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Categories :: Fashion : Jewelry Articles


Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Elizabeth Brodie 
 Article Title :: Jewellery and Hallmarking – A Brief Guide
There seems to be a lot of confusion over hallmarking in the UK, especially on silver items. The reason for this is simple – many items of silver jewellery simply do not require a hallmark.Hallmarking on the three main precious metals, platinum, gold and silver, is only mandatory when the finished item is over a certain weight. In the UK this is 0.5g for platinum, 1g for gold and 7.78g for silver. This means that all items under this weight need not be hallmarked, although they will usually carry some kind of mark declaring the quality i.e. a piece of sterling silver will often carry a ‘925’ mark made by the manufacturer to signify 92.5% silver content (the silver content req  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Amy Drescher 
 Article Title :: Style Yourself like a Celebrity: Gorgeous Prom Jewelry for Every Dress
A dress without accessories is like a Christmas tree without ornaments: beautiful but oddly naked. Celebrities and their stylists know that carefully selected accessories can make or break an outfit. Coordinated accoutrements can tie your look together, creating a pleasing “package,” while clashing pieces can distract the eye and throw off your entire look.While it’s difficult to decide which of the myriad wonderful accessories to wear, you don’t need a celebrity stylist to get it right, as long as you keep the following time-tested tips in mind. And remember: less is more. Wear too many accessories and nothing will get noticed, except the fact that you piled too much on.  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Jeremy Kanzen 
 Article Title :: Secrets Of Diamond Jewellery Pricing
Pricing structure within the diamond industry is very secretive. For consumers this can be confusing as there are often big differences in the prices of Diamond jewellery.If however you know the exact details of the jewellery that you are hoping to buy then comparing the prices can be a whole lot easier and the differences in the prices being asked becomes a lot more transparent.Below are some “easy to understand” reasons as to why you will find variations in prices:1.Branding Jewellery Is Difficult – Although products are usually more expensive buying into a brand makes price comparisons easier. The prices go up or down according to which brand you are b  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Dana Halpert 
 Article Title :: About Diamond Certificates
A diamond grading certificate is a report given by an independent and professional gemological laboratory. The diamond is evaluated for its quality, not its value. Every diamond is unique. The certificate will map out all the diamond's recognizable and individual characteristics. Each certificate will include the diamond's color, clarity, carat weight and cut information (see the 4 C's of quality). The grading report also includes a hand-drawn map of the diamond's inclusions. Since no two diamonds are exactly alike you can always check that the certificate matches the diamond.There are dozens of gemological laboratories handing out certificates but only a few are respected by the d  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Dana Halpert 
 Article Title :: How to buy a Pearl
A number of factors affect the appraisal of pearl quality. We recommend that customers learn the basics of selecting fine pearls to make pearl buying an enjoyable experience and to ensure a sound investment.Pearls Size Pearl size is mostly determined by two factors: the size of the implanted nucleus and the thickness of the nacre that grows layer upon layer around the nucleus. A large cultured pearl that lacks nacre thickness has a low value, and tends to discolor and crack fairly easily. A pearl with a thick nacre coating will retain its luster and beauty for a lifetime when properly cared for. For pearls of similar quality, the most important other determinant of price is th  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Jill Renee 
 Article Title :: How Diamonds, Cubic Zirconia, and Moissanite are Different
Diamonds are known for their sparkle and brilliance making them popular in jewelry as their shine is unmatched by any other gemstone. Symbolizing eternal love, diamonds are popular in engagement rings and wedding jewelry. Because of their hardness, diamonds are also used to cut and wear away other substances and are used for industrial purposes in drills, saws and engraving tools.The jewelry and industrial uses for diamonds created a demand for the stones and also prompted the creation of imitations which mimic the qualities of a diamond with some differences. Cubic zirconia and moissanite are two of these that are popular in jewelry.Both are diamond simulants meaning non-di  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Denny Reinke 
 Article Title :: Why Jewelry Stores Dislike Knowledgeable Customers
For decades, jewelers have had enjoyed the position of being the “keepers” of the knowledge about diamonds and gemstones. They stood behind jewelry counters and shared little tidbits of information about jewels to shoppers. The jeweler seemed to be talking down to the shopper, making them feel as if they should be grateful to even be in the store or touch the precious gems in the display case.This monopoly of knowledge went hand in hand with the monopoly of supply. The only way you could purchase a diamond or precious gemstone was to buy in a jewelry store. The prices were artificially high with markups of 100% to 300% of wholesale costs. The factors that differentiated st  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Ester Rebecca Del Fierro 
 Article Title :: Buying a Watch? You Might Want to Read this First
Do you have a collection of watches? Or do you at least own a watch? Is it real? Is it genuine? Or is it a replica? Having a watch and wearing it around our wrist makes us time conscious. And it is not a bad habit or bad connotation. In fact, I consider it as a positive character because it will lessen our tardiness when it comes to work, school, or meetings.What things do you consider when buying a watch? Does it have to be big? Does it have to be small? Does it have to be Rolex? Or any watch will do as long as it tells you the correct time? Owning a factual watch would cost us a lot of money but buying a fabricated watch will not stay long on your ownership. So, what watch does a  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Susan Dorling 
 Article Title :: Jewelry Throughout the Ages: Living Large in Ancient Egypt
“In Egypt, gold is the dust on the highroads.” Asian kingAmong the world’s most ardent collectors of jewelry were the ancient Egyptians. Beauty was taken very seriously in ancient Egypt. Lavish personal adornment was the rule of the day, and everyone in Egypt wore some type of jewelry. Jewelry was a symbol of wealth, a dramatic statement about one’s social status, or religious beliefs. Not unlike today, people loved to show off their jewels.Jewels had magic, the charm of beauty and the charm against evil. In addition to its esthetics, jewelry, especially rings and amulets, fulfilled the role of repelling evil spirits and injury. So treasured and revered in the  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Rita Preece 
 Article Title :: Diamonds - These Rocks Will Knock Your Socks Off
Every diamond is unique. It can be white or colored, flawless or flawed, big or small and it takes skill to cut and set each one to show it off at its best and bring out the sparkle that can only be seen in a real diamond. "Diamonds Are Forever" and "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" reflect our lasting affection for these stones, traditionally given as a token of undying love.There are a few diamonds in the world that are so huge and rare that they are almost priceless. Some are even rumored to be cursed. Here are a few of these famous rocks to knock your socks off.Among the best known is the Hope Diamond. Before being cut, it was a rather flat, blocky 11  (read full article)
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