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Categories :: Fashion : Jewelry Articles


Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: George Williams - 
 Article Title :: Choose Your Own Jewelry Styles
When you want to buy jewelry, you have to choose the one that can compliment a formal outfit or for daily wear. It is not cheap to buy one, so think carefully before you decide. If you make the right decision, that chosen jewelry styles can draw attention to your best features or possibly camouflage less desirable areas. Your choice of jewelry style will subtly affect others perceptions, so what guidelines are there to help you select the most flattering jewelry? Earrings: The main factor when choosing earring is your face shape. Face shape is important when selecting earrings. Face shapes are generally grouped as: oval, rectangle, round, heart and square.   (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: J Schipper - 
 Article Title :: Colored Diamonds You Can Buy
Aside from white, diamonds are also found in shades of yellow, brown, red, purple, blue and green. The color can be either natural or artificial. Natural fancy color diamonds get their coloring in different ways. The color can be due to trace elements present in the stones, such as nitrogen, which produces a yellow diamond. The diamond may have been exposed to radiation during its creation; green diamonds are an example of gems affected by radiation. Inclusions, regarded as undesirable in a colorless stone, often contribute unique tones and interesting flashes of color in a fancy color diamond. It is possible to enhance or change the natural color of a diamond. Fanc  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: bonitaj 
 Article Title :: Bridal Jewelry Sets - a great combination to pull your look together
Finding bridal jewelry to complete your look for the big day can sometimes be a difficult task. You may find that in your searching you see a pair of earrings you like and a necklace, but there is no bracelet. Likewise, you may also find your bridal earrings and bridal necklace but together, the two pieces of jewelry do not match well. This is where the suggestion of pulling your jewelry accessory look together by purchasing an entire bridal jewelry set from one merchant. When purchasing your entire bridal jewelry set from one merchant or bridal jewelry designer, you will have a more consistent and complete look. Your bridal jewelry will match together because it was designed t  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Graeme Notega - 
 Article Title :: Diamonds – The Fascinating Gem
Diamonds radiate with more than their sparkle. They radiate with romance! With love! With dreams come true! For some people these words are all synonymous. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” sang Carol Channing in the Broadway show, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” and a half-century later these words still resonate with some truth. Immortalized as a symbol of love at an engagement, diamonds have adorned the heads of kings and queens, and been the bait of ransom for others. Many men have died trying to acquire diamonds, and women have been known to sell their honor to be able to wear them. Diamonds themselves were found in India many thousands of year ago and adorned only the wealthie  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Sintilia Miecevole - 
 Article Title :: Online Jewelry Purchases Makes Life So Much Easier
This article was written to answer many of the most frequently asked questions on this topic. I hope you find this information helpful. Did you know that jewelry is just a click away? Jewelry purchases are increasing in leaps and bounds with Americans spending over $50 billion each year on such items as jewelry and watches. Instead of spending hours going through malls and scouting out the perfect earrings and necklaces, consumers can shop for jewelry in the comfort of their own homes. When shopping for jewelry, it's important to have an understanding of the fundamental materials and stones. The following information should be of help with your purchase:   (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Kelvin Ong 
 Article Title :: Buying Diamonds: 6 Handy Tips on Choosing the Right Diamond
1. I can’t help myself but to keep on emphasizing this to anyone who wants to buy a diamond online: LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT DIAMONDS! Sorry, I don’t mean to shout. But in reality, many people are still very ignorant about diamond, believe it a not, there are jewelers who are unable to differentiate a diamond cut from a diamond shape. Everyone is so hyped up about the carat weight and has totally forgotten about the other 3 characteristics of a diamond.Still unconvinced? Here’s another great reason to start learning about diamonds. Remember this saying: “Diamonds are women’s best friend.”? You want to win your girl’s heart with her ‘best friend’s’ help and yet you   (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Amelie Mag 
 Article Title :: Basics of the alexandrite appraisal
An alexandrite appraisal requires someone with a massive amount of skill, talent, dedication and knowledge. Not any individual that sees a gemstone can appreciate its true value, let alone qualify as an alexandrite appraisal expert. Working with and around jewels does not make someone an alexandrite appraisal expert. The status of appraiser shouldn't come with the job of handling jewelry. So, what makes an alexandrite appraisal expert? Appraising is a profession that implies responsibility. The alexandrite appraisal states the value of a gem or jewel and it is used later on for other legalities. Because anyone can state that they are true alexandrite appraisal experts, one has   (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Gary La Court 
 Article Title :: Man-Made Diamonds; A Buyer's Guide
It seems nearly impossible to watch TV or open a newspaper without seeing something about man-made diamonds. For hundreds of years science has tried to create a perfect synthetic diamond. Finally, 21st-century technology has made that prospect a reality.There are many reasons to purchase synthetic diamonds instead of the mined variety. The prices charged for mined diamonds are, in the very best verbiage, an illusion. To put it more bluntly, Cecil Adams, in his award-winning newspaper column “The Straight Dope” says: “Diamonds are a con, pure and simple.” Diamond prices are largely controlled by the DeBeers diamond cartel, and they are not a fair reflection of diamond scar  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Gary La Court 
 Article Title :: The Trouble With Moissanite
Natural mined diamonds have been coming under a lot of heat recently. Award-winning journalist Cecil Adams sums it up the best in a recent article: “diamonds are a scam, pure and simple.” Most people in the new millennium understand that between the DeBeers diamond cartel, the issue of child labor in Third World diamond processing operations, and “blood diamonds” used to finance oppression and genocide in Third World African countries, not to mention your snooty and pretentious local jeweler, diamonds are just not worth the hassle, guilt, and let’s not forget thousands and thousands of questionably spent dollars.Lately, new synthetic diamonds have come on the market tha  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Thomas Morton 
 Article Title :: History of Diamonds
Where in history did we first see the value and beauty beheld in diamonds? What is the story behind diamond engagement rings. The word, diamond, historically derived its roots from "Adamas", a Greek word which means unconquerable or indestructible. Diamonds have traveled our many different cultures throughout history affecting everyone in every possible way. The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were tears from the Gods. They were thought to be mystical and powerful stones that affected both the heavens and the hearts. Diamonds today continue to hold this fascination as it did throughout history.For thousands of years, it was the common belief that d  (read full article)
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