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Categories :: Fashion : Jewelry Articles


Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: John Elrow 
 Article Title :: Finding Antique Engagement Rings
Old antique engagement rings are those classic style rings that bring back the charm and history of an era gone by. Many couples enjoy the nostalgic feel of something their grandparents may have worn. Others simply like the idea of old-fashioned quality workmanship and styling. Whatever your reason for choosing vintage diamond engagement rings, finding the best rings at the best price is a concern. Finding Antique Style Engagement Rings Online auctions and the Internet in general have brought the world home. You can shop the tiniest Italian countryside village or AntwerpÂ’s mega diamond dealers – all from your home computer. If you like to shop closer   (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Kirsten Hawkins 
 Article Title :: Titanium Wedding Rings: Wave Of The Future?
Amongst all of the traditions we use in matrimonial ceremonies and celebrations, none is more familiar or meaningful than the wedding ring. The time honored tradition of couples wearing bands to signify their unyielding love and devotion for one another goes back perhaps farther than recorded history. In modern tradition, the wedding ring is typically a band of 18 karat gold, but that tradition has changed in recent years. Today there are many more designs in wedding rings available than there were even as recently as when your parents were married. The traditional plain gold bands are still available, of course, but so are more intricate and ornate designs, as well as bands made of white go  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Kirsten Hawkins 
 Article Title :: The History Of The Wedding Ring
The use of the wedding ring as a symbol of the bond between husband and wife is familiar to us as the concept of marriage itself, but from where did this interesting tradition emerge? The history of wedding rings as they are known today is actually unclear. In an article dating from the July 1869 issue of AppletonÂ’s Journal of popular Literature, Science, and Art, Edward J. Wood hypothesizes that the modern (modern as of 1869) use of wedding rings stems from the practices of ancient Hebrews. It was customary for the family of a prospective groom to give gifts to the potential bride and her family. The general assumption is that it is from this tradition that the use of wedding rings as w  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Kirsten Hawkins 
 Article Title :: The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Tension Set Wedding Rings
As an alternative to the traditional channel set wedding and engagement rings, rings created with a process called tension setting have started to become popular in recent years. Tension set wedding rings and engagement rings have a stone (typically a diamond, although tension setting can be used with any precious gem) that is set in an opening in the ring itself and held by tension of the open ends of the ring pressing against the stone. Jewelers agree that there are both positive and negative aspects to choosing tension set rings. The Benefits Tension set rings are beautiful. Because the design is so unique, your tension set wedding or engagement ring will defin  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Steve Gargin 
 Article Title :: An Introduction To Jewelry Making
I think that one of my favorite crafts is jewelry making. Beads should be part of any well-equipped jewelry making kit. I love the choice of styles that jewelry making allows you to try. The range of materials that you can use for jewelry making also means that their possible uses are limited only by my imagination. Even though I was not a particularly experienced craftsperson I soon found that I enjoyed jewelry making and created wonderfully original jewelry. Of course, I now wish that I was capable of far more intricate jewelry making but at least I am always improving on the ones I made before! I enjoy jewelry making using a variety of different materials. It is fun to look   (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Sher Matsen 
 Article Title :: Use Estate Earrings For A Classy Fashion Finish!
Estate Earrings add the finishing touch to any outfit – from your jeans to your wedding dress. They complete your look and polish your image. There are earrings for all occasions and esate jewelry earrings add just a little extra flavor. You can buy your favorite earrings from the 1950Â’s or you can purchase earrings that were once owned by celebrities. You can stand out from the rest with your unique earrings. So whether you are off to the board room, getting ready for a casual outing, adding the finishing touches to your wedding attire, going out for a night on the town, or planning for a day at the beach donÂ’t forget your earrings! Just  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Amanda Trevino 
 Article Title :: Three Things You Should Know About Gold Wedding Bands
Three Things You Should Know About Gold Wedding Bands When it comes to buying a gold wedding band, things can get confusing fast. What color gold do you want? What karat will suit your lifestyle? Gold is the most popular choice for wedding bands, and very popular in dress rings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches. Gold is easy to accessorize with, and it is durable. There are three things to consider when looking at gold wedding rings. First, you should look at the karat number. A karat measures the proportion of pure gold mixed with other metal alloy to make up the final metal. There are several karats available for gold, but most menÂ’s wedding ba  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Christopher Bowne 
 Article Title :: Finding Great Affordable Engagement Rings
If you want to find affordable engagement rings that donÂ’t look like you compromised on quality they can be found in a variety of places. You just need to know where to look and what to look for. You can put together an engagement ring that will dazzle her and appraise for much more than you paid for it. Ways to Save Money on an Engagement Ring There are many ways to save money on an engagement ring and yet still have it be every bit as special – maybe even more so. One of the simplest and most affordable ways is to pass along a family heirloom. An engagement ring that once belonged to your great grandmother for instance will help to carry on   (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Sintilia Miecevole 
 Article Title :: There's More To Buying A Diamond Than The Price
Of course the price will be one of the factors that will influence your decision of whether to buy a diamond or not, but it is not the only one. Not knowing anything about gems may make you buy one of an inferior quality. This is the reason why knowing the fundamental points needed when purchasing a diamond can help. These are the 4 Cs: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight. Once you have learned the 4 Cs it will be easier for you to choose the right diamond. Here we have the 4 Cs explained in detail: 1. Color - or better, the lack of color in your gem. What you really have to look for is the whitest stone of all. A yellowish or grayish tone of diamond would be a d  (read full article)
Category :: Jewelry Articles Author :: Amanda Trevino 
 Article Title :: More Than Your Average ValentineÂ’s Gift
ValentineÂ’s Day is approaching, and you have no idea what to get your special someone. Sure, you could try chocolates, flowers, or another plush gorilla singing “Wild Thing,” but for a ValentineÂ’s gift that is fun, personal, and says more than just “wild thing, you make my heart sing,” consider jewelry. What could be more exciting on February 14th than taking your special someone to your local jeweler and letting them choose their very own ValentineÂ’s gift? This would be an exceptionally enjoyable way to bond over ValentineÂ’s Day, but if youÂ’d rather keep your gift a surprise, there are plenty of ideas to create a fun way for your partner to   (read full article)
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