compromised is through the presence of Spyware on your computer. Note these very disturbing Facts about Spyware and Identity Theft: 27.3 million Americans have been victims of identity theft in the last five years, including 9.91 million people or 4.6% of the population in the last year alone. Spyware infects 91% of all computers. That equates to an alarm  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: C.S. Deam 
 Article Title :: Running a Program on a Remote Server Using SSH
Running a Program on a Remote Server Using SSH by: C.S. Deam How do you run a program on a remote server using ssh? For this example we'll have two servers, one named Johnny and another named Cash. Both are running openssh. Our goal is to have a program on Johnny login to Cash and run a program on Cash. To make the task a little more complex we'll be using different users on each machine. The first thing we'll need to do is generate public and private keys on Johnny. So, logged into Johnny as user 'boy' we create public and private keys by creating them in the .ssh directory as follows: Johnny$> pwd /home/boy/.ssh Johnny$> ssh-keygen -t rsa -f sue Generating public/p  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Declan Tobin 
 Article Title :: Web Hosting - Choose Affordable, Cheap Web Hosting
Web Hosting - Choose Affordable, Cheap Web Hosting by: Declan Tobin The Basics: Web hosting offers you the opportunity to put your web site online, when you think about it; it’s the only way you can do it. No matter how large or small in content your web site happens to be it has to go onto a web server. A web server is simply a larger and much more powerful computer than your own. Your internet content simply sits on this server for people to access and view your information. The web servers are stored within data centers, all you are simply doing is renting some space on the server. Why use a web hosting service: Firstly it’s very affordable. Web hosting companies will look af  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Iulia Pascanu 
 Article Title :: Toshiba Wins Hollywood Support for the HD DVD form
Toshiba Wins Hollywood Support for the HD DVD format by: Iulia Pascanu What led them to this choice, as all four studios stated separately, is better performance for the price and copyright protection. The other standard in competition, the Blu-ray disc, unconditionally backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment, is also counting on support from Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Twentieth Century Fox. The latter has recently joined the Blu-Ray Disc Association Board. The Blu-ray disc has more world leading electronics companies that support it: Sony, LG Electronics, Matsushita (Panasonic), Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sharp, TDK, Philips, Pioneer, Hitachi. Also, computer giants Dell and Hewlett Packard. T  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Maricon Williams 
 Article Title :: Valuable Tips for Catalog Printing
Valuable Tips for Catalog Printing by: Maricon Williams Basic knowledge is a vital factor to save you money and avoid delays in your printing needs. So to give you this familiarity with basic information and to keep you away from printing dilemmas, here are some valuable tips that you should consider. Let us start with the press types and their distinctions. A web press, which is specifically designed to print rolls of paper, can print extensively faster than a sheet fed press. On the other hand, the intricacy of the web press means more effort to setup and run. If your catalog or book can meet certain minimums of quantity and page count, along with using paper formats available in we  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Maricon Williams 
 Article Title :: Producing a Catalog
Producing a Catalog by: Maricon Williams Before you can produce a catalog, you must undergo first the planning stage. In the planning stage, you envision your objective. What do you want to communicate? What tone or ambiance is necessary to make the objective apparent? Another thing that you should consider is the audience. Knowing the potential readers may help you create and communicate the message, tone and identity that you want. The next thing to ask is who will be the designer? Looking for a designer is hard because only few designers of design companies specialize in catalog. A good designer will give you the style you are looking for but an unskilled catalog designer will creat  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Maricon Williams 
 Article Title :: When to Break Creative Rules
When to Break Creative Rules by: Maricon Williams Before we go unusual or unconventional and take the creative approach to break the rules, it is vital to know what the rules are. There are eight generally accepted rules that generate decent if not impressive results. Nonetheless, no matter how stable the rules are, we can always experiment. Here are the rules and the evasions to the rules: 1. Always place a best seller in the upper right corner of each spread. Readers glance at a catalog from front to back. Upper right corner is where the reader’s eyes first fall thus, it makes sense to put a striking product there. On the other hand, not all best sellers are visually compelling   (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Maricon Williams 
 Article Title :: The Catalog Production
The Catalog Production by: Maricon Williams After the completion of the planning process, catalog production starts. These are the steps when producing a catalog: First is the gathering of data. Before any design to exist you must first gather a complete list of all the products you will include in the catalog, as well as all non-product copy. If some items will be grouped together as one catalog photo block such as a shirt that comes in 4 sizes and 6 colors, check to ensure that it is clear for the designer. Sort further the list into categories or spreads. Second, write the product copy. Although most every company can pull a list of products, item numbers and prices from their com  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Maricon Williams 
 Article Title :: Catalog Printing Methods
Catalog Printing Methods by: Maricon Williams We cannot deny the fact that catalog printing is now a soaring industry. Nowadays, catalogs are considered one of the useful tools in advertising and marketing. It can be used to give information to customers and to show pictures of products that can be purchased. In some cases, catalogs will show services that can be offered by certain businesses as well. You can choose to print your own material catalog or be aided by a professional printing service. It is still best to use a professional printer if you are creating a large catalog with lots of pictures. However, you can still print catalogs at home if you have the right equipments, inc  (read full article)
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