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Categories :: Internet Marketing : Internet Marketing AllOther Articles


Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Karen Fegarty 
 Article Title :: My Emails Are Not Being Delivered. Black Lists and
My Emails Are Not Being Delivered. Black Lists and White Lists Explained. by: Karen Fegarty Over 40% of all emails within your marketing campaign are not being delivered. You may not even be aware of this, as many ISPs will not send back a bounce message. In fact if you are sending messages to AOL customers, AOL is now blocking over 80% of the messages that come into their servers. One of the main reasons that this is occurring is that your IP or Domain may be Black Listed. All major ISP's and many corporate email systems now check against Black Lists and will refuse to deliver any emails that come from an IP that is Black Listed. But what exactly is a Black List? DNS black lists  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933 
 Article Title :: Introduction To ISDN, Part III: PAP
Introduction To ISDN, Part III: PAP by: Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933 Introduction To ISDN, Part III: Configuring PPP PAP Authentication Now we know how the ISDN link comes up (interesting traffic), and some scenarios that might cause the link to stay up, we need to look at ISDN authentication schemes. The two methods Cisco certification candidates must be familiar with are PAP and CHAP. Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) sends the username and password over the ISDN link in clear-text. Sending any passwords over any WAN link in clear-text is generally a bad idea, but it’s important to know you have this option. Regarding both PAP and CHAP, it’s a common misunderstanding t  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Hans Peter Oswald 
 Article Title :: Free Pre-Registration of sg-domains at Second Leve
Free Pre-Registration of sg-domains at Second Level by: Hans Peter Oswald Cologne,13 August 2004. ICANN accredited registrar Secura announces today, that the company is accepting free pre-registration of sg-domains at second level. (https://www.domainregistry.de/sg-domain.html) Singapure is the financial centre of the Far East. The registry has decided to introduce sg-domains at second level since 15 September 2004. Part of the rule that gives priority to register 2nd level names of ?.sg? is the ownership of an existing 3rd level name (.com.sg / net.sg / org.sg / edu.sg / per.sg). The cut off date for 3rd level name to be entitled to the priority to register 2nd level names is 6 Sept  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Ksenia Zakharova 
 Article Title :: StarForce Protection Solutions at Games Convention
StarForce Protection Solutions at Games Convention 2004 by: Ksenia Zakharova A famous Russian expert in the field of copy protection and software licensing presents its brand news technologies at Games Convention 2004, Leipzig. StarForce to introduce its latest software protection and licensing technologies at Games Convention 2004 (Leipzig, 2004, Aug. 19th - 22nd). A new version of famous StarForce protection includes advanced anti-piracy technologies to withstand industrial software piracy as well as casual copying and license agreement violations by end users. StarForce 3.04 features a set of brand new options for license and distribution management and supports both CD/DVD copy  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Janice D. Byer, MVA 
 Article Title :: Alternative E-Commerce Solutions
Alternative E-Commerce Solutions by: Janice D. Byer, MVA Over the past several years, the Internet has emerged as a breakthrough technology that has and will continue to transform the way we live and communicate, and especially the way we do business. No matter if you are selling a product or a service, the Internet is a means of reaching markets that had otherwise been unreachable in the past. And, it also provides ease of purchasing and selling almost anything online…also known as E-Commerce. But, for many businesses, especially start up and small to mid size businesses, having a website that includes the usual E-commerce capabilities is just not in their budgets. Setting up me  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: S. Housley 
 Article Title :: Understanding Google AdSense
Understanding Google AdSense by: S. Housley Google AdSense allows webmasters to dynamically serve content relevant advertisements on web pages. If the visitor clicks one of the AdSense ads served to the website, the website owner is credited for the referral. Google's AdSense program essentially allows approved websites to dynamically serve Google's pay-per-click AdWord results. Website maintenance related to AdSense is very easy and requires very little effort. Webmasters need only to insert a Google generated java script into the web page or website template. Google's spider parses the AdServing website and serves ads that relate to the website's content. Google uses a combination   (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Trenton Moss 
 Article Title :: Benefits of an accessible website - part 2: The bu
Benefits of an accessible website - part 2: The business case by: Trenton Moss The DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) states that service providers must not discriminate against disabled people. A website is regarded as a service and therefore falls under this law, and as such must be made accessible to everyone. Some organisations are making accessibility improvements to their websites, but many are seemingly not making the accessibility adjustments. Disabled people don't access their website, they say, so why should they care? There are, however, two very good reasons as to why businesses should start taking these issues seriously: An accessible website will make you more mone  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Trenton Moss 
 Article Title :: Planning a usable website: A three-step guide
Planning a usable website: A three-step guide by: Trenton Moss A website is like an information flow, with you as the provider and your site visitors as the receivers of the information. If you don't plan your website with this in mind right from the start, you could find yourself with a brand new website that solves all your immediate needs... but not those of your site visitors. Clicking away from your website has never been easier for Internet users. There are about 35 million websites competing with yours on the Internet (source: http://www.zooknic.com/Domains/counts.html). Search engine results are becoming better and better and Internet connection speeds faster and faster - find  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Andrew Karasev 
 Article Title :: Microsoft Business Solutions Products Customizatio
Microsoft Business Solutions Products Customization - Overview for Developer by: Andrew Karasev In the end of the 20-th century and early 2001 - Microsoft purchased Great Plains Software, then Navision (Denmark based software development company). At this time Great Plains Software already was active ERP applications consolidation player - it already acquired Solomon Software couple of years prior. Then in 2002 Microsoft released Microsoft CRM (Client Relation Management system). Also Microsoft decided to attack retail marked and acquired QuickSell (now Microsoft Retail Management System/ Microsoft RMS). At this time Microsoft had robust package to automate business processes for s  (read full article)
Category :: Internet Marketing AllOther Articles Author :: Hans-Peter Oswald 
 Article Title :: Liberalization of in-domains?
Liberalization of in-domains? by: Hans-Peter Oswald Communications and IT Minister Dayanidhi Maran has -as Hindustan Times reports-some advice for Indian patriots: use in-domains for Websites and e-mail IDs to popularise Indian identity in the world. With India emerging as a global "labor" for IT, Indian companies should change the domain names of their Websites and e-mail IDs to in-domains, just like other countries. "In every part of the world, the practice has been to use the short form of the respective countries at the end of the domain names by companies and individuals," the minister said during his first speech as IT Minister. "During my trips abroad, I have always not  (read full article)
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