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Categories :: Fashion : Jewelry Articles


Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Peter Crump 
 Article Title :: Synthetic Diamonds - An Extremely Viable Jewelry Alternative
The love of diamonds in our jewelry is a modern phenomenon. It has really only been since the 1930s that diamonds have been so desired as a jewelry stone. And with diamonds came synthetic diamonds. Synthetic daimonds will always be worth considering as an alternative to diamonds whilst real diamonds are so expensive, and synthetic diamonds are so good.Diamonds have a number of natural qualities. They are, for example, the hardest of any natural product. Synthetic daimonds needed to have similar qualities to compete with the natural product. In jewelry a diamond has beautiful sparkle,and is very hard. Any synthetic diamond that is to compete with the real thing has to exhibit simila  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Peter Lim 
 Article Title :: A Gift Of Immense Value - Buying A Tag Heuer Sports Watch For A Loved One
When my son who was on vacation from college telephoned me long distance and said he would like to visit me to get some help to accompany him to select and purchase a Tag Heuer Sports Watch, I was not at all surprised. After all, Tag Heuer Sport Watches are well known for their quality and value. So three days later, we headed off to the Watta Time Watch Shop and was greeted by the Sales Supervisor. The first thing you should know in buying a Tag Heuer sports watch is that Tag Heuer watches come in different ranges. The brand Tag Heuer is synonymous with sports, and there were three ranges that were introduced to us. The first range was the Formula 1 sports range wh  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Peter Crump 
 Article Title :: Explore The World Of Man Made Diamonds
Wondering what these are? Here are one of the few brilliant creations of mankind. Introducing an extensive series of the enormously beautiful and the most attractive of the semi precious stones. The man made diamonds – Moissanite. These man made diamonds shine brighter than even diamonds themselves.Moissanite stones stand out in the faux diamonds’ array due to their brilliance. Not many jewelers are able to differentiate moissanite from a diamond. These artificially made moissanite jewels are the best alternative to diamonds.Exquisitely designed for the person who loves to be adorned in rich glitters but find it beyond their reach to turn that one endearing dream into re  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Peter Crump 
 Article Title :: Inimitable Beauty With Imitation Diamonds
Been there, done that with gold, silver, platinum or even diamonds? Longing for a distinct, “out o’ the world” look that will make you easily spotable in a multitude? Well, good news for you! You’ve knocked on the right doors. Imitation diamonds give you exactly what you are looking for. These diamond alternatives set your personality ablaze. With an incomparable flare, imitation diamonds set an aura of elegance around you.Moissanite jewels posses the sheen of clusters of a million stars put together, making them the best diamond alternatives available today. Due to their easy availability, breathtaking glimmer and apt durability, moissanite jewelry are the most suitable al  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Peter Crump 
 Article Title :: Moissanite Diamonds – A Tinsel On Earth
Are you jaded of the usual junk or gold or silver? Wish to append that exquisite flicker to your jewelry box? Nothing serves you better than moissanite diamonds. Moissanite diamonds will be the crown of glory on your fabulous jewel collection. For the admirers of splendor, looking to flaunt their luxury, these artificial diamonds are perfect.Moissanite diamonds are simulated diamonds that are artificially created in the lab. Crafted with unmatchable expertise and almost unattainable proficiency, these gems truly reflect your class. They are intricately shaped and cut to perfection.In spite of the fact that moissanite stones are simulated diamonds they do not give the feel of  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Peter Crump 
 Article Title :: Lab Created Diamonds Are Now Exceedingly Good
When we think of precious gems, we usually spare little thought to the hard work that it takes to bring them to us in the beautiful jewelry that we love to wear, but diamond mining is, in fact, an expensive and dangerous procedure, reflected to the consumer in the price that must be paid to own one. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were some way to recreate that same brilliance and beauty in a less dangerous, and hence less expensive way? Today’s technological innovations mean that this does not have to be a pipe dream any longer – with lab created diamonds, we can wear beautiful gemstones produced by the intelligence of mankind, rather than the trials and tribulations of nature, a  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Peter Crump 
 Article Title :: Moissanite Diamonds, The Beauty Of Diamonds Without The Price Tag
Moissanite diamonds are taking the gem world by storm. Diamond specialists pride themselves on offering the best to their customers, selling diamonds that shine brilliantly and beautifully, not only because of the professional reputation they have worked so hard to foster, but also because they respect and admire the medium with which they work.So it might come as something of a surprise that many professional gemmologists are now selling simulated diamonds alongside the ‘real thing’. Have they somehow compromised their principles? Or is it just that moissanite diamonds are simply that beautiful?Simulated diamonds have long been held in disfavor, because of the assumptio  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: David Foard 
 Article Title :: Security Advice for Gold Jewelry, Diamonds, and Gemstones
For you to enjoy your treasures, they need to be somewhere close and accessible, but NOT in the Bedside Jewelry Box.Although we DO advise a Jewelry Box on the Dresser and easily seen, BUT ONE CONTAINING SEVERAL PIECES OF JUNK JEWELRY. It is a well documented fact that Burglars nearly ALWAYS check the Bedroom First knowing that people hide things there.In general terms we have discovered, through HUGE amounts of research, (Please don't write and ask us how we know such things) that your average Crim or Thug, doesn't know the difference between Gold or Plated items, Diamonds or Shiny pebbles of Glass.In the dimly lit beam of a torch, a handful of Jewelry, stuffed into a  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: David Foard 
 Article Title :: Gold Jewelry Hallmarking Secrets Revealed
We should be familiar with the BASIC hallmarks mentioned on the website. It might pay you to read them again, just to bring you up to speed and ensure you have grasped the principles. If you have not yet had the chance to read them please go to the website listed below.Let's quickly remind ourselves where we should be regarding Hallmarks.The first three marks mentioned before were:1: The Makers mark2: The Assay Office mark3: The Quality markAnd that brings us to the last mark...4: The Date stamp.Please note that more mistakes are made with this mark than any other.This is caused by two reasons.The first: bec  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Robert Joseph 
 Article Title :: Imitation Diamonds – What's To Love About Faux Diamond Jewelry?
Affordable: Once someone discovers imitation diamonds, it is inconceivable why they would not want everlasting elegance, saving thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in the process, banking the difference. It is a fact that jewelry lovers are not acting out of charity when they buy diamond jewelry—endeavoring to make jewelers, mined diamond dealers, and the diamond cartel richer than they already are.No way to tell the difference with the naked eye: Scientists have synthesized and created diamond alternatives that are so ostensibly close to a mined diamonds that even certified gemologists require scientific testing equipment to tell the difference. Breakthrough advances h  (read full article)
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